1The Bed

Chapter 1: The Dream

"Naruto... ooh... Naruto..." said Sasuke, the raven haired Uchiha as he was waking up from the erotic dream that had given him the biggest erection he had ever had. "Yes Sasu'?" Said the yellow haired, blue eyed Jinchuuriki; rolling over to see his lover next to him on the other side of the ruffled bed. "I... I... I..." Sasuke sundered but before he could finish Naruto interrupted with: "...Just had the most amazing dream ever." Sasuke, not sure if that was a question or Naruto just finishing off his sentence for him (which it was), replied yes, and tried to continue, but yet again Naruto interrupted saying, "and it consisted of me and you having the best sex ever." Sasuke half smiled and nodded. "I could tell because of all the moaning and groaning you did during the nigh. Not to mention the conspicuous boner you have growing", Naruto said hiding the laughter in his words. Sasuke blushed, covering his head under the sheets while trying to push his erection down between his legs.

Naruto smirking, slowly slid his hand up the bed sheets covering his lover until they reached the top. He then grabbed the sheet and pulled it back revealing half of his still blushing raven innocently bitting his lip. Admiring his lovers half-naked pale body, Naruto seductively asked, "You wanna' make that dream reality?" Sasuke's blush immediately turning blood red, said N... nn... no... ba... baka! But despite his pitiful cry, Naruto already had the sheets completely off him and had Sasuke's erect cock halfway in his warm wet mouth, making his lover moan in complete ecstasy.

To Be Continued...