Chapter 4: The Climax

Just then, Sasuke quickly flipped Naruto over, inserted a finger into his mouth to coat it with his built in lubricant, and then in the blonde uke's hole. In reaction to the intrusion, Naruto let out a pitiful whimper which got Sasuke so excited, that he skipped a couple of steps (as if he hadn't already) and inserted yet another finger. Just not coated and Naruto not prepped. This second intrusion caused another whimper, this time not pitiful, but more sexy.

Sasuke had had enough. He skipped even more steps and slipped his digits out, took his black boxers off, and with just a little bit of saliva on the target leftover from the fingers, he jammed his penis into Naruto's hole. This time receiving not a moan, but a load muffled moan coming from Naruto's mouth in the pillow.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Sasuke yelled; as he pulled back and forced it back in again. Naruto's hole was so warm and tender; it felt like Sasuke was being given another blowjob. It felt so good; he couldn't get enough of it. Naruto being impatient and selfish, realizing that Sasuke was going too slow for Naruto to enjoy demanded that Sasuke step up the pace. Snapping back to reality, Sasuke realized that he was supposed to satisfy both of them, not just him, kindly obliged.

With this being Sasuke's first time as seme, his penis had now reached a length even he didn't realize it could. Thus allowing him to hit Naruto's prostate head on (literally). Making Naruto scream in ecstasy. Sasuke being new to this didn't know what he'd hit. He thought it was a bone. But after hearing Naruto scream and say: "Right there! Hit it again! Don't stop! Fuck!" He quickly got the picture and continued his thrusts.

In out. In out. In out. Naruto thought he was in heaven though he was gripping the bed sheets even tighter with each of the raven's insertions. Sasuke, pretty much feeling the same thing as Naruto, except he felt had to work to get there. Drops of sweat falling off from Sasuke's chin and landing on Naruto's tailbone triggered a surprise turn off. Naruto realized that sweat that was not his, being on his body was not something he liked during sex.

So as if acting on instinct, Naruto leaned back lifting Sasuke up with him, pushed Sasuke back with his elbow, forcing him to turn around. Ounce he did, the original seme inserted the throbbing cock into his tender ass as he slowly slid down onto the original uke.

Sasuke, still wanting at least a little bit of control, grabbed the blondes shoulders and pushed him down while simultaneously thrusting his hips upwards, thus returning the pace, adding to the pleasure.

"Oh… uh… uh… uhhh… yeah… Sasuke! Fuck me harder!" Naruto begged. Sasuke, not thinking twice about the sexy plea, again did as he was asked and slammed Naruto down harder while thrusting his hips upward with more force than ever. Ramming into Naruto's prostate again, made Naruto scream. Naruto then leaned forward and captured Sasuke's Lips in a passionate kiss, which lasted for what seemed like forever. As they finally stopped for air, their tongues were still connected by a thin strand of saliva. Ounce it broke, it fell down and landed on Sasuke's chest and made him tremble.

By now, Sasuke was near completion. He sat up, wrapped his arms around his blonde, kissed him ounce more, and with one final thrust he made the both of them cum at the same time. The sound of their moans in unity was so intoxicating; it made them both cum more.

Naruto collapsed on the Raven-Haired Uchiha, his dick still inside him. "Was that fun?" Sasuke asked jokingly. "Of course it wa-huuuuuss!" Naruto said, as Sasuke thrusted into him just one more time for kicks.

The End