17 years ago...

"Jane, do you hear something?" Alex asked placing the paper on the end table beside him. His wife looked up from her novel and shook her head. She had been reading Pride and Prejudice, oblivious to the fact that something was occuring outside her home.

"Do you?" she asked getting up. Jane Granger wasn't what you would consider beautiful, but she was exceptional. Her long, dark brown hair was up in a loose bun. Her hazel eyes watched her husband as he started to walk to the front door. Alex was a handsome fellow. His brown eyes were filled with joy and love constantly. His brown hair was slicked back with gel making him look like he should be in high school rather than in a dentist's office. She loved her husband unconditionally, yet she was saddened by the fact that she couldn't bear him a child. They both wanted a child desperately. Someone that they could love and raise...teach things that their parents taught them. Yet after months of trying, the doctor had told Jane that she was barren. Her heart had been broken with this news. Alex kept telling her that they could adopt, but Jane ignored him. She wanted a child from her body.

"Jane!" Alex's voice yelled as the door was opened. Jane threw the book on the floor and ran to the door. The sight before her astounded her. Lying against the door was a man. His green eyes were looking around frantically as if in search of something. His black hair appeared to have been burned off. A black cloak enveloped his body hiding most of his wounds. Yet Jane could see blood beginning to pool around him...he was dying. Jane quickly covered her mouth to stop herself from vomiting. Yet that was what shocked herself the most. In his arms, was a bundle wrapped in a baby pink, silk blanket. Jane could see a black "Z" embroidered in it at the corner. A soft cry escaped the blanket assuring everyone that the baby was alive.

"Please..take her." the man coughed trying to hand the baby to Alex. He quickly took the baby out of the dying man's hands. Jane crouched down beside her husband and took the baby girl out of his hands. "Make..s-sure she has... a place in this... world." the man muttered pulling out a long, slender piece of wood. "Promise!' he cried out in pain blood starting to trickle down his mouth.

"Please, sir." Alex stated. "lt's us get you some help." Jane stood up ready to go call the hospital. The man shook his head and grabbed Jane's leg to stop her from moving.

"No!" he growled. "Promise me you will take care of my daughter." Jane looked into the man's eyes and could see sadness radiating from them. She knew deep down inside that she couldn't refuse him.

"I promise," she muttered softly. They watched as a long, white stand circled her wrist. Jane looked at Alex and watched as he nodded.

"I promise to take care of your daughter as if she was my own." he stated watching another white strand wrap around his wrist. Alex watched as the man fumbled to give him a letter and a vial. Alex took the items without thinking. He was in too deep to refuse the ding man's wishes.

"On her 17th birthday, give her this." the man grumbled. Alex noticed how the man's movements were sluggish...he had a few moments to live.

"I promise," Jane and Alex muttered watching as a gold strand enveloped both of their wrists. Jane watched as the mn broke the connection and twirled the "wand" around in a wave. She looked down at the child and watched as her features changed. Instead of green eyes, they changed to a deep brown. What little black hair she head, changed to brown. The little girl looked like she belong to them...a child of her own.

"Thank you," she muttered looking at the man whose was watching her intently. Jane watched as the life drained out of him with one nod. The child laid in her arms asleep, obliviously to the world around her.

Alex closed the door as the last police car left. It had been a long night filled with questions and not-so-truthful answers. He walked into the living room about to talk to his wife when he stopped. A smile graced his face as Alex watched the scene before him. Sitting in the rocking chair was his wife. She was gazing at the baby girl was such adoration and love, he couldn't help but smile. They both wanted a child desperately...and now Jane had got her wish. A baby girl to call her own.

"What are we going to call her?" He whispered crouching down beside them. His wife looked up at him with a smile on her face. He should have known that Jane had thought about a name. She bit her lip briefly before answering.

"Hermione...Hermione Granger." the new mother cooed looking at the baby.

"Perfect," Alex answered kissing the top of the woman's head. They were finally a happy family...something they had wished for so long.

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