A/N: A Ronmione angst short one-shot that Imade for Valentine's Day last year. Yea, I know... enjoy!

My Heart In the Palm of Your Hand

You may have my heart in the palm of your hand, but you won't grasp it. You have my heart in the palm of your hand, but you won't care for it, nurture, and become one with it. My heart is fragile and is in the palm of your hand.

"Wow. This past year has been pretty bloody crazy, eh?"

"Watch you mouth young man. And yes it have, but it a good way."

You have a smirk on your face, and I blush and look away. I cannot help but be this way. You have my heart sitting there on your palm, so why won't you squeeze it and make it beat faster. Why won't you poke it and give it a nudge, as I do yours. Yes, I have your heart in the palm of my hand, but I have been doing what you were supposed to do with mine. Why, oh why, aren't you doing so?

"Still the ole Hermione. Hermione… I have a question. And a serious one," my heart that is in your palm leaps, "Why did you react like you did during the battle? Why haven't you done that before, like you wanted to?"

Finally, I feel my heart in your hands, beat. You're squeezing it, giving it a push. Now, I'm scared to let it guide me. I've turned chicken, and trying to give it and you the cold shoulder. I will not answer any of your questions. I'm sorry.

"Hermione? Don't you hear me?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well, answer my question."

His voice sounded like he was going to get angry with me soon. Right now I am debating on whether to tell him or just ignore him. But, I know it will only make him even madder. Answer Hermione, just answer him. I can't.

"Fine, stay quiet for all I care. Really, I don't care if you don't talk to me ever again. Go to bloody hell Hermione."

I see you walk away and my eyes start to blur. I can hardly feel your heart beating against my palm. I open my hand to see it beating slowly. My lip quivers as I see it start to erupt and destroy it self. I hurriedly close my palm and start to hyperventilate. I looked up and sobbed and then looked back down. Blood was starting seep through the cracks between my fingers. My tears dropped down from my face to my hand and blended in with the red solution. I saw the heart that I held become slowly inert.

I felt like the heart that I held mirrored the same heart that was in his hands, my heart. Am I this stupid just to watch the man I love walk away breaking my heart when I can stop him by mending his? I think I am. I looked up from my hand and almost silent heart. I choked out the words of truth: "Ron, you have my heart in the palm of your hand and you've had it for quite some time now, but you didn't… Well, you did give it a nudge just now. I - I just don't know how to tell you how I feel you. Aren't you the same way?"

I saw him freeze at my trembling words.

"I'm right am I? Of course I am. You've always said I was smart enough to figure out stuff, but one thing I can't figure out is how I feel about you. I don't want to ruin our friendship with telling you I love you, but I can't stop my heart beating only for you. I am sorry that I have damaged your heart, and hopefully you are sorry that you've damaged mine. Ronald, I give you your heart back. I don't deserve it."

I held out my hand and opened it. There laid his heart opened to see its center. It still jolted to a rhythmic beat, but just barely. He held out his hand and it held my heart. It resembled his. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and whispered, 'I love you.' I whispered back the same. He handed my heart as I handed him his. We smiled at each other and kissed. We looked down to see our hearts mending themselves magically. A beautiful and hopeful sight to see it was. And now I have my own heart in the palm of my hand.

A/N: This was one of my favone-shots. Hope you enjoyed it.