Opps, guess I should have mentioned that I don't own Twilight..the bad the very talented Stephanie Meyer. Also need to mention this, Lilith or Lily as she prefers to be called can read people thoughts. When she peers into their minds, their thoughts are going to be in italics. Oh and thanks to Josh for his parts as Jasper and Alice.

Time: 7:15am

I arrive at school in my Hyandia Accent as I get out of my car, locking it as I pull my hood up on my jacket. I first notice the looks that I am getting, mostly from the boys. Two, that are my left of me stop talking as they look. Both smile as I nod before I peer into there heads.

"Wow, what a looker" from a boy that has short black hair. The one next to him, has blond and I think I heard the other one call him Mike, his thoughts are more of a player that anything. "I call dibbs. There is no way Tyler is stealing her away from me." I roll my eyes as I walk into the now warm school and head to the office to get my schedule. I am met with a older woman, her plaque says Mrs Cope.

Mrs Cope- May I help you?

Lilith- Yes my name is Lilith Evans..I am a new student.

Mrs. Cope- Oh, of course my dear. Welcome to Forks.

Atleast she seemed nice. She quickly handed me my schedule, a slip to get signed by my teachers, and a map of the school. I thank her as I leave the office as I look down at the map trying to figure out where to go for my first class when I bump into something hard. I looked up shocked and a little embarrished when I see a guy standing there. He looked very pale but also gorgeous in a way. I was at first stunned as he looked at me before I responded.

Lilith- Sorry

Jasper- It's ok.

With the he walked away. At first I didn't think anything about it till I heard his thoughts.

Jasper- Great another human to deal with!

What was that about? I quickly shrug it off as I make it to my first class. English with Mrs. Carmen, a rather tall lady in her 40ies. I was going to hate her already as she made me introduce myself. I stood at the front of my class as I hated this part.

Lilith- Uh hi..I'm Lilith but I rather be called Lily. I am from Florida and I moved here with my mom. I like to draw and I play piano.

I didn't feel the need to tell them my father died in the war. I didn't want there pity. The teacher told me to sit as she handed me a book. The class goes on and on and near the end of it I decided to take a peak inside the teacher's head.

"Uh come on this stuff is so boring. How many more minutes until this is over with?"

I had to laugh at that one, a teacher that hated to teach her subject? There has to be some sort of irony in that. The day continues much like that, but I only had to introduce myself in Mrs. Carmen class. The last bell rings before lunch as I leave Spanish with a girl named Angelia, who invited me to sit with her. We walk into a big cafeteria and buy our lunches before she introduces me to a group of her friends.

Angelia- Hey guys, this is Lily. That is Mike, Tyler, Jessica, Eric, Ben, and Lauren.

I notice Angelia smile her shy smile at Ben, she must like him as I sit next to her and Jessica as we begin to talk. I look up to see a group of students in the corner as I lean over to Jessica.

Lily- Who are they?

Jessica- *sighs* Those are the Cullens and the Hales...too good for anyone else here.

Lily- *laughs* Bitter much

Jessica- The only single one*looking around* isnt here today...every girl has tried atleast once to ask him out and he turns them all down...so bitter no...

Lily- I see.

I look at Jessica trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

Jessica-Who does this girl think she is calling me bitter...I can't wait till Edward gets back and she tries asking him and he turns her down as well

I give her a fake smile..oh yes she was bitter alright

Lily- Which are the Cullens and which are the Hales?

Jessica- The two blondes are the Hales...Rosalie and Jasper...the big one is Emmett Cullen...the other one is Alice...she's strange..but they are all together

Lily- Together?

Jessica- Yea together...Emmett and Rosalie...Jasper and Alice...but they are brothers and sisters...not related just adopted..but still its strange

Lily- Oh, I see.

I look over at Jasper as he returns the look before looks looking back at who I was guessing was Alice. I quickly look down as I hear Mike talking about the war in Iraq as I frown before grabbing my bag.

Lily- Sorry guys..I got to get out of here

Angela- Whats wrong?

Lily- Nothing..sorry

Mike- Yea well I hope we stay over there for another few years and kick the shit out of those towel heads

I run out of the cafateria and right by the Cullens and The Hales as Jasper looked up almost shocked

Jasper- So much pain inside her...

Alice- What was that about?

Jasper- Mike started talking about the war...and pain and sadness started emiiting from her in waves...

Alice- Weird

Jasper- Humans...

Alice- Maybe I should talk to her

Jasper- *shakes his head* Like it would do me any good to tell you no..

Alice laughs before standing up giving him a kiss as she walks out. Alice soon finds me as I am sitting on a bench and I am drawling in my notepad.

Alice- Hi...you're new here right?

I look up at her and shake my head

Alice- I'm Alice Cullen..

Lily- I know..Jessica told me

Alice- Oh...well you know me, but I dont know you?

Lily- My name is Lilith Evans..but everyone calls me Lily

Alice- Well is everything okay...you left the lunchroom in a hurry?

Lily- Mike was talking about the war in Iraq and I overreacted

Alice- Oh dont like the war?

Lily- My dad was over there

Alice- Oh...Im so sorry

Lily- It's ok..it's been almost 6 monthes and I thought I be over it now

Alice- Well Mike can just be a jerk at times dont worry about him

Lily- *laughs* Yeah well does he hit on every new student in town

Alice- *cocks her head to the side* Yes...yes he does

I laugh at that comment before I hear the bell ring. Rats

Alice- I hope to see you again Lily..

Lily- Yeah sure

I stand up walking away as I turn to see Jasper hugging Alice as I walk off towards Biology

Alice- Mike is an idiot

Jasper looks at Alice before looking over to see Mike now walking with me.

Jasper- I hate being around him when he is like this

(1:38:34 AM):Alice- Yeah me too but I found out why she left the Cafe upset

Jasper-I'm sure you did..*looks up spotting Rosalie* Tell me later

Alice- Right

The rest of the day went by quickly as I walk to my car..Mike yacking in my ear as I try to drain him out. His thoughts in his head telling the whole story. He wanted to date me. I soon ignore him as I look over at Alice as I hear there thoughts. She is telling her boyfriend Jasper what happened at lunch. She smiles at me as I smile back before getting in my car.

Alice- There is just something different about her Jasper.

Jasper- Don't get involved Alice...you will blow our secret.

I see Alice sigh as I drive off heading to home to tell my mother about my day and my unknown future in Forks High School. There is something interesting in The Cullens though..there thoughts are strange enough and from what Jessica told me..I begin to wonder what is Edward like?