A/N: Ok this is the end of Lost Thoughts. Remember this was the prequal to Dangerous Education.

Will knocks opening the door stopping as he spots Mitchell

Will- *snarls* Mitchell..

Mitchell- Will

Will- What are you doing here?

Mitchell- I want to know why you lied to her

Will- What are you talking about?

Mitchell- Why didn't you tell her about where you went when you left

Will- *looks at Mitchell then over at Lilith* ...I was...looking for someone to distract me long enough to forget about her...I didn't want to admit that I was attrachted to her...I was hoping to find someone there who would be my mate...

I shut my eyes

Mitchell- And now?

Will- And now I want to know why you are here bothering her

Mitchell- Just wanted to tell her the truth. She is stubborn..I had to use my skills to paralize her

Will growls

Will- Leave her out of this...any problem you have is with me not her

Mitchell- What is in it for me?

Will- What is it that you want?

Mitchell- You to join me

Will- *snarls* JOIN YOU?...I have given up killing...

Mitchell- As my TA

Will- If I agree will you leave her alone?

Mitchell- Yes but I can't promise about Mack

Will- Keep Mack away and I will...join you

Mitchell- Done


Mitchell stands up looking at me before walking out as Will stares at me waiting for me to start moving again

Lily- I'm fine

Will looks down sighing as I put my legs up to my chest

Will- I get it..I'll leave

Lily- I'm fine Will..you had no reason to be upset

Will turns for the door

Will- I'm sorry...

Lily- Yeah I know

Will- There is a coven in Michigan if you are interested

Lily- No, I think I am going to go out on my own for a while

Will- Okay...

Lily- I'm sorry Will that you had to do this now

Will- Yea I know...

With that said Will walks out the door as I sit there finally knowing the truth. Knowing what he gave up for me but yet I still feel guility. I must have watched the door for 2 hours wishing he would come back and just hold me but I got nothing. I sigh finally knowing the truth but yet both our happiness have been comprimized and we both get nothing but heartache.