A/N: In Germany (and some other countries) we've got a bracelet called "Perlen des Glaubens". I think the translation it "Pearls of Faith".

Pearls of Faith

After a long day at PPTH, Lisa Cuddy arrived at home. On her way through the living room, she searched through her mail. She stopped when she saw an envelope from Germany. Forgetting that she'd wanted to cook something because she was really hungry, she settled down on her couch and opened the letter.

It was from Maria Chakans, an old friend from her childhood days. Maria's father had been in the army and therefore, they'd moved from one country to another. Finally, Maria had settled down in Germany where she'd studied Theology. Now she was a pastor in a little town in the Northern part of Germany.

Over the years, Lisa and Maria had stayed in contact. From time to time, they sent little presents to each other. Therefore, Cuddy was always excited when she got an envelope from Germany. Often, it made her day after a long week of working overtime.

She was a little bit irritated when she found a kind of bracelet inside the envelope. She studied it: there were 18 pearls. Except for the biggest one they seemed to be made of wood. The pearls had different sizes and forms. Some were round and some were kinda oval.

Cuddy had no idea why her friend would send her a – to be honest – not really beautiful bracelet. Therefore, she took out the letter that had been attached to the jewelery and started reading it:

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