Author's Note: So at first this was supposed to be funny and totally make fun of all the "emo" stories out there, but then I sort of changed it up a bit and decided to make it my own. Here goes nothing!

Halli pushed the blade a little deeper into the tender skin of her stomach, feeling the harsh sting and watching the beautiful red blood burst out of her pale skin. She drew her finger along the line and sucked on the blood left on her finger.

She moved the knife to her throat and contemplated ending her life here, now, before anyone else had the chance to forget her. But no, she wanted to go out in style, something that would always be remembered. Unforgettable.

She grabbed a tissue from the box beside the sink and cleaned up the remaining blood. She had only done one cut tonight, but the scars from her past sessions remained on her stomach and upper arms. They layered over one another, crisscrossing in mysterious patterns that she traced every night before falling asleep.

Her favorites were the words. Scared. Alone. Cold. Blood. They were the ones written on her arms, so when she wore her long sleeves you couldn't see them. Thank god for cold Britain weather, or everyone would start to get suspicious. Or maybe not, no one else seemed to care enough about her to pay attention.

She quickly put the knife under the water, and watched the pink tinted water whoosh down the drain. She looked into the dorm room beside her. No one noticed. She slipped into bed without a word, and started tracing her scars. She couldn't remember when she started cutting only that it helped with the pain. Or made it worse.

"You don't need to do this!" Hermione cried, the only one who had noticed the cuts. "It doesn't make the pain go away, it just reminds you of it! You have to stop before you seriously hurt yourself."

But why does it matter if she hurt herself when there was no one here to care? She couldn't handle it anymore. She broke. Hermione didn't notice anymore, probably forgot after that incident, and Halli couldn't handle it anymore.

She left her room and slipped into the bathroom. Shivering in the chill night air, she slipped into a bikini she had forgotten she had anymore, and a pair of short black shorts to match. She wanted them to know why she had done this.

Before she left, she wrote down one leg with a knife. Nobody Cares. And carved on down the other leg. No One Will Miss Me. And she left the room, blood still dripping down her legs, out the empty common room, and through the cold stone halls to the entrance to the Astronomy Tower.

Did she really want to go through with this? She asked herself. Yes. She answered, assured by the fresh pain in her legs. She took off her socks and shoes and left them by the door to the staircase. She wouldn't need them where she was going.

Climbing up the stairs, she reached a sense of peace within herself. Maybe it was the sense of everyone finally noticing her, even when she was dead. Finally. Or that she just wouldn't have to care anymore. She reached the top and stepped out onto the moon soaked (ha) tower-top.

She had to admit that looking out to see the world right before leaving it made it seem pretty beautiful. She stepped between to stone pillars blocking off the top from the long drop to the bottom. This really was the best way to go, all she had to do was step off and feel the air rush past her, and she was done.

She twirled around on her tiptoes with her eyes closed. The cool night air was soothing on her fresh cuts, and she enjoyed the sensation as she prepared for the leap into the darkness. She turned back around to face the landscape, and let herself admire it one more moment.

Enjoy it while you still can, she thought. And she jumped.

A/N: well I was going to make it all clich├ęd and have Draco come up and save her or something, but I just didn't feel like it so I went another way. :D Please no SUPER harsh comments, but I'm chill with criticism. Let it begin!