A/N: I finally got around to writing the second chapter lol. This is in Draco's POV because I couldn't use Halli's, obviously XD

Draco POV:

Harsh sounds invaded my peaceful sleep. Professor Snape was storming around the room, slapping boys still asleep upside the head until they awoke.

"A girl has gone missing. Get your lazy asses out of bed and go search for her!" He screeched.

"And why should we?" I asked with annoyance. What right did he think he had in waking me up? Some stupid girl's whereabouts had nothing to do with me, and I could seriously care less.

"If this girl is dead or worse, your freedom will be even more limited, so I suggest you work your spoiled little ass off in hope of finding her safe and sound. Clear, pretty boy?" he snarled in my face, flecks of spit landing on my sharp cheekbones. I wiped them away with a flick of my hand. The man did make an excellent point.

"Crystal." I replied smoothly, pulling on a coat and a pair of trousers over my boxers. I slipped into shoes and the rest of the boys followed suit. They knew that if I was going, then they had to go too.

"Wonder what happened to her," Blaise wondered allowed, falling into step behind me as I hurried up the stairs out of the dungeon dormitory, "If she's dead we're majorly screwed, the teachers will lecture us endlessly and punishments for getting caught out of bed will be even worse. No more midnight make-outs with Ginny for me." He said with a tinge of remorse.

"Well I still don't see what you see in that little tramp, but that means girls can't sneak in to see ME, either." I replied as we led the boys to the Great Hall.

"You always were lazy, making girls come to you." Blaise laughed, as he pushed open the door.

"Why risk getting caught when they want it just as much as I do?" I chuckled as we walked into the Hall crowded with children in pajamas. The chuckle died in my throat when I saw the looks on everyone's faces. Maybe this was more serious than I thought. We waited in silence until everyone else had entered the Hall. The doors closed loudly behind us, making us all jump. Professor Dumbledore cleared his throat and everyone shifted their attention to him.

"A girl from the Gryffindor dorm, age 15, has gone missing. One of her dorm mates noticed when she got up in the middle of night that her bed was empty. The girl's name is Halli or Hailey Sinclair if you only know her from class. For those of you who don't know her by appearance, one of her dorm mates is coming up to describe her." He beckoned to a girl on his left and she came to the podium and tapped her throat with her wand so that her voice was magnified.

"Halli is about five feet four inches; she has long, dark brown, curly hair, and is of olive skin-tone. She is average in weight and will probably be wearing long sleeves and tight jeans if found." She paused, as her voice had started shaking. Professor Dumbledore moved toward her, and looked like he was going to start speaking but she interrupted,

"Before we start searching, you have to know how important it is that we find her quickly," She paused and I knew that everyone was wondering why she sounded so urgent, "She….she… sort of cuts her self, and I'm worried that she might have taken it too far and that she might be seriously hurt somewhere. Please try to find her." There was a pleading tone to her voice that I had never heard before.

Hermione Granger didn't beg, she ordered. Which meant that she must be seriously worried about this girl. I sighed inwardly, knowing that my suppressed compassionate side was coming out. Here goes nothing.

1 hour later in the freezing cold, searching for a girl I didn't even know, my compassionate side was slipping back into hiding. Half and hour ago I thought I couldn't get any colder, but somehow I did. My feet were numb and I probably had frostbite. At least I wasn't as bad as the girls who tried to take advantage of seeing boys in nightclothes by wearing the sluttiest nightclothes they owned and were now freezing their asses off.

All the sudden we heard an earsplitting scream from the base of the astronomy tower. A girl was hyper ventilating and screaming, scrambling up from where she had tripped in the snow.

"Omigod I just tripped over a body!" she screamed and the entire faculty rushed over. We were the search group closest and watched as they uncovered the body. Hermione rushed over and let out a sob. Once the snow was removed we could make out the pale face of a girl. She was in a black bikini top and shorts, and you could clearly see what seemed like thousands of cuts covering her body.

Down one pale, blue-tinged leg she had etched into her skin "Nobody Cares" and down the other, "No One Will Miss Me". Girls were crying, and even some guys were. I wouldn't let myself cry, but I felt like I was going to be ill, and I sprinted away before anyone could see me show weakness.