Sparx fluttered into the daylight. The past hour had been the most intense time in his life.

Down in the underground city his colony of dragon flies had huddled together in anticipation of the world's end. The sounds of the planet grumbling as it broke apart couldn't be ignored. Just when the tremors had reached their peek everything stopped. Sparx, as scared as he was, was the first to exit the underground city.

As his eyes adjusted he blinked and his jaw dropped. The sky was no longer burning or covered in dark clouds. The trees had returned to their luscious green and the flowers to their respective brightly colored hues. The sky was a bright blue with a few white puffy clouds scattered across it. Sparx got himself composed and smiled as he clenched his fists.

The silence was interrupted as he let out a cheer.

"Yahoo! They did it! I knew they could do it!" He whirled around and flew back to the shelter of the cavern.

"Sparx, what is it?" His mother asked as he banged his tiny fist on the door.

"Come out everyone! It's all right! Spyro did it! We're all safe!" He led the dragonfly's out into the open. They were followed by the mole people shortly after and then the cheetahs brought up the rear. Everyone's jaws nit the floor and their eyes grew wide at the beauty of the world around them.

"I've never seen it so beautiful." Sparx's mother gasped as her husband held her close.

"We should go." Hunter said. The cheetah came up beside Sparx and stared out at the wilderness before them.

"Go? Where to?" Sparx asked.

"We should get back to the city of Warfang and find the guardian dragons. We should find out what's going on."

"What's going on? We're alive and the world isn't doomed anymore!" Sparx protested. Hunter turned and gave him a hard look. "But you're probably right." Sparx shrank back a little.

"Good. I too am curious to find out what has become of Spyro and Cynder."

The refugees followed Hunter back through the city. They soon came to the great doors to the dragon city of Warfang. Hunter gasped when he saw the city restored after the battle with the Dark Master's forces only days before.

"By the ancients. It's a miracle."

"Wow." Sparx shook his head as they continued through the city. "I don't know what Spyro did. But he's more amazing than I ever thought possible."

"Our little Spyro?" His mother gasped as she stared in wide-eyed amazement at the city walls. The dragonfly family had never been to a city outside their mushroom village before. "He did all this?"

"It would seem so." Hunter said with a bright energy shining in his eyes. He stopped at the base of the stairway to the main temple. "Sparx, you should take your people back home. They are safe now so they may return to their homes."

"But ...I..." Sparx started to protest but Hunter had already begun ascending the stairs. The dragonfly's shoulders slumped in disappointment.

"Sparx, you go up." His father said placing a hand on his shoulder.


"We know the way home son. We know you're safe so you can take all the time you need."

Sparx smiled and gave his father a hug. "Thanks pop."

"Give Spyro a hug and kiss for me when you see him. And make sure he comes by for a visit."

"Aw mom. Do I have to?"

"Yes dear you do." His mother smiled and pinched his cheek.

"We'll see you soon son." His father waved as the mole people escorted them to the main gates.

"I'll be home soon dad!" Sparx called as he flew after Hunter.

"What do you make of this?" Cyril asked as the three remaining guardians looked out over the vast horizon beyond the city. The Volcano of Malefor remained but no longer had smoke and ash billowing from its mouth or a ring of fire surrounding it.

"Spyro and Cynder have indeed succeeded and saved us all!" Volteer exclaimed with his usual grin.

"Indeed." Terrador nodded. "I can hardly imagine how those two young ones were able to make such a miracle come true."

"Spyro was chosen to balance the world for a reason." The three guardians turned to see Hunter approaching them. He stood between the guardians and was silent a moment before asking, "Has there been any sight of the young dragon and Cynder?"

"No there hasn't" Terrador replied. "Nor has there been any sign of Ignitus."

"I see." Hunter rubbed his chin. "Perhaps I should go look for them myself."

"I don't think that will be necessary." Terrador stopped him before he could turn to leave. "I do not think that Spyro has left our world just yet. Ignitus would probably be with them as well. I suggest that we wait for him to return."

"As you wish." Hunter bowed respectfully to the new leader of the guardians. They four turned their heads at the sound of someone huffing and puffing. Sparx listed slowly over to them.

"You know, I may be able to fly, but that doesn't make climbing stairs any easier." The guardians all looked at each other then back as the dragonfly flittered over to them. "Has Spyro come back yet?

"Not yet." Volteer replied. "We were just discussing what to do about him."

"And?" Sparx wheezed.

"We feel it would be best if we waited here for Spyro to return." The electric guardian continued.

"What? Wait for him? Why?"

"The world has been reborn but there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure that this new age of peace lasts." Volteer explained. "We believe Spyro will return in due time."

"But how can you be sure he will? What he's out somewhere hurt? What if he can't get back here?" Sparx was feeling a bit more anxious and the guardians noticed immediately.

"We pray that is not the case." Hunter said stepping towards the dragonfly. "But even if it was, Spyro still has Cynder with him. Those two look after each other like you and Spyro do when you are together. Am I right?"

"Well, yeah...but..." Sparx knew the cheetah was right. Hunter had always been a keen observer and this time was no different.

"Have faith in your brother." Hunter continued. "He'll return. You'll see."

Sparx sighed. "Yeah, I...I guess you're right." He looked up to the guardians. "You guys mind if I stick around for a while and wait for him?"

"This place is home to anyone who wishes to call it that." Terrador nodded with a smile. "And you are welcome here whenever you wish."

"You know, I'm really glad to hear that." Sparx gave a sly grin. "Because I'm starving. Where can I get some food?" Terrador gave an exasperated growl and rolled his eyes.

A week passed by very slowly for Sparx. He spent most of the days with a stash of food at the highest tower in the city so he could be the first to see Spyro if he came from a distance. As the second week came to a close he found himself growing more worried and tired. He at last broke himself from watch duty for a short while to go find Hunter to ask if he would be willing to track down Spyro. When he was unable to find him he ran into Volteer.

"Hello Sparx. How are you this fine day?" The guardian said with a big grin.

"It would be better if I knew where Spyro was."

"Still no sign of the young dragon?" Sparx shook his head. Volteer noticed the sad look in the dragonfly's eyes. "Perhaps young Sparx, you are waiting for Spyro in the wrong place."

"The wrong place? Are you suggesting that he's gone home?" Volteer nodded. "You know, you could be right." Sparx pondered for a moment. "Wait, you're not just saying that to get rid of me are you?"

"Heavens no!" Volteer shook his head, somewhat shocked the insect would ask such a thing.

"How are you sure that Spyro might be there?"

"I'm not. It is merely a possibility." Volteer smiled reassuringly. Then he leaned in towards Sparx. "But you won't know until you try."

Sparx thought for another moment then nodded. "You know what, you're right. I should go see if he's come home yet. I'll see ya round!" Without hesitating Sparx zipped out of the room before Volteer could say 'you're welcome.'

Filled with a new energy Sparx flew home as fast as his little wings could carry him. When he finally reached the edge of the dragonfly village he stopped to catch his breath. When he had regained his wind after several days of flying just to get there, he looked around. Things were just as he had left them. But no sign of Spyro. Not ready to give up hope yet he made his way through the village to his parent's house.

"Mom? Pop? Is anyone home?"

"Sparx? Is that you honey?" His mom called and floated down to him.

"Yeah mom." Sparx gave her a hug. "Has Spyro come back yet?"

"No we thought you were waiting for him."

"Well I was." Sparx nearly choked. "I just thought he might have come back here so..."

"No one has seen him yet?" Sparx shook his head. "Well dear, all we can do is hope for his safe return at this point."

Sparx let out and exhausted sigh. "I'm going up to my room. I'll be down later."

"Okay sweetie. Let me know if you need anything." His mother called after him. "You're father should be home soon."

Sparx closed the door to his room and flopped down on his tiny bed. He looked out the hole in the wall that served as his window and remembered all the times Spyro had slept outside his room when they were younger. The dragonfly sighed and let his eyelids drape the darkness of sleep upon him.

Another week passed by in the dragonfly village and still no sign of Spyro. Things had been looking up for Sparx as a lot of the female dragonflies had begun to take an interest in him. They were always going on about how heroic he was saving their village from the end of the world and continually begged him to tell the stories of his adventures with Spyro. The young dragonfly didn't mind the attention but at the end of every day he found his mind returning to his dragon brother. He missed him so much and he couldn't help but let his mind wander.

"I should go out looking for Spyro." He said to himself as he fluttered through the forest one day. "I mean what if he really is hurt somewhere. I know Cynder would be with him but what if she wasn't in any shape herself to take care of him? Then she would need help too." Then he crossed his arms in disgust. "I told her to look after him and she promised me should would. Does she have him tied up somewhere? Is that what's going on?" He shuddered. "On second thought I probably don't even want to think of what's going on if Spyro's tied up. Gross." Sparx was too lost in his thoughts to notice the two figures coming towards him out of the woods.

"Maybe I should go back to the dragon city and see if he's returned there. Perhaps the guardians can help me out if he still isn't there. Or maybe hunter."

Spyro and Cynder stopped as Sparx floated on by. ""Hey there Sparx!"

"Hey Spyro." Sparx said without glancing up from the ground. He continued buzzing on at his slow pace still talking to himself. Then an idea jumped into his mind. "Wait a second! I could ask to see if any of the guardians can find him in the...Hold on a second!" Sparx turned his head. Cynder and Spyro were both staring at him with their eyebrows raised.

"I must be seeing things" Sparx shook his head and rubbed his eyes. The dragons were still there. "Well maybe I'm asleep." Sparx pinched himself. "Ow! No, not asleep. Am I going insane?"

"No Sparx Spyro laughed. "You're not going insane."

"I dunno Spyro, I'd say he's making quick progress." Cynder said with a smile.

"Spyro! Cynder!" Sparx shouted and flung himself into Spyro's face with a big hug. "I thought I'd never see you guys again!"

"I did make a promise to you didn't I Sparx?" Cynder stepped forward as Sparx released Spyro's face allowing him to finally breathe. The dragonfly smiled at the black dragoness.

"You know what Cynder? You're all right with me."

Cynder giggled slightly. "Good, I'm glad." Sparx flew over and hugged her face as well.

"Come on, we have to go see mom and dad." Spyro said turning their attention towards the village. The dragonflies all stopped what they were doing when they saw Spyro and Cynder coming towards the village. All of a sudden a cheer went up from the village. Cynder stopped but Spyro continued ahead. The dragonflies all swarmed around him hugging him and welcoming him home. Above the commotion Spyro heard a familiar voice.

"My goodness, Spyro? Is that you?" Spyro looked down to see his foster parents hovering before him.

"Hi mom. Hi dad. I've missed you both."

"My have you grown." His father shielded his eyes from the sun as he gazed up at his adopted son.

"Spyro, whose your friend over there?" His mother asked peering around him. The purple dragon looked back over his shoulder to see Cynder still standing in the shadows of a tree. She looked a little nervous.

"It's okay." Spyro coaxed her over to the crowd. As Cynder entered into the light Spyro smiled at her and she smiled warmly back at him.

"Mom, dad. I would like you to meet Cynder."

"Why Spyro..." His mother breathed and placed a hand over her heart. "She's beautiful." Spyro smiled and tried his best not to show he was slightly embarrassed.

"Thank you very much." Cynder responded to the compliment. "It's and honor to meet you two." She gave a slight bow out of respect for Spyro's foster family.

"Oh no my dear, anyone who Spyro likes is always welcome here." Cynder felt her cheeks warm up and she glanced at Spyro who was trying his best to avoid eye contact with her.

"Wait a second!" Sparx gasped as a new memory came to mind and her turned to his mother. "Does this mean I still have to kiss him?"