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"Do you think they realise the effect that has?"

Jack was lying on a deserted alien beach, somewhere in the universe, idly watching as Carter and Vala danced to the music from Vala's Ipod. Under their feet phosphoresence danced and bloomed, and the little ripples of warm ocean breaking around their ankles made it appear they danced on water. Unusually, both women wore dresses - a nod to the fact that this was downtime rather than a mission - and the breeze lifted their skirts over their knees and made their hair float around their faces.

"What?" Daniel was watching the sky through the portable telescope he carried. "What are they doing... oh."

The two men watched in silence for a while longer; Vala, throwing her hair back and laughing, twirled Sam: she spun through this world's half-gravity air like thistledown, catching Vala's hand lightly to steady herself, pulling them into an involuntary embrace, both laughing as they rocked together, catching their balance. Further down the beach, the voices of Cam and Teal'c drifted on the wind, and Cam tossed his line back into the sea.

"Wow." Telescope forgotten, Daniel was watching Sam and Vala with rapt attention.

Jack's voice was lazy. "Should we join them?" On the waters edge the two broke apart again, whirling separately under the twin half moons, ending up back to back, then again face to face in a slow waltz, spotlit against the sea.

"No.." Daniel spoke slowly. "I don't dance, really."

Jack smiled, and took another swig of the beer he held.

"Me neither Daniel. Me neither."

Unaware of their audience, the girls danced on.

Author's note: Unaware, my foot!