Full Summary: Seeking a place to belong, shy gymnast Bella Swan is sent to boarding school at the elite Volterra Prep. She is sent on a whirl wind of love, hardcore cheerleading, Goth nightclubs, shaved heads, fake IDs, suicidal pasts, male cheerleaders and more! BxE,RxEm,JxA. Romance based on "River flows in you" by, Yiruma. AU. All Human.

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Volterra College Preparatory School. Home of the bright, the talented, and much to my chagrin, the "elite", a.k.a. the snobby rich kids who got in through bribes and school legacy alone.

I observed my new "home" with awe and overwhelming anxiety. The campus was vast and beautiful with multiple grand buildings towering proudly over the obviously professionally gardened grass. I mean, how else could something so green exist in Phoenix Arizona? There was a long patch of blue(the school color along with green) annuals professionally planted across the main lawn.

All this grand beauty however seemed to have no effect on me what so ever though, as the butterflies in the pit of my stomach seemed to be having a field day. Today is my first day at Volterra Prep. I am 16, turning 17 on the 13th and am starting my junior year. I couldn't help but feel like a freshman though as I remembered having this exact same feeling 2 years ago back in Forks when I first entered high school. Only, this was worse. Much worse. Back then I knew a few people entering my school from middle school and had the comfort knowing that every day I could just go home and just cry if need be. Boarding school however gave me no such option. I was alone in the unknown. Fresh meat ready for the taking…

My dad Charlie stopped the car then. I tried in vain to swallow the lump forming in my throat. I hadn't even realized we arrived at the front gate.

"We're here Bells! Isn't this Crazy?! Feels like I'm sending you to college already," Crazy was definitely not the word I was thinking. Terrifying. That was more like it.

"Yeah. Crazy…," I managed to squeak.

"Ah Bells…I know this is scary but I your mother and I both think it's for the best," He stated and then mumbled under his breath, "At least there's something we can agree on…".

My parents, who I now angrily referred to as Charlie and Renee, instead of mom and dad, had recently gotten a divorce. As an only child it truly tore me apart. I mean really, couldn't they have waited just two more years maybe? Until I was in college and didn't have to deal with it? Of course not. Now was the perfect time! Yeah right. I didn't want to deal with all of the custody shit. I didn't want to deal with either of them. So Charlie and Renee came up with this crazy idea that I go to boarding school while they take care of all the nitty gritty stuff. They thought it would be good for me to get away from it all.

The idea sounded fine to me at first as long as I could get away from them. I didn't have many friends I would miss anyway. What was there to loose? Now however, as I looked at the grand, intimidating campus in front of me, I realized what a huge mistake I had made. How could I have been so foolish as to let my emotions bring me to such a place? I would never fit in here. I was just a girl from Forks, Nowhere.

I got out of the car and hurried to the trunk to get my bags. I concentrated on the ground. Ground is safe. Ground won't bite me. Charlie helped me with my bags and led the way to the front office.

I allowed my self a quick glance from the corner of my eye. Students were sprawled everywhere on the grass and the terrace, either lying around chatting and laughing, or throwing footballs and frisbees around with their friends. Everyone was beautiful and perfect. Each flawless body was adorned in chic, expensive looking attire.

Yep. No way would I ever fit in here. I looked at the ground again feeling my face heat up with one of my famous blushes and ran after Charlie and into the building

The main lobby was breathtakingly beautiful. It even had a great marble fountain in the center surrounded by luscious greenery. A fountain for god's sake! What kind of school has a fountain in the lobby? I took a penny from the pocket of my jeans and threw it into the crystal clear water where it joined many others. I closed my eyes and wished for acceptance. A place to belong…

When I opened my eyes I saw Charlie talking with the receptionist and getting everything set. I walked over to his side awkwardly still looking at the floor.

"You are Isabella correct?"

I glanced up at the middle aged women behind the desk. She had on a sympathetic but hopeful smile and was staring directly at me.

"Oh yeah. Um, Bella actually,"

"Well Bella I'm sure you'll really love it here. Good luck sweetie,"

And with that she handed me a large, heavy manila folder and Charlie and I headed out. Charlie informed me I was staying in the Meyer Dormitory Complex. I was to be on the third floor, which was for girls only. Floors 1-3 were girls only and 4-6 were boys only. Floor 7 was apparently coed but, of course, each individual room was single sex. I could tell now that would be the "party floor" of our complex. It was the farthest from the dorm advisor AND it was coed. Note to self. Stay away from floor 7. When we got to Meyer, Charlie turned to me and looked me straight in the eye.

"I guess this is it Bells…I'd stay longer but I've got that plane to catch you know,"

At this point the butterflies in my stomach went completely out of control and a few tears came to my eyes. For that brief moment, I let all the resentment towards him go down the drain and I hugged him for all it was worth. I really wasn't ready to let go of my old life but yet, I had to and let go of him as well.

"I'll really miss you dad," I said semi-clearly as I felt my heart suddenly become very heavy in my chest.

"Oh I'll miss you to Bells. But I'll see you at Thanksgiving honey. Sooner if you'd like. And remember Renee and I are always here for you even if it doesn't seem like it lately. You want to come home-you got it. I'm just a phone call away sweetie. I just want you to give this school a try. I really think it will be good for you," It looked like he might cry but he was obviously trying to be a man and adult about it. He gave me one final hug and kiss and then he was gone and I was utterly alone.

I took a deep breath, picked up my bags and entered the dorm. The dorm advisor was a young girl, probably a junior or senior, with dark brown hair and glasses. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Hi I'm Angela. And you're…Isabella right?"

I looked up surprised that she knew my name.

"Well, I prefer Bella but, ho-how did you know my name?"

She noticed my expression and giggled delicately to herself.

"Well this is a junior-senior dorm and everyone else settled in yesterday. Today is for new students only and according to my roster," she picked up a clipboard with quite a few names on it, "You are the only new student assigned to Meyer".


I was the only new student. This wouldn't end well. Angela then seemed to notice my discomfort.

"Don't worry Bella. I'm sure you'll love it here. When I came as a freshman I thought I would absolutely hate it seeing as this school is packed with such wealthy people. I thought they would all be snobs, but turns out they're just teens like you and me looking for acceptance from their peers. Now three years later I'm a senior and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else".

Wow. She was so sweet and she made me feel so much better. Not completely, but at least I could see straight now. I could tell I would really like her.

"Thanks Angela. You have no idea how much you just helped me,"

"Glad to help," She smiled genuinely, "And think of it this way, you've already got one friend under your belt. Do you need any help getting you things to your room?"

I smiled back at her and her genuine heart of gold.

"No I think I've got it. Thanks again," I said as I waved her goodbye.

Not bothering with the stairs, I took the elevator to floor 3. I read each odd number quietly aloud to myself. 301, 303, Ah ha! 305.

The door was cracked open just slightly so I could have just went in, but I knew I had a roommate so I knocked quietly. Nothing happened so I decided to just go in assuming she wasn't there.

"Ah! Sorry!" I squealed then turned to shield my eyes. I had walked in on some couple kissing heatedly on one of the dorm beds. How embarrassing! I really didn't want any enemies already. Especially one who happened to be my roommate.

"Oh! You Must Be Isabella!" the girl said.

I turned around to face an unusually tiny girl, definitely under 5'0" tall. She had a beautiful face, short, ebony hair that spiked out in random directions, and a petite but shapely frame. When looking at her, I couldn't help but think that she looked kind of like a fairy maybe? No a pixie! Yes, she was a pixie. She wore a faded, and ripped denim miniskirt and a black band t-shirt with a name I didn't recognize. She stared at me with what looked like utter fascination and overwhelming excitement.

"Uh…well, I go by Bella actually…I'm so sorry. The door was open and-" But I was cut off with an excruciatingly bone-crushing hug and a kiss on my cheek. How could something so tiny be so powerful?

"Don't even worry about it! If anything I should be apologizing to you! PDA much! I knew you were coming, and I was waiting for you to arrive but then Jasper came in and showed me his new haircut and then… well anyway, you're here now and that's all that matters! This is so exciting! I want to know everything about you. We are going to be the best of friends!"

She grinned ear to ear at that point and hopped up and down excitedly while clapping her tiny hands at superhuman speed. I couldn't help but smile at her. She was like a small child, exuberant over the fact that Santa Claus put her at the top of his nice list.

"Wow thanks, umm…" I trailed off realizing that the exceedingly welcoming girl had yet to tell me her name, even after declaring our upcoming endless friendship status.

"Oh my God I'm such an idiot! I'm Alice. Alice Cullen," She said smiling apologetically at me and hitting her forehead.

"Well thanks Alice. You are so sweet. It's great to know I won't have to worry about a nice roommate anymore. Honestly I think I hit the jackpot in that category!"

"Oh Bella! That's so nice of you to say. I know I come on a little strong but I have a really good feeling about all of this," She said genuinely with a meaningful expression in her eyes.

"And…" She said with a triumphant smirk on her face, "I am never wrong. I swear to you I must be psychic!" We both chuckled at that.

Then I noticed the shy boy that Alice was kissing just a few moments prior to our exchange. He was standing by the bed awkwardly, but politely, with his hands locked behind his back and watching us with anxious curiosity. He was quite handsome in a curious kind of way. He had intense features which contrasted oddly with his shy demeanor. He had longish blond hair, slightly wavy, and cut in an odd, but surprisingly attractive way that framed his azure eyes beautifully. He was tall and slightly lanky with slight muscles that kept him from looking overly boyish. He was dressed in dark straight leg jeans, a blue Morrissey band t-shirt, and old beaten up canvas sneakers that were devoid of laces. Alice's eyes followed my trail of vision and when she took him in looked shocked and slightly embarrassed.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, "Jasper I'm sorry. I totally forgot you were there! It was all so exciting!" she explained apologetically.

Then turning to me she gestured toward who I now knew as Jasper, "Bella this is Jasper Whitlock, my boyfriend". I looked over to Jasper who had stepped up to offer his hand.

"Pleasure to meet you," we said in unison, eyes timidly locked.

"Jasper's not much for words with new people, but once you get to know him he's a blast!" Alice stated adoringly, smiling sincerely towards Jasper who just nodded appreciatively with a small smile in acknowledgement of his girlfriend's praise.

"Well Jazz, I kind of wanted a little one-on-one time with Bella. You know, get to know each other. Why don't we meet you for dinner?"

Jasper nodded with a smile and kissed her forehead quickly, probably grateful to get out of the slightly awkward situation.

"Bye Bella," he said sweetly. I nodded at him with a smile and he swiftly retreated. I liked him quite a lot so far. Very sweet…didn't feel the need to make worthless small talk… my kind of person. We would get along just fine.

Alice turned her attention back to me.

"Need help unpacking? All mine's done. We can get to know each other AND get work done. Kill two birds with one stone! Only not literally of course 'cause that's mean and I'm a vegetarian."

I chuckled. She was so funny and cheerful. I'd never known a person so pleasant to be around. She kept the conversation going and going with random things such as favorite foods to favorite bands. I spoke openly and even added quite a lot to the conversation. I was never one to talk much before I met Alice. Now words just flowed like a river from my lips. In terms of interests we seemed to be polar opposites but I liked that about her. She liked shopping; I hated shopping. She liked dance music; I liked rock music. Her favorite color was pink; mine was green and so on and so forth. As they always say opposites attract. We were both so fascinated with each other and I smiled slightly at the silly idea that anyone could actually be interested in boring old me.

"So you play any sports Bella?" Alice asked as she organized my not-so-extensive closet with a frustrated little pout. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach dreading the day when she would force me to go shopping with her to fix what she considered such an enormous problem. I thought it was stupid. I mean we had a uniform for school hours. I told her this earlier, but she insisted that we only wore it 6 hours out of the day and the other 18 must be accounted for.

"Uh, well I'm a pretty good gymnast. I'm kind of sad though because now that I'm here, I can't continue with it. You guys don't have a gymnastics team here," I sighed. I'd been in gymnastics since I was eight. Now that part of my life was dead.

Alice immediately turned around with an almost frighteningly excited expression grazing her tiny features, all thoughts of my "hopeless" wardrobe seemingly strewn from her mind.


"Uh, yes?" I said, now actually frightened.

"anydanceorcheerexperienceoranything?!" What? She'd spoken so rapidly I could not even hope to comprehend her.


"Do you have any dance or cheer experience?" She said impatiently, eyes teeming with excitement.

"Well I cheered in middle school. I never made any friends though so I quit. They were all really snobby."

And then Alice Cullen let out the loudest scream, hugged me, lifted me from the floor, and spun me around like a pixie-powered tornado.

"Bella! Oh my GOD! Tryout for cheerleading! Please, Please, Please! You'll love it! I'm on the team and my friend Rosalie is captain! It would be so much fun. You'll be great I just know it!"

Wow. Cheerleading. Wow. From my prior experience with cheerleading I would have said no immediately if not for Alice's pleading expression and excitement. I mean, it was such a stupid thing really. Just jump around and root for the boys. Kind of degrading really.

"Wow Alice I don't know. I mean, no offense, but I'm more the type who likes to play sports, not cheer for them."

Suddenly sweet little Alice looked well…not so sweet if you know what I mean. If looks could kill…Then, a look of mixed annoyance and understanding crossed her face.

"Bella I don't know what experience you've had with your so called 'cheerleading past', but I do know that it must not have been the same as what we do here. Cheerleading is probably the toughest and hardest sport we have at this school. We don't just 'cheer for the home team'. That's just extra practice and fun. We compete in competitions. We dance, tumble, and stunt in our routines. We work really hard and we even won at state last year and went to nationals and made semi-finals! Please, Bella give it a shot! I mean, it is the only way you're going to keep up with any kind of gymnastics."

I sat on the bed semi-shocked. She really seemed keen on defending her sport AND getting me to tryout. Her words really sank into my brain. This was a no-shit kind of team. It was self-standing; its purpose wasn't just to tease the boys on the football field or the basketball court. Maybe this was worth giving a try. Alice had been nothing short of wonderful. I couldn't cut her idea down without so much as giving it a try. Plus it really was the only way to keep up with gymnastics, even if only partially. Maybe I'd even make friends? Well…It could happen. I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes.

"You're right Alice. I'm sorry. I don't know enough about it yet to judge your team. From what you say though, it really seems legit and...I trust you. So I won't make any promises but I will go to tryouts and make my decision from there. Okay? I mean who knows right? Maybe it'll be…fun."

She shot up and repeated her screaming pixie-tornado scene leaving me sufficiently dizzy. I couldn't help but feel a bit excited myself actually, though I hated to admit it. The utter excitement and joy was tangible in the atmosphere around her. Maybe this school would finally give me friends, a purpose, a place to belong. I could only hope and pray. Maybe a new start was just what I needed.

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