Harry groaned as the phone rang and he rolled over in bed to pick up the phone. "Cunningham," he said in greeting as he answered it.

"I'm sorry to wake you," came the cheerful voice of Leo over the phone. "But we have a case. Drive by shooting. Four victims. I'm going to need all the help I can get." Leo gave Harry a few more details.

"Ok Leo. I'll be right there," Harry said as he got out of bed and started to get dressed the phone still glued to his ear. He was about to hang up, when he heard Leo start speaking again.

"Oh, and Harry?" Leo asked.

"Yes Leo!" Harry said.

"Next time don't pick up Nikki's phone," he said and hung up. Harry was shocked and then pulled the phone away from his ear, only to confirm, it was indeed Nikki's phone he had picked up.

I usually put these at the beggining, but figured i'd put this one at the end. It was based on a prompt - phone calls. It took me all of five minutes, and while i am very happy with it, i'm not that happy with the ending, but decided not to change it. So tell me what you think please!