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Sessy: really calm down women

Lovely123: Fuk off sessy I WANT REVIEWS!

Sessy: Damnit women you aint gotta yell.


Rin: Really now is he

Lovely123:yes (smiling)

Rin: sessy say sorry
Sessy: Hell NO!


Sessy: runs behind lovely123 and say sorry sorry sorry please don't let her kill me

Rin: please review…

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News channel five Mark Thompson here. Today I bring shocking news I've been informed that our number 1 hit band broken cycle, has finally chosen to show there identity's and guess were u wont believe it. At the Tashiki manor Party tonight hosted by the Tashiki brothers Sesshomaru and Inuyasha Tashiki, and friends Miroku Himaru, and Koga Wolf. So finally people after producing there music for 7 straight years we are finally going to know there identity's. But that's not all I have also been informed that they will be singing these two songs at the party I remember, and gotta get my heart back. This grounding breaking party

Which I believe will be the hottest party of the year will be starting at 9:30 tonight. So for all you lucky people that are invited better be prepared for these mind blowing four voices of the century. While the rest of those who aren't sit at home and do nothing. Well thanks for channeling in I'm mark now take it Cindy. Thanks. (click)

Damn were on every damn news channel it is says Rin.

Kagome looks up at rin and says "Yup wat did you expect we are finally showing are selves I mean come on who wouldn't be broadcasting it". Rin throws a pillow at kagome's head and says shut up big head.

Hey my head is not big kagome yells

yeah that's wat u keep telling yourself.

Wateva you just made u don't look like me.

Yeah rite kagome I would never want a head that…. pillow connects with here face

Hahahaha rin gets up pillow in hand I know you don't want to start a pillow fright kags.

Of course I do rin,

Well get ready kagome takes off running.

Hey wat puff hahaha wat the hell rin,

sorry sango you got in the way.

Well than pow

hey I said it was a accident. Yeah well I'm bored so hey. Fuming she launches her pillow at sango only for her to duck and it connects with ayume's head. Turning slowly ayume glares at rin "hey wat was that for she yells. "It was mint for sango" said person was trying hard not to laugh at her best friends face. "Wats so damn funny ayume yells. nothing ayume its just your all red and bust out laughing hahahahaha." "Shut up throwing a pillow at sango who gets a pillow connected to her face. I can't believe you threw a ahhh ducks. Yeah you beta duck I'll get you my pretty and your little dog to. Sango gets up wat dog. I don't know it just went with wat I was saying. Umm weirdo. Oh shut up. Laughs are you mad no I'm not cuz I now I'm not weird. Yeah ok whatever you say. Ayume sighs guys I'm hungry, yeah me to says rin well how bout kagome we are not going to mina's. pouting why because we've been there for the last 4 days. So with her arms crossed so were not going rin than says how bout the unity café. Great that's were well go ok kags yeah whatever as long as I eat I'm starving. Yeah come on grabs there coats wait who's driving, um sango sighs I will, ok than lets go. Leaves house and heads to sango's to there garage were there 8 cars are located umm how bout we take my Lincoln Navigator. Alrite, ( car description: all black with two purple dragons on each side blowing fire.)

20 min's later.

Pulls into the café' s parking lot and parks. Wow we haven't been here in a long time yup since….silence well since are last time in Tokyo. Yeah your rite it's been 7 years yup, I wonder if everything still looks the same, I mean it should shouldn't it, well maybe I mean like you said ayume it's been 7 years maybe some things have yeah maybe. Walks into café and sits at the window booth. Yup something's changed wat all these damn people. Oh anyway do you see the waiter kags he is so right for you. Kagome looks at said waiter yeah I must admit he is sexy but he's just not my type sango. Wateva. Hey look he's coming are way, Hi my names Levin can I take your order. Rin stands up well you can take there's I have to go to the lady's room ok then rin walks off in the direction of the restrooms wat can I get the rest of you lady's ayume speaks first I'll have the double cheese burger with onion rings with a cherry coke, ok and you kagome orders next I'll have the chilli dog with the chill cheese fries and a sprit, all rite and you miss I'll have a double cheese burger with chili cheese fries and a coke, she than looks over and see's kagome staring out the window, oh and you see her points at kagome she wants you number so on your way back bring that to ok…. Sure be rite back with your food ladies. At that moment rin comes back and sits down hey kag's wats wrong ignoring her she say's sango how could you do that I told you he wasn't my type oh and wats your type kag's not him ayume than buts in you shoulda kept ya mouth closed sango oh shut up reddie wat the hell you just call me you heard me oh I know u aint talking bitch… (meanwhile)

Rin has the biggest vein popping at the side of her head as she clearly notices her 3 best friends are making a scene and everybody is watching them argue like maniac's when rin get's up and yells at them but she doesn't notice when four new people walk in the café and sits in the corner opposite of them and watches there every move shut the hell up all three of you your embarrassing me god damnit waiter comes and sits there food down rin turns to him she does not want ya number got it get it and love it ok yes ma'am woul..d you like something yes a double cheese burger with two sides of fries aright I'll be rite back yeah. Rin you scared the people yeah wateva just eat. They began eating and talking waiter than brings the food thank you your welcome enjoy your meal, rin begins eating when she feels a stare on her so she turn and who does she see staring at her with a heated glaze but none other than Sesshomaru she stands up and yells to the waiter 'check please' the waiter than goes to get the check.

Kagome looks up and says Rin what's wrong. She sit back down and looks at kagome and says pointing at sesshomaru and says them. The girls look in the direction of rin's finger and say lets go waiter come with the check sango snatches and lays the money on the table. Rin looks back in the direction of sesshomaru and says there coming lets go and they ran out the café and into the parking lot OMG I can't believe they saw us. Yeah says rin than she hears some one yell 'kagome wait' rin looks back OMG there coming and they run to the car when rin says hurry sango there running. Sango than says its open get in the jump in the car.

Damn sango can I get all my body in the car.

Yeah if you want fluffy back there to get you.

Alright I get your point.

Wat ever lets just get home before the catch us.

Yeah I agree with sango rin I don't want inuyasha no were near me im not ready u.

I thought u said

kagome cuts her off yeah ima be ready when I have to sing not before.

Ok I get it.

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Lovely123: if not I'll kill sessy. hehe

Sessy: WHAT!

Lovely: hey don't yell

Sessy: you just said you'll kill me

Lovely123: so what

Sessy: Rin she said she's going to kill me.

Rin: Lovely123 did you

Lovely123: yes

Rin: r u

Lovely123:maybe But NOT OF I GET REVIEWS!