Yay new chappie so happy I could update so soon

Sessy: I know im surprised

Shut it sessy I swear I'll hurt you this time

Rin: sesshomaru leave her be she's trying

Sessy: grumbles whatever

Any way on with the story

Recap: [some where else in the party]

'look sesshomaru we can't keep watching them mingle and dodge us like were not here damnit' inuyasha sneers. Sesshomaru glares at inuyasha and says ' shut it you ungrateful half breed' inuyasha sneers ' what did you just say to me Mr.-I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-the-world. 'shut up you filthy mutt' 'fuck you ice king I think I understand why rin left you high and dry you're a fucking asshole'. Sesshomaru grabs him by the neck and says ' this sesshomaru has dealt with enough of you talking now little brother either shut up or I'll rip your tongue out understand' sesshomaru squeezes his neck harder when inuyasha whispers a 'yes'. Sesshomaru than begins to walk to the entrance of the house…..[end of recap]


rin signs and says " I can't wait to get our coats and get home I am so freakin tired it don't make no sense" kagome laughs and looks at rin and says " I think we all feel the same way" rin smiles and look towards the coat racks when she sees sesshomaru waiting right there rin stops and stares straight into golden amber eyes kagome bumps into and says " rin what the hell why'd you stop like that' rin points towards the coat racks and says "look" kagome turns and says " oh wow there waiting on us rin and we need our coats lets just get this over with" "ok girls lets go" they walk straight towards the boys and eeps pass them when sesshomaru grabs rin arm and says " we need to talk rin now" she turns and snatches her arm out of his hands and says "we have nothing to talk about to any of you for that manner now all of you move we need to get home" sesshomaru sighs and says 'none of you are going any were until you talk to us am I clear rin" she sneers and says " crystal we'll talk but you have fifth teen minutes and that's it after that were gone" sesshomaru nodes " fine boys proceed' they began to walk away rin turns to him and says " what do you want" he looks at her " follow me to the gardens' she moves pass him " whatever I don't care lets get this over with" they walk to the garden rin sits on the bench and looks at him and says " what do you want' he sits down and says " I want to know why you left rin" she stiffens and says quickly 'I didn't want to be with you anymore' he stands and says ' that's a lie I can smell it on you rin now tell me the truth why did you leave me I loved you more than life itself I want to know why I treated you like a queen and you left me WHY' she surges up and slaps him in the face and says ' loved me more than life itself that's a load of bullshit you never loved me at all I was a toy to you sesshomaru and you know it the only thing you love is your fucking self you cold hearted bastard' sesshomaru than yells 'silence you will show this sesshomaru respect when talking to him do you understand me rin' rin looks into his eyes and roughly pushes him onto the bench and says ' the only thing I understand is you're a cold heartless bastard and I never want to see you again so fuck off or better yet go fuck kagura I mean that's what you do best isn't it' she turns to storm off when she gets roughly spun around to face him and he says ' what the hell do you mean go fuck kagura I've never wanted her now damnit tell me why the fuck you left me rin' tears began to cascade down her face she says ' ok I'll tell you why I left but I need my sisters with me I know your brother and friends will want to know this to' sesshomaru lets her go and says ' ok I'll call inuyasha and tell him to get the others and come to the garden' rin turns and looks at the garden and says ' thank you' sesshomaru takes out his cell phone and dials inuyasha number

ring ring rin…

inuyasha: hello

Sesshomaru: call the others and come to the west gardens now

Inuyasha: why?

Sesshomaru: because I said so now get your ass over here [click]

Sesshomaru sighs ' rin come sit' 'no im ok I'd rather stand and wait' 'as you wish rin' she than moves closer to the gardens and plucks a rose and smiles when she hears running feet she turns and she's her sisters and drops the flower and runs towards them and hugs them she than looks at sango and says ' I told sesshomaru I would tell him why I left so that means telling why we all left' sango gasps and says ' rin are you sure you want to be the one to tell them' she shakes her head and says ' I do sango I feel we need to get this off our chest' ayame smiles and says ' than its ok with us and we'll be right there with you at all times ok' rin smiles and says 'ok lets get over there than' they began to walk towards them and when they get in front of them rin begins to say ' I know all of you want to know why we left all those years ago and im going to tell you because you see were all entangles into this together so here it goes….


Rinnnn yells kagome ' wat kagome' ' did you call and see if they left yet' 'no' 'well call' 'alright' she picks up the phone and dials sesshomaru's house number ring rin…


Rin: hi Mrs. Taski

Taski: oh hello rin how are you

Rin: fine um did the boys leave yet

Taski: why yes they did

Rin: really when

Taski: about fifth teen minutes ago

Rin: oh ok thank you bye [click]

She yells 'kagome they left already about fifth ten minutes ago' kagome runs down the stairs and says 'what and inuyasha didn't cal me oh when I see him he's so dead for that well girls lets go to the airport'

[ 15min later]

God ayame we could have been here 5 min ago if you just didn't have to have rally's' ayame rolls her eyes and says ' look kagome I was starving I needed food ok' she laughs and says ' whatever ayame lets just get in there' they get out the car and walk into the airport when sango says ' does anyone see them cuz I sure as hell don't see um' rin looks around and says ' over there I see them' so they began to walk over towards them when rin says ' wait why are they with them' the girls watch as they see there boyfriends with there worst enemy kagura, kanna,kikyo,and diedre. Rin watches and says ' wait were are they going girls follow we have to find out wats going on here' the girls watch and say 'ok' rin walks away and follows as sesshomaru leads kagura to the bathroom and close the door behind them. Rin stops " this cant be happening sessy would never do this to me he just wouldn't oh yes he would just go look and see' she walks up to the door and pushes it a little and she sees her worst nightmare sesshomaru having sex with kagura on the bathroom counter she closes the door and runs away when she bumps into some one she look and sees it kagome she stand and says ' he's he's having sex with her he's having sex with her kagome' tears streaming down both of there faces kagome says ' so is inuyasha I we have to leave' when they here running and they see sango and ayame tears also streaming down there faces sango says ' he fucking her rin' ayame then says ' koga fucking her rin he fucking her how could he' rin looks away and says were leaving now were leaving Tokyo and going to America lets go pack' the girls nod and the leave.

[ end of flash back]