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He left me. Thoses three words wandered my mind , not finding a way out. That was basically what it all summed up to, I stood upon with the wooden trees, maybe hoping to be one of them. The sun barely poked through the cluster of trees. I dug in my mind of all the times he had said that he loved me. All the times he had lied to me. He was just another guy. Another god-like, vampire, cold skin guy that I hoped I would forget about like he would want. The actual thought was beginning to anger me. All sorts of names erupted through me. He was a liar for saying he loved me, a stealer for taking my heart. I couldn't take it. All the hurt was turning into anger as I felt my ears grow warm and probably red.

I clenched my fist and squeezed them-hard. As I fought back, I could keep the tears from flowing down my face. Stupid tears. If falling in love was this hard, I ain't going to go through with it. Edward Cullen was no longer a part of my life and I was no longer part of his. If he wanted it that way, then be with it. I didn't need him at all, I'm okay by myself...For now.

I headed home with a heavy heart. Half of it wanted to stay there, with hope that Edward would change his mind and turn, hugging me tight like he used to and crushing his cold hard lips to my warm soft ones. The other half wanted to find him and beat him senseless. I couldn't disagree with any of them so I just headed home and hoped a warm shower and a good nights sleep would ease the pain of heartbreak.

I entered the door and quickly wiped my eyes from Charlie seeing them cloud with tears. I headed up the stairs rather quickly but I gladly saw the note he had left:


Theres been an emergency so I needed to go. Dont wait up

for me on dinner.

Love you,


Great. Now both of the guys I loved were leaving me. I sighed and gripped the wooden rail and headed up the stairs, stumbling twice.