I forgot how to breath when I looked into his eyes. So full of life. The colors were basically dancing around, happy to be there. He interrupted my stare when he coughed a little. I shook my head out of crazy thoughts.

I extended my hand. "Bella. Swan." Damn eyes getting me sidetracked…He grasped my hand.

"Blake Preston." He said, flashing me another smile. Preston, it suited him. Strong, worthy. Yep, defiantly a Preston. As I shook his hand, a zap seemed to come from his hand and in to mine. Like Edward and I used to but this was stronger, much stronger. I pulled my hand away and looked at it. A small black mark was made that said B.B. I glanced at him and he showed me his. It said the same things. I shrugged it off and stood up.

"Where are the others?" I asked, casually looking around the small room.

"Well, Tiffany is out shopping a managed to drag Matthew with her. They'll be gone for a couple hours-Or days." He chuckled lightly at his own joke and I gave in and gave a small giggle. He stopped and looked at me straight in my eyes. Oh my god that look. What did I see? Hope. Happiness and maybe a little love. I instantly melted.

"Why do you dazzle people like that?" Only two things were going around in my mind. Edward and Blake. I remembered when I asked Edward that I still remember his answer.

"Do I dazzle you?" Answered Blake. I gasped in my head. It's like Edward is trapped in Blake's perfect body. Except not as idiotic and stupid. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it and nodded. He smiled and looked at me with a serious look.

"I'm sorry about biting you. It's just that, you smell so appetizing." He closed his eyes and licked his lips. I looked at him, clearly confused. He glanced down, most likely remembered I was standing right here.

"Sorry." He said, looking at the carpet.

"No worries." I told him, resting my hand on his shoulder. He looked up at me. Kiss me. I thought in my head over and over. He clapped his hands together, scaring me a little.

"Well, you probably want to hunt now." He walked towards the front door. The burning sensation in my throat. The memory of Edward going hunting and the thought of Emmet wrestling a grizzly bear came to me. I just nodded my head.

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