It was a warm spring afternoon when the two graves were set. Kakashi and his team had left, thinking that the both bodies were indeed dead, and continued on their way to Konaha, their village, without a second thought. Little did they know that they were wrong. DEAD wrong. (XD PUN)

Chapter 1

Not soon after Kakashi and his team left the two graves was when Haku stirred, the sleep-like state he had applied finally starting to wear off.

"Nnnh..." He moaned in pain as he opened his eyes slowly and saw darkness surrounding him. Where am I? He tried to sit up, but a huge wave of pain went throughout his entire body. He fell back down, refraining from yelling out from the immense pain, and clutched his chest as warm, moist blood, spilled out like a fountain. Haku held his hand on the wound to try to stop the bleeding, but it didn't work very well, as blood continued to leave his body, if not at a faster pace. Where's Zabuza? He thought, as it was unnatural for him to be away from his master's side.

Haku remembered the battle that was fought between Kakashi and Zabuza, while Haku fought two of Kakashi's 3-man squad. He had left both boys alive, and before his master got hit with Kakashi's Lightning Blade attack, Haku took the hit instead and 'died' on that day. Before he died, however, Haku put himself in another sleep-like state until he could wait for Zabuza to get him out. It was a perfect plan at the time, leaving everyone alive at the end, but...Where was Zabuza? And why did the state wear off so quickly?

Suddenly, Haku had a horrible realization. What if Zabuza thought he had actually died after the attack? That shouldn't have happened. Zabuza knew about the plan beacause Haku had spoken to him before they set out for the bridge... didn't he?

Haku's thoughts played through his mind as he reviewed the situation that he was in. The dark and cramped space he was in, was surrounded by a burial cloth of some sort, and Haku quickly went for his Kunai knife on his side and carefully cut through the material he was in. Every cut took so much strength to do, and he flinched throughout it all from the pain coming from his whole body. As he cut, dirt started coming in, and it got harder to cut, and breathe. All he was thinking about was his master.

Finally, the hole in the cloth was big enough for Haku to go through, but he had to hurry unless he really wanted to be buried alive. The dirt pilled in even faster than before, and Haku was struggling to get air. He clawed to the surface desperately, before all his air ran out. Finally, he broke through the surface, and gasped, breathing in as much fresh air as he could. He painfully pulled himself out of the ground, and laid on his back next to his grave. He chest was in burning agony as he heaved in and out. The sun had set, and the birds where chirping happily. The air was sweet tasting, and the atmosphere was calm.

As Haku continued to lay, he glanced over to his left and saw a large sword sticking out of a mound of dirt. Zabuza's sword.

"No..." Haku said as he began dragging himself toward the Guillotine sword. "Zabuza..." He clutched his chest wound, which was still bleeding, and hacked up blood as he continued to move his hurt and battered body.

I-I thought I had saved him... Haku thought as he reached the mound of dirt after much effort. I took Kakashi's attack and survived. Kakashi shouldn't have had enough chakra or stamina to do him in... Did someone else? "Why... does it have to be this way? Zabuza..." he moaned his mentor's name as he reached the Guillotine sword. "why?"

Haku gazed at the grave longingly, wanting to see Zabuza's face for the last time. Should I?... Haku cautiously looked around. What if... What if he's actually alive? And he's... Too weak to get out? Haku immediately began to dig. He had to save Zabuza! Haku dug and dug, his hands and nails now messed up from digging so ferociously. Haku coughed up more blood as the pain continued to grow worse. Ugh... I need to stop this bleeding before i pass out... After Haku reached Zabuza's body, he quickly cut the burial cloth and peered at the body before him.

Zabuza lay there, his eyes closed, with slashes and gouges on his body. Dry blood stained his clothes, and his bandages off.

"Zabuza..." was all Haku could mutter. He reached down and felt Zabuza's pulse, full of hope. Nothing. Seeing the man he lived for, dead, in front of his eyes, had done something to Haku. He just couldn't believe it. His whole life was spent being Zabuza's weapon, protecting Zabuza, fighting beside him. And now... Zabuza was dead. Haku trembled. What was he suppose to do now? What was his purpose, now that he had nothing?

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