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Chapter 5:

"Just who might you be?"

Haku smiled, holding his bunny in his arms as he stood in front of the main entrance to Konaha's hidden leaf village, bowing politely before the Konaha ninja who were questioning him. Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki looked at Haku suspiciously.

"My name is Hanachi Momochi," Haku said, looking at the ninja with a smile on his face. "And this is Momo," Haku held out his pet bunny to Kotetsu, who looked at it with a funny look on his face.

"Ummm..." He slowly reached his hand out to pet Momo, not sure how to handle the situation, as Izumo looked at Haku suspiciously.

"Where're you from?"

Haku flinched slightly from the question, hoping that the ninja didn't notice.

"Originally from the village hidden in the mist, I've come here to visit some friends of mine," Haku said as nonchalantly as possible, getting a look from both of the ninja. "I plan on visiting them for a few days, unless..." Haku glanced over at the ninja, smiling. "I cannot come in?"

The two ninja looked at one another wearily. Kotetsu, a bandage across his nose and a dango stick in his mouth, saying that he had just finished eating, leaned back in his chair, sighing briefly. The second, Izumo, who was the most conscientious and responsible than the two ninja looked at Haku intently. What would a girl like her want in a village like this..? Even though he had these thoughts, he could not keep this girl from entering after she came all the way from the hidden mist village...

"...Okay, then. You're free to come in..." Izumo said reluctantly, getting a glance from his partner, who was a partner in more ways than one. Haku was thrilled that he was able to get in so easily.

"Thank you so much!" Haku bowed, truly grateful. "I'll be sure to tell my friends what kind and thoughtful gentlemen at the gate let me see them this week. Thank you."

As Haku bowed, the ninja blushed slightly, bowing as well.

"Y-You're welcome.." Kotetsu stated as Haku nodded and started walking through Konoha's gates.

When Haku was well in the village's gates, the ninja looked at one another.

"Village hidden in the mist? Should we report it to lord Hokage?"

Izumo looked at the other, nodding his head.

"...Momochi... Why does that ring a bell?" Kotetsu scratched his head, trying to remember. The two ninja were puzzled until finally, one realized why that name had sounded familiar.

"She couldn't be related to HIM, could she?" Izumo thought suddenly, realizing what she stated her name to be, and where she was from.


"We should report this to Lord Hokage at once."

As Haku stepped into the gates of Konaha, he immediately saw the land's Hokage. He looked up at the stone faces, staring at each one, then at the present Hokage. He looked at the Hokage's face, remembering how Naruto had said that he wanted to some day become Hokage. He sighed, looking at the ground forlornly, putting his bunny in his bag , leaving the top open so she could breathe. How could he see Naruto after all this? After all that happened? His bunny shifted lightly in Haku's bag as Haku felt her settle down to sleep. He smiled cutely. Momo's so cute... He thought with a small giggle.

Haku was brought out of his thoughts by a loud sigh coming from in front of him. He looked up and saw a women, older than himself, looking down the street as if she had lost someone.

"Suko, why oh why did you have to run off like that..?"

All Haku could see was her vibrant red hair, and as she turned around, noticing someone was looking at her, he could see her hazel-colored eyes shining at him.

The woman was very beautiful, as she had an hourglass figure, and red hair with curls in them. She wore a blue skirt that went down to her knees and a red shirt that looked much like a kimono cut short, and a black undershirt that had a low V. Haku looked away from this women's immodesty and decided to instead, look at the women thoughtfully. She looked back at Haku carefully, before walking up to him. Haku smiled at her as he approached.

"Why hello there. What seems to be troubling you?"

The women paused, looking Haku over again, then began to speak in a voice that matched her beauty, speaking low but sweetly.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but..." she glanced down the street once again "You wouldn't have happened to see a young lady pass by here lately..?" she shook her head ruefully as she continued. "We've just arrived, and I've seen to have lost sight of her... She's a young lady with medium-length brown hair and blue eyes...She's about this tall," the women said, motioning with her hand. "She goes by the name Setsuko..." The lady continued, mentioning every detail she could possibly mention, including the kind of nose the girl has to what's her favorite food...

Haku shook his head after the women stopped, only have just arrived at the village himself.

"No..I have not seen anyone like that..." He smiled at the lady. "After all, I've only just arrived here myself."

The women was shocked, head downcast when she realized her long description might not be put to use.

"Really? Sorry about that, then..." she sighed, scratching the back of her neck.

Haku shook his head as the women shifted her weight to learn on one leg.

"I'll be sure to keep a lookout for Setsuko," Haku started, looking at the women thoughtfully as he remembered what the lady had described to him. "A brunette with blue eyes and medium length hair that's this tall?" He motioned his hand perfectly, just bellow his chin.

The women didn't seemed shocked that Haku had remembered every detail that she had said about Setsuko, down to the last one she had spoken.

"Thank you so much!" she smiled at Haku "I was afraid no one would help me look!" She shook Haku's hand warmly. "If you DO manage to find her...could you tell her to meet me at my house tonight? She knows what I'm talking about."

Haku nodded, smiling at the lady.

"Will do," he smiled, releasing her hand.

The women turned to leave, muttering something about the Hokage that Haku heard. Before he could hear the rest of what she was mumbling, she turned around suddenly.

"I forgot to tell you!" she started, putting her hair behind her ear as people looked from her sudden outburst. "Setsuko's most likely to be where food is!" she smiled, continuing. "It's usually the first thing she does when she comes to a new place. She tries out their food, and then goes shopping for clothes!" she turned her head back around to start walking away. "I'd check the food places myself, but the Hokage needs my assistance... I hope this doesn't bother you..."

"Not at all," Haku replied, having wanted to check out the villages' Ramen shop for a certain someone. "I was getting a bit hungry anyways." So THAT'S what she was mumbling about... Haku thought. She needs to see the Hokage... Haku couldn't help but wonder what the Hokage would need with this...foreigner. (does that make him sound like he doesn't like foreigners? OH NOES :O)

"I'm sorry, but I must run! I wish you the best of luck!"
Haku slightly expected her to disappear in a flash of smoke, but was wrong as she hurriedly walked down the pathway, getting stares and blushes from everyone she passed.

Haku's bag shifted slightly as his bunny poked her head out, sniffing at the villages' smell. Haku smiled down at it as she showed signs of being hungry as she rubbed her nose gently on Haku's hand.

"I know, Momo. I'm hungry too."

Haku started to walk down the streets of Konaha, getting stares from people with perplexed looks on their faces. He looked anxiously for the Ramen shop that he seeked. He stopped to ask a male villager on the way, and the man pointed further down the road, a slight blush on his face. Thanking the man, Haku continued to walk until he saw a booth with short hung-down curtains with the words 'Ichiraku Ramen' on them. As he neared the stall/shop happily, he looked around, seeing no blond-head kid. His heart felt sad and somewhat relieved all at the same time.

When he gracefully pulled back the curtain/flap, he saw a young girl sitting at the table, eating her ramen, her medium-length blond hair slung back into a ponytail. He looked over at her features, really seeing if this was the girl that he was to look for. He was correct, when she turned around, noticing someone was staring at her as he looked into her bright-blue eyes.

"Welcome! May I help you?" The ramen owner asked Haku, noticing the girl's almost-empty bowl. The girl closed her eyes, turning back to her bowl of ramen without a word. The owner looked at her once again. "Can I take this bowl? Are you finished?"

The girl nodded, her ponytail shaking lightly as she reached for her wallet. Seeing that she was about to leave, Haku approached the girl slowly.

"I'm sorry to bother you during your meal, but..." Haku started as the girl turned to look at him questionably. "Would you happen to be Setsuko?"

Setsuko's jaw started to drop slowly when she realized that someone that she didn't know, knew her name. She looked Haku up and down, sizing him up before Haku continued.

"I met your friend at the gate. She asked me to look for you and give you this message-"

Before Haku could continue, Setsuko laid the money she had owed the man on the table, telling the man that he could keep the change, and with a tug to the confused Haku's hand, Setsuko led Haku down the street to an alley where she released his hand. When Setsuko went to the back of the alleyway, facing the wall, she pulled off her hair tie, letting her hair cascade down her back. Haku took a weary step backwards.

"What're you..."

"Don't you know?" She glanced back at Haku before she spoke again. "if an attractive stranger knows your name...You're suppose to lead them to a dark alleyway...and seduce them." To prove her point, Setsuko started lifting off her shirt.

Panicked, Haku quickly rested his hand on her shoulder, stopping her right before he saw anything.

"I...I believe you are mistaken," Haku stuttered out. "w-who told you that...?"

Setsuko looked back at Haku with a frown, releasing her shirt like everyone was suppose to know the answer to that one like it was common knowledge.

"Why Shiba, of course!" Setsuko said with a bright smile. Haku didn't even bother to ask who this 'Shiba' character was. What an influence... Setsuko turned to face Haku, her face strewn with worry after she thought about what was just said.

"Then...I don't understand..." she looked away in thought "he said that the other was suppose to do the next part..."

Haku blushed slightly, having figured out what THE NEXT was suppose to be. He figured it was best to change the subject.

"Um...aren't you suppose to be going back tot he house...?" he asked, hoping she knew what he was talking about. Setsuko's gaze immediately turned sour as she crossed her arms with a pout.

"I can't go there," she shook her head.

"Why not?" Haku asked her, his back against the alley wall.

"I haven't done my shopping yet..." She put her finger to her mouth in wonder as Haku cocked his head questionably.

"I wonder what the prices are here..." Setsuko said out loud, having not noticed Haku's confusion. She clapped her hands gleefully in lieu of an answer. "I know! You can be the one to escort me!" She explained with a point of her finger at Haku.


Before Haku could respond any, Setsuko had his hand and was starting to lead him out of the alleyway. But before Setsuko could step onto the street, Haku yanked her arm back. With a yelp, she fell back into Haku's arms as a speeding kid ran past the alleyway. If she had taken another step, she would've been hit by the kid, getting either one of them hurt. Haku breathed a sigh of relief, letting Setsuko go. Setsuko turned around in Haku's arms, looking up at him and blushed, having felt his hard chest against hers. Who is...? Seeing Setsuko blush, Haku blushed as well, pushing Setsuko away gently after feeling something he didn't want to feel. He was afraid Setsuko had felt his real gender when he embraced her.

"Wow..." Setsuko started, looking at Haku as he tried to suppress his blush, expecting Setsuko to cry out that Haku was really a man. "You're proving to be a good bodyguard already!" She said instead, turning around to look outside the alleyway for running children. "Besides..." She looked back at Haku, who was expected to follow, grateful that she didn't notice his true gender. "Sana doesn't let me roam around alone, without anyone with me." She smiled at Haku. "Would you spend time with me today instead?"

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