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Robotropolis Outskirts
30 miles outside the city
2311 hrs, day 313, 3226

He was finally aware that he was moving...but how? Hadn't he been unconscious? Slowly opening his eyes, he looked around groggily: where was he?

"Good to see you're awake, Little Bro."

The younger brother noticed that he was being carried by one arm. He looked over at the older hedgehog who had said arm around his shoulders, and gave him a small smile; "Thanks, Big Bro..." he replied and yawned quietly, "where are we?" The older brother didn't answer, looking downward while moving forward as quickly as possible yet making sure his younger sibling could keep up, "...Alias?" Alias the Hedgehog blinked, then looked over at his brother with a cheesy grin.

"Outside Robotropolis, of course." he answered, the younger hedgehog – who had vibrant red fur as opposed to his own vibrant blue fur, as well as much shorter quills when compared to his long spines – gave him a broad smile, which was missing a front tooth. Alias couldn't help but feel sad for the kid: he was...what, seven? Almost eight? Nobody that age should have to go through what his brother and him had been through; Then again, the blue hedgehog thought to himself bitterly, it's not everyday that you're locked up in a cell and lined up for roboticization. The older hedgehog looked around quickly; "You'll help keep a lookout for SWATbots, right Little Bro?" he asked, and the younger brother gave him a thumbs-up. Alias grinned, looking ahead once again.

This was turning out to be one heck of an escape...

The Frozen Chronicles
Part 1, Prologue:
The Great Escape

The Great Forest
65 miles from Robotropolis
0239 hrs, day 314, 3226

The two hedgehogs jogged further into the forests north-northeast of Robotropolis, not spotting any robots along the way much to their relief. They had stopped near a small section of a river, and Alias was on watch; "And you, Little Bro, need to get some sleep." he had told his sibling, who acted much like any young child to a point – a single complaint, but nothing after he used his real name – before finally falling into a light sleep. And thus, the older brother sat on a rock while watching the tree line and the skies, hoping that none of those SWATbots or STEALTHbots had tracked him and young Miles here.

Miles...he found that name to be odd, as if it didn't fit the little guy as well as their father thought it would. Not that Alias really fit him that well for a name, either... Then again, dad's parents must've been bad with names too; he thought to himself, after all, who would name their kid Blank?

Yes, Blank the Hedgehog: senior scientist and head of Dr. Robotnik's Experimental Roboticization Division, and a former colleague of Sir Charles the Hedgehog.

Alias thought that his father's work was simply for the good of Mobius at first, and lived alongside Miles within the walls of Robotropolis...blind to what was going on in the outside world. But now that he had seen those Robians – he now remembered the name used by Blank – he began to have his doubts. And once he had found out that his own brother was in line to be roboticized, not to mention himself, escaping became the only option for both of them. But...dad wouldn't think of doing that to us; he thought quietly, looking downward, ...would he?

He didn't know...part of him didn't want to know...

Main Roboticizer Chamber
1312 hrs, day 1, 3227

Seven weeks.

That's how long Alias and Miles had evaded capture. And for seven weeks, Dr. Ivo Robotnik had become furious with the only hedgehog that worked under his command. Unlike the infamous scientist-gone-dictator, however, Blank had stayed eerily calm throughout the ranting and raving of his superior, even going as far as to let those two specimens evade SWATbot and STEALTHbot patrols through his own forms of sabotage...but not today.

Today, Robotnik stood in front of the Roboticizer, awaiting the completion of creating the first Robian of the new year, he mused to himself with the comical wiggle of his trademark orange mustache. The hedgehog, however, was an entirely different and not to mention worse story...

The hissing of gears and hydraulics working could be heard within the chamber, the massive machine in the center of the room operating as it was intended. Blank pounded his fist against the thick glass and shouted something, although the noise was almost nonexistent on the evil scientist's much safer side of the glass, before he was engulfed by a thick cloud of what appeared to be smoke. Pulses of light could be seen from inside the Roboticizer, then...silence: the gears stopped moving, the lights faded into nothingness, and the smoke simply hung inside the glass tube. Another hiss of escaping steam filled the void as the glass tube opened up and the smoke rolled away from its prison.

And where Blank had once stood, a Robian had taken his place: his vibrant blue fur was now a dull sapphire, and flesh, muscle, and bone were now metal plating, servos, and hydraulics. Robotnik grinned in his usual evil way; The strength of a machine, the mind of a genius, and the will of a worker ant. He silently reveled in his own genius.

"Awaiting orders, Doctor." Blank's synthesized voice grated, and Ivo nodded to himself in approval of his work.

"Find specimens H-102 and H-103, and bring them back here." he ordered sternly, and the Robian hedgehog gave Robotnik a silent salute before walking away to fulfill his task. The scientist rubbed his mustache in thought: It was no blunder that he had allowed the mecha-hedgehog to keep its mind...not only did it hold the known locations where those specimens were hiding, but the hedgehog could possibly convince those two to return without a fight. Normally he wouldn't be so reserved with reclaiming a specimen or two, but this was a much different case.

He will complete his task, he concluded, and when he has...then it's off to cryo-stasis for him.

The Great Forest
120 miles from Robotropolis
2205 hrs, day 1, 3227

Over the seven weeks that Alias and Miles had been surviving in the wilderness, the older had taught the younger as much as he could about self-defense...not that it amounted to much, but it would help in an emergency. And the older hedgehog sorely wished that he knew and could teach his "Little Bro" more, but his own training had just been the basics. He wondered if that was his father's plan in the first place: keep the kids weak to experiment on them later and without resistance. No, it can't be him that's doing this, he silently tried to convince himself, it's gotta be that Robotnik guy whose doing this.

Again, he found himself taking up the first watch – Miles refusing to let him stay up the entire night by himself – and looked around at the crude camping spot they had made. There was only a ledge of stone and earth to cover their heads if a storm just happened to roll on through, but they extended the space using branches and felled logs as a makeshift roof, giving it the appearance that one might find a cave under said ledge. The fire pit in the center of their camping spot glowed dimly, Miles watching the embers slowly die out from where he was "sleeping." Alias knew that staying here for too long would be like asking for a SWATbot or STEALTHbot patrol to find them, but they needed to find Knothole. The blue hedgehog walked over to where his crude sleeping bag was, and looked over at his still awake sibling.

"Can't sleep, Little Bro?" he asked, and Miles blinked before looking up from the fire and shrugging.

"Not really..." he trailed off, looking into the fire again, then back at Alias; "Tell me again about Knothole, Big Bro! Please?" the older brother snorted in amusement: he really got a kick outta those stories that their dad used to tell him, didn't he? Well, can't deny the kid. He concluded with a grin.

"Well," he started while looking up at the sky, the giant trees blocking out chunks of the view, "I heard that they've got houses in the trees there: we're talking huge ones, buddy!" he used his full arm span to represent this, "And they've got the world's best chili-dogs there too, with all the fixin's!" he shuffled over to Miles' side of the fire and leaned in close as if whispering a secret, "And I hear that they even have the Royal Family there." the younger hedgehog looked at Alias with a disbelieving expression on his visage, one that only someone his age could pull off.

"No way!" he said with wonder evident in his voice, and Alias nodded.

"Way." he replied, looking out into the forest again; "The trick is findin' it: they made a secret entrance that only the people livin' there know of," he explained, "but I'm pretty sure we're close..." he rubbed his stomach as it growled, and he sighed quietly, "I can almost taste those chili-dogs now." he licked his lips at the thought of real food, and Miles couldn't help but drool at the thought either.

"So how close do ya think we are?" he asked the older hedgehog, who opened his mouth to answer...

There was a rustling beyond the trees. Alias motioned for his brother to stay quiet, who nodded silently; the blue hedgehog slowly moved a bit closer and peered into the endless sea of trees. His eyes widened as he saw the movement from the corner of his eye, just beyond the tree line. He was about to warn his brother when a Robian jumped out from behind a tree and tackled into Alias, sending the opponents tumbling around.

"Miles: get out of here!" he shouted as he saw another appear from behind cover, and the younger sibling looked like he was going to protest. The older hedgehog managed to toss the attacker to the side and got up in a defensive stance; "Don't argue, just run!" he ordered, leaping at the Robian head-on and tackling it into the tree behind it.

And so he ran...

Alias finished bashing the robotic head of his enemy into the tree trunk, and faced the other Robian who was simply waiting for him to stop; "Alright:" he growled while cracking his knuckles, "bring it on!"

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