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Far above the village
1212 hrs, day 18, 3232

The infamous mecha-hedgehog floated far above his old hometown thanks to the powerful jet boosters on his shoes, glaring down at the small number of people – not many, ten or eleven at the most – who were either brave enough or simply too busy to care that their homes could become their funeral pyres at any given moment and with a simple wave of his hand. A small smirk graced his metallic jaw at the thought of burning this place, much like the other towns and villages, to the ground. And with four of the Chaos Emeralds, he noted silently as he felt them barely shift under his hairlike quills and settle once again, it shouldn't even be close to difficult to deal with anyone in my way.

His gaze shifted from person to person as they mulled about, and his thoughts traveled back to Vale and, more importantly, Kohl with a robotic frown: the looks of shock and revulsion that were written on the faces of said towns' Freedom Fighters when he initially confronted them, as well as their following looks of terror as he beat each and every one of them to a bloody pulp, was burned into the back of his eyelids as the saying went, even though he knew all too well that said eyelids were absent. But what he remembered the most vividly of those two villages' destruction was a single Mobian: the last of Vale's living Freedom Fighters. The last words she managed to wheeze out while her neck was in his robotic grip rang through his head on a daily basis since then...

"Have you gone insane?" was her final words, and they shook him to the core; he remembered being so angry at those four words that the rest of the day was simply a blur to him – not to mention he didn't remember hearing her neck pop as his grip tightened the rest of the way, but that was minor details to him now. Now, however, they were ringing in his roboticized ears and inside his still organic mind once again, his glare narrowing further as the chorus of voices continued in his head.

...But then again, what is sanity? Alias proposed the question to himself, halting the reverberations almost instantly; After all, one person's sanity is another's insanity: besides, he rationalized while shifting his gaze back and forth as if reading a book, I haven't been able to think this clearly in ages! Not with all the distractions of family and such getting in the way. This train of thought put a metallic and menacing grin back on his visage, and he let himself float down towards the small sanctuary village.

"Speaking of family..." he muttered once back on the ground, looking around at the huts that surrounded him, "I know my Little Bro is somewhere around here." with a small sigh, he felt a small portion of Chaos energy flood into his robotic system and collect in his right hand – small being a very relative term – and he pointed it at the nearest building in that direction; "Time to come out and play..." The collection of Chaos energy became a small yet potent ball of flames, and he shot it at the small hut he aimed for. Said building was reduced to a pile of wooden splinters as the sphere of fire entered through a window and exploded, causing the townsfolk who were outside to flee while five Mobians sprinted out one of the adjacent huts and confronted him: sure enough, there was his Little Bro at the head of the group.

Alias simply chuckled, then muttered "You are too predictable" under his breath.

The Frozen Chronicles
Part 1, Chapter 10:
Rumble in the Tropics

The three hedgehogs, wolf, and echidna stared at their nemesis, Frost and Shadow already well aware of his destructive power, while Squall, Gyro, and Tank had yet to see what had become of their surrogate brother and friend; suffice to say, Madeo's Freedom Fighters were shocked at the changes that the Alias they knew had undergone.

"I had a feeling that you'd be here, Little Bro," the mecha-hedgehog spoke in his synthesized voice, the red hedgehog in question glaring at him "and I'm not surprised that you're here, either." he let his gaze fall on the other three Freedom Fighters as he said this, then his robotic eyes shifted to the black and red hedgehog; I thought I'd finished him off along with the rest of Kohl... he pondered for a very brief moment, resolving to fix that problem as soon as possible. Regardless of the "minor" setback of that black hedgehog's presence, he rushed his first target.

Gyro had no time to react to the punch thrown his way, and was hit squarely in the jaw and flailed through the air, impacting the wall of a nearby hut and creating a splintering crater with a sickening crack. While Squall sped over to the unconscious and injured wolf, Frost was the first to lash out in retaliation with an equally powerful fist aimed at Alias' side, but the nimble mecha-hedgehog dodged it while pressing the attack; he let out a flurry of claw swipes towards the younger brother who managed to barely block all of them, as well as dodge left and away from an incoming scissor kick. The red hedgehog kicked at his nemesis' lower back and connected, though the strike barely even dented the mecha-hedgehog's armor nor did it scuff the paint job.

Alias used the moment of shock to his advantage, grabbing the offending leg and swinging Frost around in the air before letting go, throwing a few bolts of fire in his direction for good measure; the younger sibling flew through the air, barely avoiding the fire bolts that seared through the air past him, yet still finding himself unable to avoid skidding along the ground. When he finally came to a stop, he rolled backward and stopped on his feet, then lunged forward at his opponent hoping to get a few punches in of his own.

Meanwhile, Squall was busy trying to get even a simple pulse from Gyro, and was failing rather miserably. C'mon, just a pulse, that's all I'm asking for! He reasoned mentally as if his thoughts could reach the wolf in his dying state; he finally saw the small pool of blood forming behind the Mobian, the source being a rather large fragment of wood jammed into the back of his right side where the kidney should be, as well as the small trickle of the same fluid coming from the corner of his mouth. Squall's eyes moved back and forth rapidly, the world around him fading away to a blur as he realized that his surrogate brother was no longer alive...

Then the world around him sharpened: his vision (even through the few tears that had found their way down his face), the sounds of fighting, the slightly rusted taste of a dry mouth, the burning feeling in his gut that he knew was anger, everything; picking himself up quickly, he sprinted back to where they kept the Chaos Emerald and clutched the gem in his hand, with vengeance on the forefront of his mind.

Back amidst the ever-intensifying brawl, Frost found himself flailing through the air once again – this time thanks to a well placed kick to the jaw, then being grappled in the air and flung to the side like a misused toy – but was able to right himself in mid-air before three more bolts of flame came at him, though he had no real way to dodge around them. He was about to resign himself to becoming roast hedgehog when he spotted something flying at him from the right.

...A white gem?

No time to think: just act, he thought to himself as his right hand grabbed the object and he felt the familiar pulse of Chaos energy coursing through every wire in his robotic arms and legs; he waved his free arm in front of him in a brisk swiping motion, summoning a thick wall of ice that absorbed the three fire bolts before shattering into a plethora of glass like shards. Grinning mischievously, he moved his arms back until they were extended to either side then moved them forward forcefully, watching the shards of ice collect themselves and speed towards their intended target. Alias moved out of the way as the ice fragments impacted the earth...

A blur of pale blue barreled into his side, followed by a gust of wind that pushed him further back as the blur of motion somersaulted over the mecha-hedgehog; the gust of air forced Alias right into Squall's intended landing spot, the pale blue and enraged hedgehog slamming both feet into his opponent's torso and head causing the mostly roboticized hedgehog to literally eat dirt as he skidded along the ground. Squall jumped away from his opponent after a few seconds, only for Frost to land close enough to kick at the older sibling's chest and knock him into the air for a change of pace, followed by a much larger lance of crystallized ice that impacted at his left side and dented the armor there.

Shadow, who had been watching the two other hedgehogs intently up until this point, decided to intervene; in a bright flash of light he was in the air as well, landing a solid kick to the mecha-hedgehog's exposed back as he flailed about in the air; Alias sped towards the ground much like a meteor, and was further sped up thanks to another impact from a bolt of pure chaos energy before hitting the cold earth, sending debris into the sky as well as a loud explosion-esque sound. Another flash of light later and the black and red hedgehog was standing next to Frost and Squall, both of whom were glaring at the figure in the crater.

Alias struggled to get up, the dent in his side showing a few exposed bits of wiring that sparked occasionally; Dammit! He cursed while glaring back at the three hedgehogs that had beaten him this time, I guess they win this round... and with that, he activated his booster jets and rocketed away from his first defeat. Squall started to give chase, but Shadow stopped him with a firm grip on his shoulder and a single shake of his head, and the pale blue Freedom Fighter reluctantly obeyed. Frost looked over at his old friend in a concerned way.

"Is Gyro...?" his question trailed off, and Squall shook his head with a pained grimace. The red hedgehog's shoulders slumped heavily and he bit back the tears that would come about eventually, but he knew that this wasn't the time to mourn...not yet, anyways; "...At least we damaged his ego and sent him packing." he commented quietly, the other two hedgehogs nodding solemnly...

"Yo, dudes!"

The three hedgehogs peered into the crater and saw Tank standing in the center – how he had managed to get there in such short notice was, and always would be, a mystery to them – holding two objects in his arms; "Check out what I found, yeah?" the echidna spoke while holding both objects up for them to see, and Shadow allowed himself a smile of victory.

In Tank's grasp were two Chaos Emeralds, one a bright cyan and the other a vibrant green, both formerly in Alias' possession.

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