I have no idea where this went. It kind of makes no sense but I like how it turned out. Hope you do too.

It broke. I really can't help that it broke momma. I was cleaning, just like you asked. I know this is a nightmare; I just need to wake up. You're dead. Stop yelling momma. I said I was sorry. No, no please don't hit me again. I'll be good I swear. I need to wake up! Why can't I wake up? My body is dead. Not enough sleep. God damn these nightmares. I'm running. Her face, it's everywhere. No, no closer. I feel like I'm shrinking. The yelling hurts my ears momma. Please, stop. No! Don't! Please, please don't get dad. I'll clean it up. I need to wake up. I need to get out of this dark. Dad it's not…what do you have? Jesus he-he's got a gun. What the hell is he doing? Where…not her, dad, please don't shoot her. I need to get to him, stop him. I have to run. I can't my legs aren't working. Dad, don't….what the hell? Jack, where's dad what are you…why are you smiling. No you have no reason to shoot it. She's five Jack! She hasn't done anything. Why can't I wake up? Jack doesn't even know about her. This can't be happening. Not again. No, not again. You can't come back to life. That's why I can't see her, that's why…what was that? Jack, why'd you shoot it? My legs move now. Don't look at the body. The blood. Don't let go of his throat, don't let go of…her! Where'd the bastard go? He killed her. But he couldn't have, she's here. I'm killing her, strangling her. Why won't my fingers unclench? Stop clawing at my arm, let me think. I have to wake up; I have to…that's moonlight. My body's soaked. It has to be sweat. My fingers hurt. They're clenched in fists. I need air. The floor is cold. Jack's stirring. That bastard…didn't do anything. It was just a dream. I hope he isn't up. I can't talk. Not now. Not ever. Not about that. My name is Race. My name is Race. I need air. The fire escape is colder than the floor. So much for summer. The rood should be better. The roof should be better. I'm only out for air. My name is Race. They are gone. I'm just going to the roof to get air. Why are my cheeks still wet? I'm crying. I never cry. I went three days without sleep. I shouldn't dream, I should just fall. Why did I dream? My name is Race; has been for years. My name is Ra…is Anthony. I changed it to Race. I'm only here for air, not to think. My brain needs to shut off. My name is Race. I'm only here for air.