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"We have arrived, sirs. Behold, the legendary cursed training grounds of Jusenkyo."

Ranma looked around but wasn't impressed at all. Sure, the place was beautiful and seemed peaceful, but he couldn't understand how it had managed to build such a great reputation as a training ground. All he could see was a large valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and riddled with dozens of small to medium sized springs, each of which had a long bamboo pole pointing out of it. The poles were probably used for balance practice, but then, he could have done the same at most of the other training grounds he and his father had visited over the years. He lived for the thrill and was rather disappointed when he realized that the greatest danger he'd have to face would probably be getting wet. He shrugged his shoulders and looked back at his father who was getting ready to start the training. 'Oh well, I might just as well humor him for a bit. After all, he had been so happy to come to this place. No need to burst his bubble.'

Genma jumped onto one of the poles and shouted back at Ranma, "Are you coming? Or are you chicken? Yes, that must be it. Too afraid of getting wet. Oh, the disappointment. Where did I go wrong? Why did the Gods have to punish me with such a weak little girl as a son?"

The bespectacled martial artist knew exactly what buttons he had to push to make the boy lose his cool, and it worked once again like a charm. Calling him chicken or making fun of his manliness always got good results, but then that's how he had educated him. Not bothering to listen to the guide's warnings as to the dangers of the springs the teen jumped on a bamboo pole and went in pursuit of his father.

While Ranma and Genma were trading blows over the springs the guide let out a resigned sigh and sat down to watch the fight. He was impressed by the prowess the man and the boy were showing, but even if they should manage to hold out for some time he knew that Jusenkyo wouldn't let them off the hook, and that they were already doomed to be cursed. Sometimes he wondered if it was the magic of the place that prevented the potential victims from heeding his warnings. Yes, he must have been cursed by the gods in his youth, just like Cassandra had been in Greek mythology. Although he was telling the truth people NEVER listened to him. The guide just hoped that those two would be more reasonable than the last couple of victims who, after getting cursed, had attacked him, blaming him for their own stupidity.

While the guide was absorbed in his thoughts, the sparring match over the springs was going on and none of the two fighters was able to gain the upper hand until the older of the two overextended a punch. The pigtailed boy had been waiting for just such an opening and kicked his father in the stomach, propelling him into one of the springs below.

Ranma was balancing on the pole, waiting for his father to emerge from the spring he had landed in. The guide just shook his head, knowing what spring the bald man had fallen into. "Hey pops, are you coming? Don't tell me this little love tap was enough to put you down."

Just as he had finished his tirade a very large mass of water shot out of the spring, obscuring a massive, indistinctive form. But what had emerged wasn't the stocky, bespectacled martial artist Ranma had expected, but a large panda. Ranma was just gaping stupidly at the animal that had so easily jumped onto the pole opposite of his.

Even as he emerged from the spring Genma had a feeling that something was very wrong, but couldn't quite put his finger on it. He just felt somewhat heavier when he landed back on the bamboo pole, but dismissed the problem as he had more important stuff to take care of, namely showing his son that a lucky shot wasn't enough to incapacitate a martial artist of his caliber. No, it was time once again to show his son the difference between a master and his student. So without pondering any longer on the strange feelings he attacked the pigtailed boy once more.

The young martial artist was just stupidly standing there, paralyzed by shock and didn't put up any defense when the panda attacked.

A shocked Genma noticed the fur covering his leg when he jumped at his son, but wasn't able avert the attack in time. Since Ranma hadn't put up any defense the kick connected at full power, sending the teenager flying straight towards another one of the springs.

Genma had many shortcomings, and the man himself knew it and acknowledged them. He was aware that some of his 'brilliant' plans and training methods hadn't been quite as 'brilliant' as he had thought at first, but hindsight is twenty-twenty. However, truth of the matter was that he genuinely loved his son. The boy was his pride and joy. He had never seen anyone with more raw talent when it came to martial arts. He might not be the best or the most responsible of fathers in the world, and he was the cause of a majority of Ranma's problems, but he would die for his flesh and blood. So he did the only thing he could think of to avert the impending disaster and with an inhuman feat of grace and strength jumped after his son, grabbed the boy by the lapel of his gi and launched him out of harm's way on the other side of the cursed springs near the mountainside.

The panda let out a sigh of relief before touching the water, and the still confused boy got up and looked at the spring the panda had fallen into, waiting for him to emerge once more.

The guide flinched, knowing that mixing two curses always resulted in a combination of the two, making the victim look really outlandish In this particular case there were several possible outcomes. The man could turn into a female panda, or what otakus would call a furry pandagirl.

The guide knew that it was wrong and that he shouldn't do it, but he was unable to hide his morbid curiosity as to what would emerge from the spring. And although he wasn't really surprised, it still startled him to see the new creature since he'd never seen that particular combination before. What climbed out of the spring was an anthropomorphic female panda. The creature was very well proportioned and if it weren't for the black and white fur that covered her whole body, the panda ears on top of her head, as well as the little panda tail she could have passed as a human.

The furry examined herself, and seemed very shocked at her new appearance. But then she looked over to where her son had landed and was relieved to see that the boy was all right and didn't share her fate. What she didn't understand was why she had changed even further. Shouldn't she have simply remained a common panda? That was definitely strange, but she was confident that the guide could explain it to her. Yes, she would definitely have some words with the guide for not warning them of the danger of this place. As it happened so often, Genma shifted the blame on someone else.

Ranma just stood frozen in place, stupidly gaping at the thing that had climbed out of the spring.

The guide shivered when he saw the look the panda woman was directing at him and prayed to the gods that he would survive the woman's ire.

Two jumps was all it took for the irate Genma to rejoin the guide. She had a murderous look in her eyes and was ready to tear off the man's head if he didn't provide a cure in the next five minutes.

Before the furry could utter a single word the guide had already started explaining. "I'm really sorry about what has happened to you, but I tried to warn you. You wouldn't listen." The guy looked apologetic when he said this and Genma wasn't really the kind of person who would strike a non combatant, and felt not for the first time very ashamed of his actions, and falling back into the habit of blaming everyone else for his own mistakes. He knew that the guide was right. He tried to warn them, but did they listen? No, of course not. Once again Genma hadn't listened, and once again it had come back to bite him in the ass.

"Is… is there a cure," she tentatively asked, hope shining in her eyes, and was just as surprised as the guide when she heard her new, feminine voice.

The Chinese man shook his head. "None I am aware of, and I doubt there is one. Jusenkyo has been around for more than 4,000 years and I don't think that the archives mention anyone ever being cured. I'm really sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to live with your condition. The only tip I can give you is to visit the Amazon tribe of Joketsuzoku. They've been living here for several millennia and will probably be able to help you deal with the curse or maybe even help you control it. But look at the bright side. Your son wasn't cursed at least, which honestly surprises me, since Jusenkyo isn't known for letting any potential victim get away.. You should be happy about that."

"How come I changed even further after falling into the second spring? I thought that since I had already been cursed it wouldn't have any effect on me. And even stranger is that I don't resemble a real panda any longer. And how is it possible that I can speak?"

"Ah, sir, that's not how the springs work. You see, every spring in this valley has a different curse. And whatever you turn into depends on the spring you fall into. All of the springs have a tragic history of something or someone drowning there, and a person or an animal that falls into one of the springs obtains the form of whatever drowned in that particular spring. But if a person or an animal falls into a virgin spring, Jusenkyo will then take that person or animal's appearance as a template for that particular spring."

"Then how do you explain this body?" She asked, pointing at the fur and waving one of her five-fingered hands in front of his face. "I'm sure there isn't a spring of drowned female panda woman."

"The curses mix", the guide explained. The first spring you fell into was the spring of drowned panda and the second one was the spring of drowned girl. If your son had fallen into that one he would have emerged as a regular human girl."

Ganma shuddered at that thought just before realization set in. He hadn't thought about it before, but if what the guide said was true, she'd be stuck with this curse forever. She'd never be able to return to civilization. She fell to her knees and for the first time in many years she started to cry, tears streaming out of her eyes in a continuous flow. She didn't care if it was unmanly. She didn't care if Ranma would probably laugh his ass off at her state; all she could think off was that her life was over. She couldn't return to society the way she looked now. Maybe she should just end her life. While Genma was wallowing in her misery, the guide came closer to her and said in a soothing voice, "There, there. Cheer up. It's not that bad."


"That is not true," The Chinese man countered.

Genma jerked her head into his direction. "But you've just said that there weren't a cure."

"That is correct. There isn't a cure I know of, but you can turn back into a human, at least temporarily. You just need some hot water. The curses are water based. If you're splashed with cold water you turn into your cursed form; hot water, however, reverses the transformation, but only until you come in contact with cold water once again." And right then the man took a thermos out of… somewhere, much to Genma's astonishment. The guide, however, once again mentally thanked the Joketsuzoku for teaching him that little trick as it had come in handy on more than one occasion. He poured the warm water of the furry's head, who immediately turned back into his old form, much to Genma's relief. "I always have one on hand when I show people around," the guide explained. "You're not the first victim of the springs that I've seen. In fact I have at least a couple visitors every month. And it's always good to be prepared for any eventuality. My life's on the line here after all since some of the victims aren't quite as calm about it as you are."

Genma exhaled loudly, thankful that the nightmare was over… at least temporarily if he could trust the guide's explanation. He checked his body and was quite happy that everything was back to normal.

"RANMA!" he suddenly shouted, realizing the danger Ranma was in and frantically looked around for his son, hoping that nothing bad had happened to his heir.

"Don't worry," the guide reassured the distressed man, "your son is fine. He managed to avoid the springs. Look, he's at the other end of the valley near the mountainside, waving at us. We just have to make sure that he doesn't do anything stupid like jumping over the springs. The sensible choice would be to circumvent them altogether and walk along the mountainside until he reached safe ground."

"Son, are you alright?" Genma shouted over to the boy, the concern for the boy audible in his voice.

But they needn't have worried. Ranma gave his father the thumbs up, but was smart enough on his own to take the scenic route along the edge of the valley instead of jumping over to them using the poles and risk getting cursed. No curse for him, nosiree. He didn't want to end up as a panda.

On the other side of the valley Genma was relieved that Ranma was playing it safe, but he and the guide were rather surprised when the air shimmered in front of Ranma and he disappeared from their view. They heard a faint splash and some heavy cursing immediately afterwards, although they didn't recognize the voice. They didn't have the time to wonder what had happened to Ranma before they heard a large splash and saw a figure jumping on one of the poles. The shock set in as they saw just who was standing on it. Instead of the pigtailed boy they had expected they saw a beautiful girl wearing Ranma's gi. The girl was as tall as Ranma and had very long and wavy blonde hair that reached to her calves. They couldn't take their eyes away from her hourglass figure and the rather large bust that was straining the gi top and threatening to spill out of it confines. She was definitely Playboy centerfold material… and then some, but they were unable to assess her any better as the girl was too far away from them to be able to make out any more precise details.

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