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Elder Ku Lon, matriarch of the Amazon village of Nyuuchezu, was giving her great-granddaughter some final tips before the start of the annual tournament. Just as she was explaining some of the finer points of fighting defensively she stopped in her explanations, as she felt a disturbance coming from Jusenkyo. She had already known about the intruders at the Pools of Sorrow for a few minutes, since the moment they had passed the monitoring charms put around the valley by the Amazons, but generally there was no need for them to interfere since it was the guide's job to help the newly cursed. Thus she had thought nothing of it and had gone to see her great-granddaughter and give her some information on her adversaries.

But then suddenly she felt a shudder go through her body. She had never felt anything like the energy that has just passed through her. She couldn't pinpoint it exactly, but she was pretty sure it had come from the Pools of Sorrow. And she was pondering on it when she saw the other elders approach at a fast pace.

"Did you feel that, Ku Lon?" Soa Pu asked. "There's definitely something unusual going on at Jusenkyo. I think it would be better if we sent someone to check."

"I agree," Ku Lon answered. "I'll do it myself. It will be a nice change from the usual routine."

"Great-grandmother?" A very confused purple-haired girl interjected. She didn't really understand what the elders were talking about, except that the matriarch would leave her alone to face the challenge ahead of her. "What about the tournament? You'll miss it."

Ku Lon gave the young girl a tender look before she reassured her. "Xian, I know that you'll make me proud. I've taught you a lot over the years and even given you all the information I had on your opponents. You'll do just fine on your own. Never forget your origins. You're a member of one of the oldest, strongest and most respected families of this village. Show them your determination. I probably won't be gone for very long and should be back for the final matches.

Pumped up by her great-grandmother's encouraging words Xian Pu was feeling much more confident and decided not to bother the elder any longer.

"Farewell," Elder Ku Lon said. "I'll be back soon."

Although she hadn't said anything to the other elders since she didn't want to worry them, the matriarch had had a foreboding that whatever had happened at Jusenkyo would have a huge impact on the future. But would it have consequences for the tribe? She couldn't say. She'd have to find out.

She also thought back to what she had told her great-granddaughter. It was true that Xian Pu had a lot of potential and that she'd probably win the tournament, but that could unfortunately increase her two biggest flaws, arrogance and overconfidence, even further. Xian's mother was to blame for that, since she filled the purple haired girls head with stories about Amazonian superiority. And winning the tournament might make the problem even worse. Ah well, she'd think about it later. She had more urgent matters to attend to, namely the strange magical energy she felt coming from the cursed pools. She accelerated, hopping on her staff at a speed that would make a cheetah jealous. The closer to Jusenkyo she got, the stronger the foreign magical signature felt to her senses. It felt… primeval. Not human, but powerful. Another five minutes and she'd be there.


Meanwhile, over at Jusenkyo, Ranma was pissed. Well, saying that she was pissed was probably the understatement of the century. She was furious. Furious at her father's stupidity for bringing her to this accursed place, furious at the guide for not warning them, and especially furious at herself for her own carelessness. Blinded as she was by her anger she threw caution to the wind and jumped over the poles at a fast pace, not bothering about the consequences should she fall into another pool. She wanted to join her father and the guide as quickly as possible so she could make her displeasure known. Genma cringed when he saw the murderous look his child was giving him, but the guide's reaction on the other hand was completely different much to the bald man's surprise. He was standing there in a trance, mesmerized by the girl's beauty. Hisa face bore a lecherous grin and he was drooling.

Nope. No help from that side. Genma tried to make the Chinese man come back to his senses, but before he achieved any results, the angry blonde had already arrived and was standing in front of them, shaking in anger.

Just as the young girl was about to lay into her father, said man upended the thermos over her head, turning the girl back into a boy. Ranma was so surprised by Genma's action that all thoughts of revenge had temporarily been put out of his mind. He didn't even notice that he was male again. But Genma did and tried to calm down the irate teenager. "Calm down! Look at you. You're back to normal."

That did the trick and when Ranma looked down he was relieved to see that the two mounds that had obscured his view earlier on were gone. Since he was a guy again he didn't see any reason to stay angry. Sure, it had been a shock to be changed into something else, but thank God it was just temporary. No need to get angry over something so trivial. Right? Right.

In the meantime the guide was almost back to normal, slowly shaking off the effect of the blonde girl's aura.

"Son, we need to talk," Genma solemnly said. "You're male again, that's true. But…" and here the man winced. He knew his son well enough to know that he wouldn't take the news very well. But since he was partially responsible for the boy getting cursed it was his duty to tell him about the true horror of Jusenkyo and the curses, consequences be damned. "… you're not cured."

"What?" The teen shouted incredulously. "But I'm a guy again. See?" He pointed to his sensitive areas and even checked physically, and sure enough, everything was back where it belonged.

Genma shook his head. "Son, you probably don't want to hear this, but the cure is only temporary."

"WHAT!?" The pigtailed boy shouted, before narrowing his eyes and glaring at his sweating father. "What—Do—You—Mean?"

Inwardly the cursed man prayed that the boy wouldn't be too angry about the next piece of news. Oh, who was he kidding? He knew the boy would tear him a second one if he couldn't appease him.

"Erhhhm… well…" Relieved that he hadn't been hit yet, but that Ranma was all ears, the martial arts master regained some confidence and got on with his explanation. "Next time you're splashed with cold water you'll transform into a girl again. Warm water, however, will change you back into a boy."

Seeing the gaping kid just standing there and hoping to avoid a beating, he decided that an apology might be in order. Not the Crouch of the Wild Tiger, however frightening the technique may be, but a real, heartfelt apology. "I'm—I'm really sorry, son. It's my fault. If only I hadn't found the stupid brochure, all of this could have been avoided. I promise you I'll do everything in my power to find a cure. Please, don't hate me for this. You're all I have in this world."

Genma's apologetic tone managed to somewhat calm Ranma down, even if he was still visibly pissed. "I—I can't forgive you yet, pops. Maybe in time, but for now I'm just too angry. Please, just—just give me some time."

Genma then looked a the guide and seeing that he was normal again he asked. "Are you feeling better? What happened to you? You were completely out of it."

The guide was ashamed of his reaction. Seeing a beautiful girl had never affected him that much before. "I don't know. I just couldn't look away. It had felt like I was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world. It was really strange. She must have emitted some kind of lust aura or pheromones or something like that. I just couldn't take my eyes away from her body. And I've seen a lot of beautiful women who could easily rival your son's cursed form's beauty." And that was true indeed. The Amazons visited him regularly, and almost all of them were certainly beautiful enough to be models, but none could compare to the otherworldly beauty of the blonde goddess. But why? What made this girl so special? He didn't know. And he couldn't even remember where the pool had come from. He'd never heard of it before at least. He'd have to talk to the Amazon elders. They might know more.

Ranma gave the guide a nasty glare, but didn't say anything. Probably a pervert who liked to gawk at younger girls. The pigtailed martial artist was disgusted but didn't dwell on it. Finding a cure should be his top priority for the moment.

"Is there a cure?" Was Ranma's predictable question.

The guide shook his head. "Like I told your father, none that I know of. Your father mentioned one of our brochures, which is strange as they were destroyed a long time ago to keep people from coming here. I didn't even know that they were still around. The curses are explained pretty well in the brochure and I'm surprised you even came here, knowing of the curses and all. The brochure is very thorough in its explanations. I don't understand why you would willingly take the risk of getting cursed."

Genma was really feeling uncomfortable now as he really didn't want to talk about it, but there was no way around it. "Unfortunately, it's written in Chinese. The only thing I understood is that Jusenkyo is a famous training ground."

The guide was appalled at by such a level of stupidity while Ranma was banging his head against a tree. "I should have known," he said. "Another one of your stupid ideas. Couldn't you have found someone who knew Chinese to translate it for you? No, of course you couldn't. Once again your damn pride kept you from doing the sensible thing."

Genma didn't even have the nerve to look his son in the eyes. All he had said was true. He had a tendency of jumping the gun instead of thinking about the consequences. It had been like that since the beginning of the training journey and he had no idea why. Of course, afterwards he was always sorry, but that didn't keep him from making one stupid mistake after another. He just hoped that he could somehow make it up to his son.

He decided to get more information out of the guide. Even if he didn't know of a cure, he might know people who could help or who had more information about the springs. "Don't you know anyone who could help us? Someone who has dealt with curses before?"

"Well, you should talk to the Joketsuzoku, the Chinese Amazons. They have been living here for more than 3,000 years, and no one knows more about Jusenkyo than they do. I don't think they have a cure but I'm sure they could help you adjust."

Genma raised an eyebrow. "Amazons? Yeah, right. Tell me another one."

"I would listen to him if I were you, sonny boy."

The two men and one boy looked at the spot where the voice had come from and Genma but they couldn't see anyone.

"Down here!" The voice continued.

They looked down and were very surprised when they saw a short, ugly creature perched on a gnarled walking stick.

"Aaaah, a ghoul!" Shouted Ranma before said 'ghoul' whacked him on the head with its stick.

"Respect your elders, boy!" The being huffed. "Children these days. Honestly. A ghoul…? Comparing someone of my obvious beauty to a pitiful undead creature. The nerve of this boy. Ah well, he'll learn in time. I am Elder Ku Lon, matriarch of the Joketsuzoku and I'd really like to know what happened here."


"Welcome to Jusenkyo, honored elder. What can this unworthy soul do for you this day?" The guide asked while bowing reverently to the crone."

"For a start you could tell me what happened. We felt the magical discharge that originated from here up to the village. And the other elders sent me to investigate."

"Thank God for your help, elder. This will make things easier and the two customers might not have to visit the village. I'm not exactly sure how it's possible but the boy fell into an invisible spring, a spring I've never heard of before."

The old woman's eyes widened as she heard the portly man's explanation. There was only one spring that fit the bill, but it should have been impossible for anyone to fall into it since it was protected by wards and spells to keep people away.

"What does he turn into? Quickly, tell me!" The panicked woman urged the guide, hoping that she was wrong."

"He turns into a breathtakingly beautiful blonde girl," the guide confirmed the elder's fears.

"Just as I thought," she said in a resigned tone. "Could you show me the curse, please?" She asked Ranma.

Ranma was obviously annoyed at the request, but he knew that he couldn't refuse if he wanted the creature's help. He sighed as he filled a bucket with cold water and poured it over his head, making sure that there was warm water available to change back. No way would he willingly stay in that unnatural form longer than necessary. And once again the incredible transformation took place and but an instant later the blonde bombshell was back. The guide, once again, turned into a drooling wreck while Genma was completely unaffected.

Ku Lon nodded and splashed the girl with warm water, reversing the transformation.

"It is indeed as I feared. The spring of drowned veela. It's a very tragic story. A veela fell down the cliff overlooking that spring about two years ago as she was running away from a mob of wizards who were chasing her. But how can it be? A muggle shouldn't be able to even approach the spring much less fall into it."

Now, Ranma was ignorant about a lot of things, and even if he vehemently denied it to anyone who would listen he was well aware of that fact, but he was able to recognize and insult when he heard one. And this was definitely one. "Now wait a minute!" He shouted. "I don't like being insulted without reason. You take that back! I'm not one of those muggle thingies, whatever it is."

"QUIET!" The small creature hissed with such authority that the menfolk nearly pissed their pants.

But before she could continue Genma interjected, "He's not a muggle, he's a squib."

Ku Lon's eyes widened when she heard that, realizing to her consternation that they had completely overlooked the possibility of squibs taking a plunge into the spring when they warded the spring. And before the pigtailed boy had the time to open his mouth in protest at being called a squib she bopped him on the head with her cane. "Shut up and let the grown-ups speak!"

"Excuse me, honored Elder," the guide said. "But what was that about the spring being two years old? I've been a guide for a much longer than that and I can't remember the event at all."

"Of course you wouldn't," the old woman answered. "We sealed your memories of that day. The spring is much too dangerous for the knowledge of its existence to spread and so we had to make sure you wouldn't go and reveal what you knew. You won't remember, but you agreed with our reasoning. But since the boy has fallen into the pool he deserves to know what happened. I'll remove the memory blocks and then you can tell your tale since you were the only eyewitness."

Ranma wanted to know more about the curse and a possible cure, how slight the chance might be to ever find one, and before he could open his mouth and antagonize the people who might be able to help him his underused brain kicked in and told him to shut up, which he promptly did. He settled down on the floor and listened. Genma, who was well aware of the existence of magic and the differences between wizards, muggles and squibs didn't say anything, but decided that since the cat was out of the bag anyway, he might just as well tell the boy of his origins. But that could wait until the end of the guide's story.

The matriarch approached the portly Chinese man and tapped several pressure points on his head. "It is done. You should remember now."

Recognition flared inside the guide's eyes as the memories returned. He took a minute to collect his thoughts and began retelling his adventure. "It happened two years ago. I was up on the cliffs collecting firewood when I saw a group of people approaching at a fast pace. Since I didn't know who they were or if they had any hostile intentions I thought it would be prudent to keep out of their sight and so I took cover behind a bush. When they were near enough I recognized then as a group of unknown wizards shooting spells at a breathtakingly beautiful blonde woman that resembled the boy's cursed form a lot. Unfortunately for the woman the edge of the cliff denied her any means of escape, and just as the five people were about to finish her off she transformed into a hideous birdlike creature and attacked the group. She killed two of them with fireballs and eviscerated another one with her talons. But before she could finish off the two remaining wizards she was hit with a powerful stunner and a body-binding curse and fell over the cliff, drowning in the spring, much to the remaining wizards ire who had probably wanted to take her alive. The two men approached the cliff and looked down. Probably sensing the magic coming from below they didn't want to take the risk and run afoul of some unknown, but potentially dangerous magic and apparated away after collecting the remains of their associates. When it was safe to come out of hiding I ran to the village as fast as possible and alerted the elders. One of them, a witch, recognized the creature from my descriptions and deemed the spring too dangerous for anyone to fall in."

"Thank you," the matriarch interrupted, "I will explain the rest since I was there. Veela are among the most powerful magical creatures in the world and not native to Asia, so I have no idea where this particular specimen came from. We don't know much about them, since it was probably the first one to ever come to these parts, but I can give you at least some information on your alternative form. Well the little we could find in our books about magical creatures. Veela originate from Central Europe, are always female and very beautiful. Their most frightening ability is the veela charm which allows them to entrance and control people, making them loose their free will and become their obedient puppets. But that's not all. They can also transform into powerful birds of prey that have the strength of many men. Veela are also natural sorceresses with an affinity to fire. They can control fire, magical as well as natural, and generate flames that are as hot as a dragon's fire breath. A very dangerous and deadly creature if you don't know how to protect yourself from their attacks. I'm sure that you can see why we want to keep people away. The problem is that since there is no cure the boy will have to learn how to control his female form's abilities."

"Well that shouldn't be a problem, right?" Genma confidently announced. "We'll just have to avoid cold water. And if we keep an umbreally with us at all times we won't even have to be concerned with sudden rainfalls."

"Unfortunately it's not that easy," Ku Lon continued in a sad tone. "The curses are much more vicious than that since they turn their victims into water magnets. And I'm not exaggerating. Water will inevitably find them. And not even water repellant charms work. Trust me when I say that many people have tried over the centuries. Now, back to the story. Our best witches warded the pool with an invisibility charm and a muggle repellant ward. The invisibility charm does what its name suggests; it turns things, people or places invisible to the naked eye. The muggle repellant ward keeps muggles away. Whenever a muggle approaches the spring the ward urges them to go away or reminds them of other places they have to be at. Wizards wouldn't approach Jusenkyo anyway since they can feel the malevolence this area radiates. But we never took squibs into account since they aren't all that common."

Ranma was confused and couldn't make head and tail of most of what he had heard. "Muggles? Squibs? Wizards? What are you talking about?"

"He doesn't know?" The matriarch asked the bespectacled man.

This was it. The moment Genma had hoped would never come, or at least not before the boy's majority. The martial artist wanted to ease Ranma into hearing the truth of his origins by revealing the information over a long period of time, but he couldn't postpone it any longer. With a regretful tone he answered, "I wanted to keep him away from the Wizarding World. It has caused me much grief over the years and I'd have preferred to never hear of magic or have any contact with wizards and witches. The boy's mother is a witch and belongs to a very old and powerful family.

But I guess I can't hide it any longer, especially since the boy is aware of the existence of magic now and he deserves to know the truth. I just hope he won't hate me after hearing the truth. Well, I'll start with how I met your mother."


Genma Takahashi was walking through the streets of Nerima on his way to his best friend's wife's baby shower. Kimiko had given birth to their second child just a few days ago and he had been invited to celebrate the joyous event. He even put on a suit instead of one of his usual gis, since he didn't know who else had been invited and he wanted to make a good impression. No way would he be the one to stick out. It wasn't really a novelty for him since he had been present at the baby shower of Soun's eldest daughter, but he had to admit, even if it was only to himself, that he was a tad bit jealous of his friend, who had married one of the kindest people he'd ever met. He wondered if there was anyone out there for him who would bear him an heir to pass on the art to. Ah well, he was still relatively young and who knows, he might find his own special someone soon.

Not much later he was standing in front of Soun's home. The Tendo compound was the ancestral family home of the Tendo clan and by today's standards very large. Yes, his friend had it all; property that was worth a fortune, a beautiful and caring wife and two children already.

The bespectacled man knocked on the door and a short while later the Tendo patriarch himself opened the door, a large and sincere smile gracing his face, and gave his old training buddy a friendly hug.

"Genma, it's great to have you here. Come in, come in. I'm sure you're eager to see the new addition to the family. She's a little cutie and will be a heartbreaker once she's older. You should really try married life. It's worth it."

Genma grimaced. "It's not that I don't want to, but I need to find the right girl first."

"Ah, don't worry. I'm sure there's a girl waiting for you out there. You just need to be patient. But today's not the day to be gloomy, especially since the master's not here. Let's party."

"You're right, Soun. Onwards! To the baby and the sake. Oh, and before I forget, I brought a little present for the child." He took an envelope out of his pocket and gave it to his friend.

"What is it?" The Tendo patriarch asked?

"I didn't know what to buy for the baby, so I got you a coupon from a baby's clothing store. I'm sure Kimiko has already made a list of things she'll need for the kid."

"That was very thoughtful. I'm sure she'll appreciate the gesture. Well, let's go. She's in the living room with the baby and our other guests."

"Oh? Who else did you invite?" Genma wanted to know.

"Don't worry, it won't be overcrowded. Just a few neighbors and one of Kimiko's old school friends. I don't think you've met her, but she's a really refined lady. And single," he teased his friend. "You'll probably like her. Ah, we're here."

Soun coughed to get the attention of the attendees. "Everybody, I'd like you to meet my old training partner and very good friend Genma."

Everyone stood up and bowed to the new arrival, who bowed to them in return. "Nice to meet you," he greeted.

Soun introduced his guests and when Genma saw the auburn haired beauty talking to Kimiko he was immediately captivated. "And this is Kimiko's friend, Nodoka."

The young woman smiled at the bespectacled man and gave a courteous bow. "I am Nodoka Saotome. Nice to meet you."

Genma was speechless, but recovered quickly enough not to seem rude and greeted her in return.

After casually saying hello to the Tendo matriarch and tickling Nabiki, her newborn daughter, he lifted Kasumi, the couple's eldest daughter, in the air an played airplane with her for a minute before engaging Soun into some small talk about martial arts and married life, while periodically glancing at Nodoka at the same time. As the night was progressing very nicely and everyone was partaking in the various alcoholic brewages that were available, the martial artist visibly relaxed and felt less like a stranger, even talking with the Tendo's neighbors and initiating a long conversation with Nodoka, who had noticed him too. They were getting along greatly, much to Soun's and Kimiko's delight who had planned this from the start. Nodoka had always been very formal and a stickler for tradition and what was proper while Genma was a free spirit who loved his freedom. It was the hope of both the Tendos that they might have a good influence on each other. Nodoka needed to get that stick out of her ass and Genma had already reached an age where people usually considered settling down.

But they had thought about ir for a while before initiating the plan since they were not sure what Genma's reaction would be when he learnt about Nodoka's background. After all, he was a muggle while Nodoka was part of a very powerful, pureblooded clan. But that hadn't kept Soun from falling in love with his wife, muggle or not. So it was his hope that Genma would be just as lucky. Yes, he was shocked when he learnt about the Wizarding Word, but that didn't keep him from proposing to Kimiko just a few months later. So what if he was a muggle? So what if he couldn't use magic? So what if his wife would live a lot longer than he. They loved each other, and love was much more important than their social background.

And it seemed they had been right. Genma and Nodoka had been talking for the whole evening… and were getting sloshed in the process. The girl was giggling and laughing as Genma, in his best storyteller mode was talking about his adventures on the road with Soun and Happosai and some of the things he had done. And as everyone was getting along splendidly no one had noticed the pair leaving the room. Kimiko and her daughters had gone to bed while the party was still in full swing, leaving Soun and the neighbors to their own devices.

As the party was winding down Soun was looking for Genma and Nodoka, but couldn't find either of them. He searched the house until he heard some loud noises coming from the guestroom. Intrigued he opened the door and caught Nodoka and Genma going at it like rabbits. He slowly closed the door and grinned. He knew that the old dog had it in him and was really happy for his training buddy, although he hadn't thought that they would move that fast. Well, they were adults after all and knew what they were doing… or so he hoped.

He joined the party guests once again and bid them goodbye before he joined his wife in bed after giving a goodnight kiss to his daughters who were sleeping in the same room. A few moments later he was sound asleep.

The following day the whole family was rudely awoken by a pair of shouts coming from the guest room and Soun immediately got out of bed and ran as fast as he could towards the disturbance. As he neared the guestroom the shouts got louder. When he had finally arrived he saw Nodoka and Genma caught up in a shouting match of epic proportions, accusing each other taking advantage of the other by getting them drunk. The Tendo patriarch had already a serious headache from all the alcohol he had consumed the previous day, and the loud noise wasn't helping any and so it was no wonder that his patience was wearing awfully thin.

"QUIET!" He shouted, his trademarked demon head fully activated. The shouting immediately stopped as the irate woman and the furious man cowered in front of the scary apparition.

"Oh, stop it you drama queens!" ordered Kimiko who had arrived in the meantime and popped the demon head like a bubble with a knitting needle. "Why don't we sit down and talk about it like adults?"

"Yes, dear," Soun answered and the others nodded keeping as far away from each other as possibler.

They followed the Tendo matriarch to the living room and sat down on the sofa. "So Nodoka, how did this happen?" Kimiko asked.

"The rapist there got me drunk. That's what happened," she answered venomously while glaring at Genma.

"Now wait a minute!" He countered. "You got drunk on your own. I didn't force all of that alcohol down your throat. I was drunk too you know. And it was YOU who seduced me, not the contrary. We were having a nice conversation until you asked me to follow you to a more private place. I was too far gone to realize your plans."

Soun sighed. Putting the blame on one another wouldn't was completely pointless since it wouldn't change a thing. What's done is done, and the grunts and shouts of "harder" and "faster" that he had heard coming from their throats didn't really sound like the moans of people who didn't enjoy themselves. "Stop it! Obviously both of you enjoyed it immensely if the show you put on yesterday is any indication. I saw the look of ecstasy on your faces while you were riding each other to exhaustion and from my point of view it was entirely consensual. So, just drop the matter, pretend that it has never happened, and live with it."

The involuntary couple blushed. It's not like it had been their first time for either of them, but it had been embarrassing, waking up in bed with someone and not having any recollection of how it had happened."

"Erh, Nodoka?" Genma tentatively started. He had calmed down significantly and he had to admit that the sex had been great even if it had been unplanned. "How about we forget about it and never tell anybody about it? I don't want to make a big deal out of it."

The auburn haired woman nodded vehemently. "Absolutely! That would be for the best. I don't want anybody to hear of this, EVER! Is that clear?" She asked and she looked at her sex partner who was sweating profusely, not wanting to get on her bad side.

"O—Of course," he stuttered. I'll keep quiet. I promise.

"Well, then, no harm done" Kimiko interjected. Let's just forget about it and get on with our lives."


"No harm done, indeed," Genma sarcastically told his rapt audience. "Well, shortly after that conversation we left. Both of us were embarrassed and had decided to take the knowledge of that night of passion to our graves and continue with our lives, hopefully to never see each other again."

"There's probably more to the story, or I wouldn't be here today, right pops? Why is she called Saotome? Did you marry into HER family?"

"Yes, I did. And how it came to that is another really sad story. And it happened about six to seven weeks after that fateful night at the Tendo Dojo."


Genma was busy preparing lunch in the kitchen. He was ravenous after the two hours of gruesome training he'd gone through at the hands of Master Happosai. Well, if you can call going on panty raids training. He shuddered once more as he thought back to the murderous looks the women had given him during the chase. Thank God Happosai had enough common sense to avoid Nerima since people might recognize them. Genma still cursed the day he had met the perverted master. Yes, he had become an excellent fighter under Happosai's tutelage, but he wasn't sure if all the trouble that had come with it had been really worth it. Tendo had it good. Ever since his marriage the master took it easy on him and only forced him to accompany them when his wife wasn't home. The old pervert had a healthy respect of the Tendo matriarch, much to Genma's surprise since she seemed to be rather harmless.

As he tasted the sauce he was startled by several popping sounds in the kitchen. He turned around and was surprised to see Nodoka and four men in some kind of bathrobes standing there. He had managed to put their fateful encounter out of his mind since he really didn't want to be reminded of it, but seeing the gorgeous woman standing in front, the memories came back at full speed, reminding him of every minor detail of that party, except for most of the lovemaking. He was so focused on the woman that he didn't realize the danger he was in until two of the unknown men shouted "PETRIFICUS TOTALUS" and he saw a ray of light coming out of the strange sticks they had been pointing at him sincetheir arrival.

This shook him out of his stupor, but before he could even think of reacting he was hit and falling to the floor, incapable of moving a single muscle but his eyes. Nodoka had tears in her eyes as she saw the bespectacled man's hurt look of betrayal. "Tell him!" One of the men shouted."

The crying woman slowly approached. "Genma, I'm-I'm pregnant," she announced in a solemn, albeit shaky tone.

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