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Chapter three: The Plan

Bella's P.O.V

That night Alice, Rose, and Me came up with a plan to get our dad to stop their weddings and the next day at school when we saw Emmett, Jasper, and Edward we told them the plan, Emmett and me were going to be all over each other on school propriety and around our dad's, while Edward and Rose were going to fight constantly and Jasper and Alice were going to assist whenever necessary.

"Everyone ready?" Alice asked, we all nodded

I had first period with Emmett, Edward and Rose while Jasper had first period with Alice. When we got to first period Rose and Edward started auguring, but I lost track of what they were saying the second Emmett sat me on his desk and started kissing my neck.

"Emmett, let Isabella up off that desk this instant!" Mr. Banner said as soon as he walked into the classroom, when Emmett let me get off the desk, and the thing was I couldn't think of anything but kissing Emmett and his mouth on my neck, I sat in sat my desk which is next to Emmett's Desk

While Mr. Banner was scolding Edward and Rose for something, Emmett and I started making out again what seemed like two minutes later everyone in the class was yelling and throwing things.

"ENOUGH!" yelled Mr. Banner loudly enough that it caused me to jump and land butt first on the floor and Emmett immediately helped me up.

"Miss. Swan and Mr. Cullen, did I not just two minutes ago tell you two to stop making out in my classroom?" Mr. Banner questioned us, but we never got the chance to respond because a student aid came into the classroom and gave Mr. Banner a note.

"Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Swan and Isabella Swan: get your things and go to the front office now your parents are waiting for you." Mr. Banner said in a restrained tone, I grabbed my bag and I walked out of the classroom and to the office.

Rosalie's P.O.V.

The second we when walked to first period started I got out my nail polish, buffer, nail polish remover and nail file and I got to work. "Rosalie, what are you doing?" Edward asked me from the desk next to mine.

"Rosalie, why are you doing your nails in class?" Edward who was sitting next to me asked me

"Because I can, do you have a problem with that?" I retorted

"Enough!" the teacher interrupted Edward who had opened his mouth,

"Edward and Rosalie stop arguing this instant and Rosalie put away your nail things NOW!" Mr. Banner, right then Mike Newton threw a paper plane at Emmett who was making-out with Bella, but he had such bad aim that it hit Mr. Banner in the back of the head and then the ciaos ensued and people started throwing things left, right and center, the only people who weren't throwing things Emmett and Bella, because they looked like they were in there own little world and Mr. Banner who was trying to calm the class down

"ENOUGH!" yelled Mr. Banner and that caused Bella to jump and she landed on her butt and Emmett helped her up

"Umm... Mr. Banner?" a voice came from the doorway

"What?" he asked agitated

"Isabella, Rosalie, Emmett and Edward have to go to the front office because their dad's are waiting there for them." The student said giving Mr. Banner the note that he had in his hands and hurried out of the room and then Mr. Banner turned to the class

"Bella, Rosalie, Emmett and Edward…just go!" he snapped

Bella's P.O.V

When we got in the hall we saw Alice and Jasper as well "Hey guys you headed to the front office too?" I asked Alice and Jasper

"Yep." Said Alice when we got to the front office not only were our dad's waiting for us

"Boys come on we have things to discuss at home you will see the girls later tonight for dinner." Said Carlisle to Edward, Emmett and Jasper

"We have a few surprises waiting for you at home, so come along girls." Aro said and then we got up and when we got to the house our dad's had us sit in the living room

"I have to go get something I will be right back." He said and then he left the room, I honestly was more excited to see Emmett tonight than for any present from my dad…wait…am I in love?...no…I can't be I just saw him for the first time two nights ago…but then again I haven't been able to think about anything but him since I two nights ago, maybe I am in love.

"Allie, are the surprises?" asked Rose

"I'm trying not to 'see them'." Answered Alice and then glared at me no doubt she was getting headaches from my inability to make-up my mind

"Wh-" started Rose but she stopped when our dad came in the room

"This first present is to make things easier on you girls these next few months… I am giving you girls a wedding planner and this next present is because you girls are growing up, but we will save that surprise until after dinner. Now why don't you go get ready for dinner girls?" He said and then we headed up stairs I went into my room to shower and get dressed.

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