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Snow globes

Cameron studied the object in front of her, rechecking her visual database, she concluded that she had no record of it. It didn't appear to have a practical use despite her attempts to discover one

"Cameron, what are you doing with that?" John came in and grabbed a sandwich, looking bemused at what Cameron was doing

"What is it?" Cameron continued studying the strange object in fascination

"A snow globe"

"It doesn't have snow in it and a globe is a sphere"

John sighed and shook his head, "Give it to me"

Automatically Cameron handed it to him

John slowly tipped it upside down "You see?" he asked "It snows on the little house"

She looked at John, then at the snow globe "Do people live in the house?"

Cameron notices the sides of John's mouth twitch slightly before he replies "Yes, Cam. They do"

"Then they are a security risk, they must be terminated" heading for the snow globe Cameron reached out a hand to pulverise it

"Hey!" John grabbed it away from her "My Mum gave me that last Christmas!"

"It's a security risk"

John rolled his eyes, "Come on, time for school" he grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door (she allowing him of course)

Cameron glanced back at the snow globe as she exited the house I'll deal with it latter


"Yeah, Mum?"

"Why was Cameron threatening the snow globe when I came home?"