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"Be nice" John hissed in Cameron's ear, her face blank as they followed John's new friend.

"You alright back there?" Sam turned and Cameron's face lit up into a beaming smile as he looked, "Cool".

The instant his back was turned was the instant her smile faded, John sighed, "He's a friend".

Cameron gave him the exact fake smile she gave Sam "I was nice"

John rolled his eyes and her expression returned to that of a comatose person. "You're nice to me" John muttered and of course Cameron heard him

"Well, that's becauseā€¦" Cameron blinked and hesitated "Well, it's in my mission"

Wait, Cameron hesitated? "Since when do you change your words mid sentence? What were you going to say?" John demanded

"Just seemed like something I should do", she said and continued walking, faster until she caught up with Sam, "What music are you interested in?"

John frowned slightly as he watched Cameron chat with Sam; some emotion that he couldn't quite identify playing havoc with his mind. Cameron glanced over her shoulder and winked at John, John smiled thinly at her and watched as she was 'nice' with his new friend

I'm not sure I like it he thought before he shook the thought away and caught up with them himself.