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"What happened?" Carlisle asked. Phoenix took the lead, knowing Ash was in no place where she could speak politely.

"When our kind burns, it's violent," Phoenix said simply. "It's not pretty, it's not neat or clean. They scream."

"And she didn't," Ash hissed.

"The only possible reason for that," Phoenix said, "would be if she didn't inhabit her body anymore."

"So she jumped," Emmett said. "How's that possible?"

"She must have had a body on standby," Ash said.

"Come again?" asked Rosalie.

"Before she came at us," Ash growled, "she probably bit someone, putting them through the change just in case she needed to body-jump."

"So what now?" Edward asked.

Phoenix sighed, rubbing circles on Ash's back. "I just don't know."

The Cullens all exchanged glances and shifted uncomfortably.

"I'll look ahead," Alice offered, doubtfully. "I don't think I'll see anything, but I'll keep checking anyways." They all nodded.

"Where are we going to go?" Rosalie asked. "It's not like there are a bunch of hotels in Forks and our house is a little bit burned down."

"I can hear the sirens, police are coming," Carlisle sighed. "We will need to talk to them for a bit. Then, I'm not sure. We might go stay with Tanya until we can figure it out."

"Isle Esme?" Esme suggested. "That way there would be no human causalities if Anastasia comes back."

"We'll discuss it," Carlisle promised. "But right now, those police cars are about twenty seconds away."

The conversation with Charlie and his officers was very brief. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward and Bella had all disappeared into the woods, knowing Charlie and the rest of Forks expected them to be away at college.

Alice and Jasper led them towards Canada and they stopped two hundred miles from Forks to wait for Esme and Carlisle.

"Where are we going?" Rosalie asked.

"We have a cabin in the Canadian Rockies," Alice said. "That's where Jasper and I go whenever we feel the need to be alone." Jasper ran his hands over her back. "That's where we're going. Anastasia lost her Tracker. She shouldn't be able to find us. We'll stay there until we can figure out what we're going to do."

"Do Carlisle and Esme know where it is?" Emmett asked.

"No, that's why we're meeting them here," Jasper said.

"When?" Edward asked. Alice's eyes unfocused, then refocused.

"Two minutes," Alice promised. She turned her attention to Bella, who was clenched at Edward's side. "How are you?" Alice asked.

"I'm ok," Bella said slowly. "Just thinking about a lot of thingsā€¦"

Alice smiled gently. "I understand." Two minutes later, Carlisle and Esme appeared a few feet away.

"What happened?" Jasper asked.

"The police say accelerant was used. Though we knew that already," Carlisle said. "They're going to investigate with our full cooperation."

"Did they see the smoke from our vampy fires?" Emmett asked.

"It doesn't matter if they did," Edward said. "Anastasia's people would have burned to nothing."

"What about you?" Carlisle asked Ash and Phoenix. "Time to weigh in."

"We'll stay with you for a bit until we can see what's going on," Ash said immediately.

"Thank you," Jasper said, clasping Phoenix's shoulder. Phoenix nodded. The Cullens, plus Ash and Phoenix took off toward Alice and Jasper's cabin.

None of them knew what was going on, none of them knew what was going to happen next. It didn't feel over.

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