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"She's a Jumper," Jasper said grimly.

"What's a Jumper?" Bella asked quietly. Emmett, Rosalie and Esme looked just as lost at Bella, but there was a flare of recognition from Edward and Carlisle. Carlisle frowned in worry while Edward groaned.

"A Jumper," Jasper explained, "is someone who can change bodies. Specifically, Anastasia can bite someone and while they are changing, she can force their consciousness out and pull herself in."

"Only when they're being changed? Edward asked, worried eyes resting on Bella. Jasper looked sideways at her.

"Yes," Alice said. "So we're safe from that particular danger. But Bella…"

"Bella will be vulnerable," Carlisle finished, running his hands over his face. Edward's arm around Bella tightened.

"I doubt she would take Bella," Jasper said, hand clinging to Alice's. "The last body she took was about 90 years ago and she's rather attached to it."

"90 years ago," Rosalie said slowly. "You don't mean…"

"Anastasia Romanov," Alice confirmed. "The lost Grand Duchess of Russia."

"No way," Emmett said. "She wasn't ever even rumored to have anything to do with our kind."

"We know," Alice said. "The reason no one could find the body of Anastasia with the other Romanovs is that she was not with them when they were murdered. She didn't even leave the palace with her family. This crazy, ancient vampire was curious about Anastasia Romanov. She was a rich, spoiled brat which meant that apparently she needed to be killed."

The Cullens listened raptly. Not many stories could capture their attention anymore, since over the years, they'd pretty much heard it all. Well, they thought they'd heard it all.

"So she just took her?" Esme asked, horrified, and clearly thinking of the young Romanov's mother.

"In the chaos before the revolution, she snuck in and bit Anastasia Romanov in her sleep. Her parents assumed she was deathly ill, they had no idea what was really going on. They assigned a nurse and a priest and after three days, she got miraculously better. Her parents noticed she was more beautiful and paler, but they had too much on their plate to really give it much notice," Alice explained.

"No one knew that she had been turned or that while she was screaming in agony, the vampire had pushed Anastasia out wormed her own way in. She became Anastasia," Jasper said. "She wanted to play at that life, I have no idea why."

"Didn't anyone notice that their family member was gone?" Esme asked in a whisper. Alice sighed.

"Not at first," Jasper said. "After a month or so, the palace staff members that had been disappearing since her illness were found, drained of blood. After that, someone put the pieces together and the Romanov's attempted to burn her out."

"They tried to burn their own daughter?" Esme asked.

"She wasn't their daughter anymore, Esme," Alice said softly.

"They didn't get her either way. She was angry, and fled the palace. She killed many of the people living in their city, which helped push the Russians over the edge, igniting the revolution."

"She's that powerful?" Rosalie asked, fear coloring her normally arrogant voice.

"Yes," Alice said. Her hand twitched and Jasper pulled it to his mouth where he brushed his lips across it.

"She will not take you Alice," he promised fiercely. She cupped his face with her hand.

"She won't take you either."


The next few days were spent preparing. Jasper brought them all out again to practice fighting. It was different from fighting the newborns, but he assured them that Anastasia was just as vicious, only with a purpose.

Edward and Bella were having a long standing argument over whether she should be turned now or not. She was slowly breaking him down with the fear of Anastasia changing Bella and taking her over. Edward left Bella only once for five minutes with Carlisle, in order to seek out Jasper and Alice.

"What should I do?" Edward beseeched them, eyes pleading. They knew what he wants. He wanted them to say it wasn't necessary to change her. Jasper sighed and Alice looked at him with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry Edwards," Alice said, placing her hand on his. "It would be reckless to wait." Edward's eyes snapped to Jaspers. He nodded in agreement with Alice.

"It's safer this way, Edward. I don't know if Anastasia would want a new body, but she might want to take Bella just to hurt us." Jasper reasoned. He ran a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry, but it's just smarter." Edward nodded, obviously torn, and ventured down to retrieve Bella.

Alice collapsed backwards, bouncing lightly on their bed. Jasper leaned back and ran his hand through Alice's short hair. He didn't bother wasting words on foolish promises like 'it'll all be ok'.

"I love you," he said instead. She smiled sadly and rolled over until they were nose to nose.

"And I love you," she said, wiggling closer to him. They stayed that was for hours until Jasper felt Alice go rigid in his arms.

"Alice?" he asked, pulling away slightly so that he looked into her light amber eyes. "What did you see?"

"She's in Scotland," Alice said, furrowing her brows in concentration. "But I can't see everything. I can hardly see ANYTHING. What can't I see…?"

Jasper pulled Alice closer to him and rubbed circles on her back.

"I don't know," he muttered.