Second Chances
Part 1

A Ranma 1/2 + Bubblegum Crisis Fanfic
Shaule Sachs

Version 0.2



Soun Tendo read the post card once again, "Hi. Bringing Ranma
from China. Saotome."
Wondering, he asked himself, "Ranma? Coming here?"
Filled with emotions, he proclaimed to the Heavens, "Oh, how I've
waited for this day!"
Soun Tendo gathered his three daughters, explained that an old
friend of his had a son named Ranma Saotome and that if one of his
daughters married him, then the Tendo Family Legacy would be secured.
"What?! Don't we have a say in this?" an outraged Akane asked.
"Akane's right," Kasumi stated calmly. "We've never even met
To which, Soun replied, "That's easily fixed. He's coming here
today. You can meet him then."
"Nani?" Nabiki exclaimed as her head exploded with pain. The pain
receded as fast as it had come leaving her with the feeling that she
swallowed an encyclopedia. A sense of deja vu settled over her.
More to himself, Soun stated, "Recently, it seems, Ranma and my
old friend, Genma Saotome, was been in China."
"China?" Nabiki repeated woodenly as if she was reading from a
"What's so great about China?" Akane wondered out loud.
Kasumi got a worried look on her face and asked, "How old is he?
Younger men bore me."
Nabiki looked at Kasumi, then at Akane's long hair, then at her
father, and seemed to recall something. A dim memory surfaced. Her
sense of deja vu increased.
Kasumi asked, "What kind of guy *is* this Ranma?
Soun laughed and said, "No idea."
Nabiki under her breathe said, "But... I do... I think."
While examining her father face for a reaction, Nabiki repeated
her father's statement, "No idea?"
Soun honestly replied, "I've never met him."
There was a commotion outside.
"We have visitors," Kasumi remarked.
Unsettled by the intensity of his daughters, Soun got up and
said, "That must be they now!"
/That will be Ranma, if I remember correctly,/ Nabiki thought
to herself.
Soun came running back as a panda chased him. Nabiki was the only
one who noticed the sign the panda was holding. It said, "Wait! I can
Kasumi, in a scared voice, asked, "Daddy... Is this your friend?"
Soun shook his head.
Sarcastically Nabiki remarked to Kasumi, "A panda just decided to
visit us? Happens all the time!"
The panda turned away slightly and pulled a redhead in front of
himself. The redhead was soaked to the skin and had a very obviously
feminine figure.
Upon seeing the redhead, Soun asked in a worried voice, "You...
wouldn't be..."
Nervously, the redhead replied to Soun, "Ranma... Ranma Saotome.
Sorry about this..."
It was at this point that Kasumi pointed out, "Ranma... is a
*girl*, Daddy."
To which Soun fainted.

Akane and Kasumi tried to revive their father while Nabiki went
into the kitchen get some hot water. She came back with it and some
cups for tea.
As Nabiki handed Ranma a cup of hot water, a look of
recognition passed between them.
"Thanks," Ranma said calmly as she poured the contents over her
And wonders of wonders, she became a *he*.
"If we could sit down, I can explain this," Ranma stated.
Nabiki led the way to the dining room and sat down on Ranma's
right. Akane, Kasumi, and Soun sat across from them.
The panda had trouble getting through the doorway that lead to
the dining room. Actually, the panda had gotten stuck, but wasn't
going to admit it. Especially since none were paying the panda any
While the panda tried to escape the door jam, Ranma explained
about Jusenkyo and its cursed springs.
When Ranma finished his tale, a light came to Kasumi's face as
she said, "Then the panda is..."
"My baka father," Ranma stated as he threw a cup of hot water at
the stuck panda, which turned into Genma Saotome, who had less trouble
getting into the dining room finally.
Once Genma was seated, Soun stated in a rare moment of
understanding, "Cold water turns you, Ranma, into a girl, and hot
water restores you... Your problem isn't so terrible after all."
Soun then gestured at this daughters, "My daughter, Kasumi,
nineteen, and Nabiki, seventeen, and Akane, sixteen.
"Pick the one you want. She's your fiancee..."
As Kasumi pushed Akane forward, she said, "Oh, he wants Akane!"
At Kasumi's statement, Nabiki shot her older sister a hard, cold
Kasumi was surprised to see the the anger in her sister's eyes,
especially since it was directed at her. Nabiki's anger was such that
Kasumi took an involuntary step away from her.
"Nani?" Akane stated obvious to the interacting between her older
sisters. "You must be joking! I hate *boys*!"
Ignoring Nabiki for a moment, Kasumi happily stated to Akane, "So
you're in luck! He's half-girl."
"Me? Marry that... that... that pervert?! Never!" Akane
Ranma winced at being called a 'pervert', he hadn't done anything
to deserve it. Nabiki was the only one who saw his pain though.
Both Kasumi and Akane looked at their sister, who had remained
silent since her return from the kitchen, with great surprise. They
knew that of the three of them, she was the least traditional. An
arranged marriage was at the top of her list of things wrong with the
world. It was if Nabiki wasn't playing attention to them, like she
was waiting for something.
Nabiki sighed, soften her face, turned to her father, and said
very formally, "Father. As *eldest*, Kasumi had the *first* choice...
For better or worse, she's *made* that *choice*. Therefore, if it is
truly important... *I'll* marry *Ranma*."
In response, Soun could only blink. Things were not going the way
he envisioned it. He had thought that his daughters would be overjoyed
at not having to secure their own marriage. But instead, they were
outraged. He had hoped that Akane, his heir for his School, would
willing accept this pledge as a matter of family honor, but she had
been the most against it. Worse, he realized that Nabiki was correct.
If anything, Kasumi, as eldest daughter, should be the one chosen...
Nabiki sashayed over to Ranma, and said, "So your *my*
In the background, they all over-heard the television say,
"Greetings, I'm Kuroishi Ichiro... and this is the Eleven O'Clock
"Since it's so late," Kasumi announced. "The Saotomes should stay
Kasumi thought a moment, stood up, and happily said as she walked
out of the room, "I'll get the guest room ready!"
"Tendo-san?" Genma asked in puzzled voice. During last month, his
world had been turned upside-down. First, Jusenkyo and its curses, if that
wasn't enough, then there was 'Mount Phoenix' and its 'bird-people,'
what happened there... His mind refused to think about it. But mostly,
it was the changes in Ranma since Jusenkyo that bothered him the most.
If his mind was capable of it, the words he would have used to
describe Ranma since Jusenkyo would have been 'more mature' and 'more
skilled.' And now... He had brought Ranma to the Tendo to get away
from everything that happened in China... He had expected some
resistance... instead, Ranma was jumping for joy.
Soun responded in the same dream-induced voice, "Yes,
"Let's play a game of Go, while we wait," Genma replied.
Akane watched the two fathers walk out with a bit of nervousness.
She was left with Nabiki, who was giving her dark, anger looks for no
reason she could think of, and Ranma, who she didn't know and was
looking at her funny.
Nabiki 'solved' Akane's problem by grabbing Ranma's hand and
proceed to drag him towards the stairs.
In a confused voice, Akane asked Nabiki, "Oneesan, where are you
taking Saotome-san?"
'Away from you,' flashed through Nabiki's mind as she walked up
the stairs, but out loud she said, "I'm taking Ranma to my room."
Akane noted the great familiarity Nabiki was taking with the
strange boy, who was also a girl. Greatly confused and increasingly
puzzled, Akane asked, "Why?"
"I'll explained it to you when you're *older*, *Imooto*-chan,"
was Nabiki's reply with a wink to Ranma.
Akane just stood there as she heard Nabiki's door open, then
close. She shrugged her shoulders and went to go see if Kasumi needed
any help.

"You do realize that Akane-chan going to think that we're..."
Ranma started then paused as he noticed that Nabiki had locked her
door behind them. He gulped nervously.
Nabiki seductively walked over to Ranma, giggled, and replied in
a soft, sexy voice, "And that would be bad, *my* *iinazuke*, because?"
"But," Ranma began.
Nabiki looked at Ranma, sighed, and screamed in a low voice,
"Unbelievable! *She* put *you* through *TEN* years of *HELL*! She
*abused* you. And your fourteen year marriage was nothing but a
*joke* to her... Akane spent all *her* time on acting..."
Ranma just signed and said, "Maybe... Okay, maybe, I agree with
Nabiki opened her mouth, but Ranma put his index finger over her
lips, and continue, "Regardless, we may or may not be in an deviated
timeline or the actually Past. *If* we *change* things -"
"The World comes to end?" Nabiki replied sarcastically. "That's
*how* we got *here* in the *first* place..."
Ranma sighed again and said, "It's chaos theory... Secondary,
even third degree effects can, and do, have non-linear relationships
to their causes. By changing small things, will cause big changes
now or further down the road... And *you*'ve already made a *huge*
Close to tears, Nabiki said, "After *everything*..."
"It can be our *only* advantage," Ranma said quietly.
"But," Nabiki said as a tear sled down her face. "*We*'ve been
*given* a *second chance*! A *chance* to *correct* our *mistakes*!"
"*Our* mistakes?" Ranma asked curiously. "I know what *I* did
wrong..." Ranma trailed off.
In a soft voice Nabiki replied, "My biggest *mistake* was letting
you *go*, Ranma-kun..." So saying Nabiki walked up to Ranma and kissed
him throughly.
The kiss lasted until Kasumi walked into the room, since Nabiki
didn't response to her knock, and said, "Oh my!"
Ranma immediately moved away from Nabiki, blushed, and tried to
think up an excuse to explain away what they were doing.
Nabiki sighed and in a frustrated voice asked her sister, "What do
you want? I'm *busy*..."
Kasumi blinked and said, "I wanted to tell Ranma-san that the
guest room is ready for him and his father..."
"Thanks, Kasumi," Ranma said. Including both sisters, he replied,
"Good night..."
After Ranma left, Kasumi asked Nabiki, "Aren't you two moving a
*little* too fast? You've *just* met..."
"How can I explain it, Oneechan," Nabiki asked softly. "I *love*
him... It's like *I* known *him* for fifty years or so... I've seen
him at his best... And at his worse..."
Visions of a demonic Akane beating Ranma, who takes the blows in
order to calm Akane down, Akane throwing a naked Kodachi at him, and
Cologne's dead body lying at his feet as fifty Amazons bow down
submissively to a very embarrassed Ranma, flash through Nabiki's mind.
She shook her head to clear such thoughts from her mind.
In the pause, Kasumi noticed the love in her sister's eyes. It's
something she hasn't seen in her sister's eyes since their mother
In a hesitate voice, Nabiki asked, "Kasumi? If you were *given*
the *chance* to *set right* your past *wrongs*, would you? No matter
the cost?"
"To correct one's mistakes?" Kasumi asked curiously. "Yes, you
should fix your mistakes..."
Nabiki smiled at her sister.
"What *mistakes* have you made, Imooto-chan?" Kasumi asked
worried. "You're *not* pregnant, are you?"
Nabiki's face faults. "No. I'm not pregnant..."
"But..." Kasumi was confused. What was going on...
"Oneechan?" Nabiki stated to get Kasumi's attention.
"Yes?" Kasumi replied.
"I know I haven't said it too often, okay, never since Mother
died," Nabiki began. "But, *I* do *love* you, Oneechan. I *love* Daddy
too... Even if he's such a coward..."
"And?" Kasumi prompted with a smile.
Nabiki sighed and said, "And... and I *love* my Imooto *too*...
Even if she's a psychopathic tomboy, who'll kill everyone who loves
"Nabiki, that's isn't a very nice thing to say," Kasumi
admonished. Upon reflection, she added, "Even if, part of that, is

Next morning, Akane walked down to the dining room to discover
her father was reading the paper, Mister Saotome had a very surprised
look on his face and kept mumbling something over and over again in
shock, and Kasumi was clearing off two set of dishes from the table
approximately where Nabiki usually sat.
Since she was puzzled, Akane asked, "Where's Nabiki, Oneechan?
And where's... ah hmmm... that boy... uh hmmm... Ranma-san?"
Kasumi looked up, motioned for Akane to sit down, and replied,
"Oh, they went to school..."
After countless repetition, one could understand Genma's mumbling
as "he went to school without a fight."
After Akane sat down, Kasumi handed her her breakfast, which she
ate quickly, she got up, and as she headed for the door she said, "Off
to school..."
As the gate of Furinkan High came in sight, Akane picked up speed
and shouted her battle cry of "I hate boys!"
When she got the courtyard of the school, she stopped and stared.
The entire student body was frozen in place and their eyes were widen
in surprise. A few of the boys and some of the girls' faces were
twitching. One of Akane's friends, Yuka, walked mechanically over to
her and said, "*He* kissed her. He *kissed* her. He kissed *her*."
"Who kissed whom?" Akane asked puzzled and more important
wondering why she should care.
In a conspiratorial voice Yuka replied, "That *new* guy, the
*hunk*, Ranma, *kissed* Nabiki. He kissed *her*. They walked in
*holding* hands. Kuno-sempai, who was waiting on you, made some remark
about her being an 'ice queen' - only interested in money - So Ranma
*challenged* Kuno-sempai... He out-Kuno-ed Kuno... And then...
then... then he *kissed* Nabiki... like... Wow... I *wished* I could
be kissed by a *hunk* like *that*..."
Yuka's voice trailed off as the hearts in her eyes got bigger.
The bell rang and slowly, but surely, everyone walked into their
homerooms too shocked to do much else... Thus the tradition of
fighting Akane for date died... not with a bang, but a thud.
It quickly circulated that Ranma was engaged to Nabiki, both were
in love, and both frowned on the various sports clubs that had been
fighting her for a date. To be truthful, the various sports clubs had
wanted to quit, but were afraid of Kuno-sempai. But that ended when
Ranma beat him, and Nabiki announced that she would be lenient to
collect from those that left Akane alone.
The rest of the day, Akane kept overhearing everyone speculate
about the mysterious guy, who in one day swept Nabiki off her feet...

[=== End of Part 1 ===]