Bella's Got A New Vampire... His Name Is Angel

Okay I'm so excited to say that someone had accepted my challenge! Now don't get me wrong the challenge is still open for anyone else who wants it. I have decided to post the info to the story here in order for her to get more readers!

Title: A New Vamp in Town

Author: QueenCaspian10

Fiction Rated: K+

Language: English

Genres: Romance And Hurt/Comfort

Published: 01-19-09

Status: In-progress

Summary: Twilight/Buffy-Angel x-over. Angel goes to Forks instead of L.A. He meets Bella and things change for the two. Then Edward returns along with Buffy. Bella/Angel, Edward/Buffy slight Bella/Edward and Angel/Buffy.

Comments: It is a very good story so far. I do not agree with the Edward/Buffy pairing because this was mainly the supposed to be about Bella finding love. Plus he left her not the other way around so why does he deserve love again? Also the story is OOC but within good reason and taste.


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