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Every once in awhile, when Hodgins would look at Brennan and Booth and just watch how they interacted with each other, he was reminded of one single moment that had defined them for him. Angela was forever going on and on about how they just needed to rip off each other's clothes and go at it like animals to get rid of all the sexual tension between them (her words, not his), and he, like everyone else, tended to ignore her when she got on one of her "Brennan and Booth should totally hook up" rants. But sometimes when she did, he would just smile to himself, because he had seen something that she hadn't, something that told him that there was more than just lust and the common ground of crime fighting between the two partners.

It was this one memory that always hit him at the oddest times when he watched Booth place a hand on Dr. Brennan's back to guide her someplace or invade her personal space to argue with her without getting his ass handed back to him in tiny pieces. It was the memory from more than a year ago, when that rogue FBI agent turned mob hitman had kidnapped Brennan and blown Booth up.

Whatever terror Hodgins had felt at the thought of his colleague in the hands of that nutjob, he knew it was nothing compared to that of the man who had pulled himself out of his hospital bed, ignoring the nurse's shouting and squeezed his large, broken body into Hodgins' Mini Cooper just to get to his partner. Booth had spent most of the drive rebuking himself for not having kept Brennan safe. Hodgins, his attention split between his phone, driving, worry for Dr. Brennan and worry that Booth might turn him and his car into a pretzel out of helpless anger and worry, hadn't been able to sooth the other man.

Then they had finally found the place where she was being held and Booth, barely able to stand and looking paler by the minute, had somehow convinced the agent in charge that he was coming in with them. Hodgins had then found himself going in as well, the unfamiliar weight of the bulletproof vest reminding him that yes, this was really happening, and yes, it was a lot more intense in reality than it was in your imagination.

And then they were there, in that room, watching Kenton swing the blade down towards Brennan's neck and then jerk as he was hit by the bullet Booth managed to actually hit him with. Hodgins still wasn't sure how the agent had even managed to lift the gun in his condition, let alone shoot accurately.

And then the two of them, and this was the defining moment for him; Booth was on the floor with Brennan. Unable to lift her roped hands off the hook with one hand, he had stuck his head between her arms, looping them around his neck, and lifted her off of it. They had collapsed to the floor, Brennan sobbing in great heaving gasps, and he had never seen her fall apart like this, and Booth was consoling her, whispering reassurances in her ear. Barely able to hold himself upright, he was nonetheless supporting her body against him, just as she was his, as he finally gave into the pain of his wounds. Hodgins had watched the two of them silently, knowing that this moment and all the ones leading up to it, would be forever imprinted in his mind.

And so, when Angela went off on her long spiels, he would smile to himself and remember two people, both broken in their own way, sitting on the concrete floor of an abandoned building, holding each other up.

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