Last chapter! Thanks for the reviews, everyone! Epilogue

Marie didn't know how long she had been asleep or where she was when she woke up. Everything was stark white. Then she recognized the sterile environment as a hospital room. She was nowhere near as sore as she had been, and she took a peek at her injuries. They were almost healed.

"Hey, you're up," Stephanie's voice said from the doorway.

"How long have I been here?"

"Um, a while. The doctors weren't sure you were going to wake up. Most of the other people on the bus have gone home."

"Where's Erin?"

"Getting food. What else would she be doing?" Stephanie answered wryly.

Erin appeared in the doorway with two candy bars and a soda. "Evil toad," she said, by way of greeting.

"What happened to Harry? And Ron and Hermoine?" Marie asked.

"Who?" Stephanie said.

"The wizards," Marie answered.

Stephanie coughed, and Erin's eyes lit up eagerly at the thought that her friend might have gone crazy.

"You were there. You remember," Marie said indignantly.

"There Are No Wizards. The bus skidded on a patch of ice, and you've been here at the hospital in a coma ever since," Stephanie said slowly and carefully.

"Are you sure you should keep reading that stuff? I mean, if it's polluting your brain," Erin said cheerfully.

"I dreamed it?" Marie said, disappointed.

"Yeah," Stephanie said, relieved that Marie had decided not to insist on arguing the point.

Stephanie and Erin then proceeded to tell Marie about their trip to various English sites while she was in the hospital. Stephanie described Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall ("Wall? It was like two feet high," Erin complained) in great detail, and Erin gleefully described the cute waiters at the Hard Rock and tormenting the docents at the Tower of London. She also kept pressing Marie eagerly for details of her dream, but Marie declined. After a while, both girls left to let Marie get some rest.

Marie rested her head on the pillow and ran the dream through her head over and over. The prison… the snowball fight… Dumbledore… Harry on a broomstick…

She stopped, realization dawning on her. She had seen Harry on a broomstick, before she got on that bus. They cast some sort of spell to make the others forget, but they couldn't do that with her, so the next best thing was to make her think it was all a dream. But that was a ridiculous plan, Harry had seen her watching him, he must have… Then it dawned on her. Harry didn't tell them. A smile spread slowly across her face. Harry didn't tell them.

"Harry, you're the best," Marie said to herself with a laugh.

Marie was released from the hospital the next day, which didn't make much difference since all she was doing was going back the hotel, packing up her belongings, and leaving. Stephanie was running around playing drill sergeant, Erin was whining that she couldn't find her lotion, and Marie was looking out the room window onto the busy street. The Leaky Caldron was still there, looking as enigmatic as ever. She noticed, with some amusement, that no one walking by even seemed to know it was there.

Marie quietly slipped an envelope and a sheet of paper into her coat pocket. "I'm done packing. You want me to go downstairs and check out?"

"What?" Stephanie said, peeking out from the bathroom.

"You want me to turn in the key?" Marie said.

"Oh, yeah. We're almost done here. Get a cab while you're at it."

Marie went downstairs with her backpack and suitcase, turned in the key, and scribbled a quick note on the sheet of paper in her pocket before folding it in half and stuffing it into the envelope. She addressed the letter to Mr. Harry Potter C/O The Leaky Caldron Diagon Alley, London. She left her luggage in Stephanie's able hands and went across the street to slip the letter under the door. Erin noticed Marie slipping an envelope in what looked like to her a crack between two buildings and giggled evilly as Marie returned.

"Shut up," was Marie's response.

"…And the rest you know," Harry said.

He was sitting across from Ron at their usual table at the Leaky Caldron. Ron had his hand around Hermoine's waist, and she managed to look both very flattered and smug at the same time. Harry grinned across the table at them. He had never seen the two of them look so happy. They were right for each other, they really were.

"Still no word on Draco?" Ron asked.

Harry shook his head. "No. Cho admitted to using the Imperius curse on him, but insisted he killed Snape and started the Hogsmeade riots on his own. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if tracking him down was my next assignment."

"Seems a bit convenient to me," Ron muttered.

Hermoine shushed him and said, "We're having the American Wizarding Association keep an eye on Marie, just in case."

Harry nodded absently.

Hermoine noticed Harry's sudden quiet, and changed the subject. "You said you wanted not to be spotted at Hogwarts. Why didn't you simply wear your invisibility cloak?"

"I wanted the freedom to interact with people, ask questions. Anyone I talked to wearing the cloak would know who I was right off, and I didn't know who I could trust," Harry said.

He paused and took a sip from his mug. "And I forgot it," he admitted, turning the slightest shade of red.

Ron laughed. Hermoine nodded crisply, as though it was what she suspected all along.

"I also wanted to apologize. We've been through so much together, and..." Harry said.

"We forgive you, Harry," Hermoine said.

Ron nodded energetically.

"Just out of curiosity, when did you put it together?" Harry asked.

"Not until we got to Azkaban. I pulled out your wand by mistake and Hermoine recognized it. Then everything just fell into place," Ron said.

"Harry. Letter dropped off for you," Tom, the barkeeper interrupted, handing Harry an envelope.

"Thank you," Harry answered.

"What's it say, then?" Ron asked as Harry opened the envelope and read the paper inside.

"Just Auror business," Harry said in a bored, authoritative voice worthy of Percy.

He stuffed Marie's note into his pocket and grinned into his mug as he took a sip.

The End

I also wrote a short (3 pages) HP fic called "The Interview," if anyone's interested.