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Summary: Stella comes to work one day and a yellow rose is on her desk.. And the same person keeps sending her roses without a note or anything else.. who is this person who sends Stella the roses?

Stella's P.O.V

The rose

Lindsay and I had just been out for lunch, we had been talking about work and stuff, and also about, who the person was who had been sending me roses over the past few days. It started three days ago... Now we are back at work, Lindsay and I are walking towards my office, the first thing I notice when I step in is 3 pink roses. I look at Lindsay and she's smiling.
I walk up to the roses and look at them ''3 pink roses today? Who is it that's sending me these roses?'' I ask and look towards Lindsay. She shrugs ''Don't as me, but i got to say, i think it's sweet.''
I look at Lindsay again, she's walking towards me, ''Well, it might be a crazy person...'' I add, Lindsay chuckle alittle ''Don't think like that Stella!'' she says and now she's standing beside me looking at the roses

Some say love it is a river

That drowns the tender reed

Some say love is a razer

That leaves your soul bleed

Flashback to three days ago.
I come to work as always, drop by Mac's office to say good morning, then walk towards my office. When I got to my office the first thing I noticed was a single yellow rose on my desk. I look around to see if anyone is in here, but I'm the only one in the room. Walking up to the rose, I notice there's no note, nothing, just the rose.
I hear someone knock on my door, I turn around and see Lindsay with Danny next to her, Danny peers over my shoulder and points to the rose ''You got a secret admirer?''
I sit down on my desk and look at the rose, I turn my head towards Danny and Lindsay ''Don't know, the rose was here when I came in, there was no note with it, nothing.'' Lindsay walks over to me and sits down in one of the guest chairs. ''I think it's sweet that someone sent you a yellow rose.'' Lindsay said with a smile. I give her a small smile back, ''You know that one rose means, you're everything to me and a yellow rose means, you're the sun in my life.'' Someone said from the doorway. That someone are Hawkes, raising a eyebrow, ''He's like a walking encyclopedia.'' that made me smile ''That's true Danny.'' I answer back.
Hawkes shakes his head and chuckles ''So who's it from? A secret admirer? Or maybe a secret boyfriend we don't know about?''
I pick the rose up and look at Hawkes ''I don't know who it's from, it was here when I came in this morning..''
Hawkes looks at me, ''Weird, no note with it?'' I shake my head, ''You didn't answer the suggestion about be a secret boyfriend...'' Danny replied, I respond with ''I don't have any secret boyfriend..''
Danny pretend to be dissapointed but started to laugh instead, ''Well im gonna go and ask Mac if we have any new cases to work on.'' said Danny, ''I'm coming with you.'' Came the reply from Hawkes.
Lindsay looked at the rose ''Sure you haven't meet anyone that might send you a rose?''
I think about it for a minute then I shake my head. I have absolutely no idea who sent me this rose..
End of flashback..


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