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Chapter 3:

Lindsay and I had just been out for lunch, we had been talking about work and stuff, and also about whom the person was who had been sending me roses over the past few days. It started three days ago... Now we are back at work, Lindsay and I are walking towards my office, the first thing I notice when I step in is three pink roses. I look at Lindsay and she's smiling.
I walk up to the roses and look at them ''Three pink roses today? Who is it that's sending me these roses?'' I ask and look towards Lindsay. She shrugs ''Don't ask me, but I got to say, I think it's sweet.''
I look at Lindsay again, she's walking towards me, ''Well, it might be a crazy person...'' I add. Lindsay chuckles a little, ''Don't think like that Stella!'' she says and now she's standing beside me looking at the roses.

I pick them up and look closer at them, wonder what three pink roses mean. ''Wonder what it means.'' I hear Lindsay say.
I shrug and am thinking about who this person is, I mean, what looks like to be the same person that has been sending me these roses, but that's not the only question that's running through my mind, why doesn't this person leave a note?

It's the dream afraid of waking

That never takes a chance

I hear a knock on my door and both me and Lindsay turn around and see Adam standing there, ''Umm, here's the result of the sticky stuff that was on the skirt.'' I nod and notice that Adam is looking at the roses in my hand. ''You know, three roses means, I want to meet you again and have a future with you, and pink roses means that I'm in love with you and it also means admiration and gentleness, it means more but I can't remember it all.'' I raise an eyebrow at that, ''How do you know that, Adam? Didn't think you knew about roses..'' Adam blushes ''Umm, I bought roses for my girlfriend for her birthday once, and had to know what kind of roses to buy so I researched a little online.''
I smile at Adam, ''Well, thanks for letting me know what it means, I was wondering about it.''
Adam just gives me a shy smile and heads back to the lab.
Turning back to the roses, I still wonder who the person is that's sending me these roses. ''You're thinking about who the person is that is sending these roses, aren't you?'' I'm nodding in response to Lindsay's question, the silence is interrupted by a phone getting a message, not mine so probably Lindsay's, and sure it was ''Well, I have to go, Danny got a new lead on the case.''
''See you later, Lindsay.'' Now I'm alone in my office, just me and my thoughts. Who is this person sending me these roses? And why no note? What does the person want?

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