This is the untold exchange between Nadira and Hal Slater when Matt and Kate go off to talk when everyone meets in the heliodrome.

"Miss de Vries," I said.

"Mister Cruse," she returned. There was a terrible moment of silence as everyone looked at everyone else. No introductions were offered.

"Might I have a moment alone with you?" Kate said to me.

"I don't see why not."

"Excuse us just a moment please." She smiled politely to Nadira and Mr. Slater , and the two of us walked off a ways.

- Skybreaker, page 128

Nadira watched with narrowed eyes as Matt Cruse and this Miss de Vries walked to a distance where they could not be heard. She turned on the man standing next to her.

"Who are you?"

He raised his eyebrows and said, "I might be asking you the same question, Miss…"


He nodded his head, looking her over.

"And what would a gypsy be doing with young Mister Cruse at the heliodrome?"

"I'm a Roma, not a gypsy. The rest is none of your business," she returned bluntly. He nodded again, deciding not to reply. Nadira didn't say anything either, and the awkward silence hung in the air, like a bad smell. They looked over and saw that all the previous tension between Matt and Kate had melted away.

Finally Hal Slater broke the silence by holding out his hand and saying,

"Hal Slater, by the way." Nadira ignored the offered hand but decided instead to glare at the returning Matt Cruse. What in the world did these two have to do with Matt, who was supposed to be just like her? Miss de Vries and Hal Slater nearly had money spilling out of their pockets.

Hal also turned to face Matt and Kate, and crossed his arms, smoothing an amused look onto his face.

He wondered why the lovely Kate de Vries chose to spend her time with Matt Cruse.

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