I know, it's been years. It's unfair to you, but in my head this story is over. I always hated when authors disappeared off the earth. But there is good news: there's closure. It's not a new story, but a parting gift.

Stories and Truth

"Stories are wild creatures, the monster said. When you let them loose, who knows what havoc they might wreak."

The most beautiful music was floating over me. The evening light was shining through my open windows. I lay on my bed, turning the pages, one by one. Truly they turned themselves, the words drawing my eyes onwards, pulling me along. My heart beat with a quick thump-thump-thump. I knew this part was coming, and had been both dreading and welcoming it. I knew the end was going to be brilliantly terrible.

The best stories reach your emotions and capture your soul. They make you laugh and be happy and be angry and they also make you cry. They make you have to stop mid-sentence because if you read on your family will have to check on you to see what all the noise is about.

I read the last words, closed the cover, and threw my head back onto the starched pillows. My breath released and a sob clung in my throat. I was exhausted; the story had taken hold of my insides and squeezed every last bit of emotion and feeling out of them. Yet there was nothing else I wish to do now but continue to live in that moment. I want to keep this feeling at my fingertips, because it is unlike any other sensation. It is both heartbreaking and enlightening.

The best stories have you believe whatever truth they are giving you. That moment when you are vulnerable and awe struck is when the story imparts its truth to you, the thing you must take from it and learn.

Lying there swimming in my own thoughts, I mull on the significance that was finally revealed to me. This character was lying to himself because the truth of what he really believed terrified him. When he was forced to confront that truth he realized that although it was awful, it was only a thought. He learned that actions are what describe who you are. As I read, I learned the same lesson, and afterwards I reached the same clear certainty.

The best stories have you live their truth. The best stories widen your perspective, even if by just a little.

Now I will act.

"You do not write your life with words, the monster said. You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do."