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"Okay, I am so sorry Alice is dragging me, Jasper, and Rosalie for a "hunting trip"." Edward said as he picked me up and twirled me around. After he'd put finger quotations around 'hunting trip'.

"WHY? Why EMMETT? You know he'll torture me" I whined.

Edward always left me with one of his brothers and/or sisters when he had to go somewhere. He made me stay at his house as well. I'm surprised Charlie still falls for the 'sleepover with Alice' excuse.

But Just thinking of how horrible this weekend is going to be terrified me.

Emmett will probably push me down the stairs and laugh at my pain. He'll trip me in front of a thorny bush. I shudder at the thoughts, and try to push them away with thoughts of Edward.

…it almost worked.

"You'll be Okay." Edward laughs kissing the tip of my nose. "If he hurts you, he knows I'll kick his ass."

I let out a few nervous giggles. "Can't Alice stay?"

"Bella, she stayed last time." Edwards said, and I knew that there was no way I would get out of this. Shoot.

I gave him the angriest face I can manage and said "Fine."

Of course, this amused him. "Bye Bella." He says and kisses me before running human speed to the door; I didn't even see the others leave.

Stupid Vampire.

Well, now what? I wonder.


I scream. Emmett. I guess the torture starts now. Joy.

"Hello." I say my heart rate slowing down slowly.

I sigh and turn around. Emmett is wearing a shirt that says 'I am hotter than you.' Of course.

He pulls me into his arms, hugging the life out of me. "Emmett" I manage to get out, feeling like my lungs were going to explode. "I can't bre-" He drops me and I gap for breath.

"Bella we're going to have so much fun. We can play video games and watch TV and arm wrestle!" I swear, at times Emmett is just like a little kid.

"Actually Emmett," I start, "I'd rather go to sleep." It was 10 PM and I'd much rather sleep than shoot virtual aliens. Ew.

"No! You're staying up playing video games." He says in an evil way. And I couldn't fight, he'd easily be able to make me play if I try to resist.

"Okay Emmett." I say hopelessly. He grins and runs vamp speed to the TV. He then puts in some Xbox game that probably requires shooting aliens or racing around a city destroying things with your car.

I roll my eyes and slowly walk over to sit next to him on the couch. This is my favorite couch in the Cullen household; it feels as if you are sitting on a marshmallow. And, to help that seem even more realistic, it was the color of snow.

Emmett smells like soap…and roses. Rosalie's perfume. He smells like Rosalie, and for some reason I'm a teensy bit bothered by it. Probably because the mental images in my head weren't PG rated. Or even PG-13 for that matter.

But the thing is, Emmett and Rosalie were screaming at each other less than an hour ago.

"What's up with you and Rosalie?" I ask. "It's like you guys are either helplessly in love or…" I stop unable to find the words to finish my sentence.

He smiles handing me a game controller. "Love/Hate relationship." He says, his eyes sparkling. He squeezes my knee with his hands and adds "It's kinda funny actually."

I can't help but smile back at him.

Then I go on to beat him shooting aliens eight times straight without complaining once.

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