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Emmett's POV

Oh God. I killed someone.

I freaking KILLED someone.

And, it's totally my fault. Not Bella's.


She's just so beautiful. And her voice rings in my head. And, we had sex.

I feel the worst I've ever felt, and I look over to her from my spot in the driver's seat. She looks back, and then I see her bite her bottom lip. That means she wants to kiss me. I've seen her do it countless times around Edward. Rosalie is never like that. She always just does it.

I like the way Bella is afraid of guys. I like the way she's afraid of me. It gives me the chance to prove to her that she can trust me. That I need her to trust me.

Love is like a weakness. I feel weaker than I have in years. But, having a weakness makes you stronger, or so I'm told. I've never felt weak before.

I kind of like it.

I slowly move closer to her, terrified that she'd scream and cower. But she doesn't and when I pull her close to me, she doesn't hesitate in throwing her arms around my neck. I kiss the top of her head, and she says to me, "Don't ever do anything that stupid again."

I want her, and I grin. I just killed someone, but at least I didn't kill more than one person. And, then the sun comes out from behind the clouds. Life is beautiful.

She pulls back, and rests her forehead against mine. I'm not thirsty at all, so I lean in and kiss her neck a few times, feeling her pulse underneath the thin layer of skin.

She gasps, and I lean my seat back, pulling her on top of me. "You're beautiful," I tell her, and she is. More beautiful than Rose, more beautiful than Adam Lambert.

She starts breathing heavier when I put my hands up the back of her shirt, "Emmett, didn't you just say we wouldn't?"

I did. But I lied. "I don't remember, did I?"

"Yeah, you did."

I shrug, and put my seat back up again. "I'm sorry."

She rolls her eyes, "It's okay."

I grin, and drive back to my house.

Bella's POV

Emmet is stupid.

Emmett is beautiful.

I just can't choose which one is stronger.


Bella Is Amazing

Bella is Dangerous

And, God, I'm in love.




"I love you."


She wants me.


"This is weird. We should go inside instead of just sitting here all day."

"I agree."

Neither one of them moves.


I glance at her. She's staring at her hands.

God, she's beautiful.




"Never mind. I forgot."

"That's okay Bella. It's okay."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"And Emmett?"


"You want to have sex again?"


Neither of them move.


I love Emmett.

I love Edward.

I need a nap.


Eventually they get out of the car. They go up to Emmett's room, and close the door. And, then they do something stupid.


Alice's POV

Stupid Emmett. Stupid Bella.

I take out my phone and call them.

"What?" Emmett answers and he sounds tired. He's breathing heavily.

"Stop it." I say.

"Stop what?"

"Stop having sex with Bella!"

Edward walks up. He looks furious. "Stop having WHAT with WHO?"

"Sex with Bella." I answer and he starts hitting his head against a tree.

Emmett hangs up the phone, and I roll my eyes. I hope they stop.

I hope Edward will come to his senses soon enough and go get them. But, maybe it hasn't happened yet. Maybe it never will.

Maybe my other vision about Edward and Jasper getting together will happen. Maybe Edward and Jasper are gay.

I really hope that one won't come true.




"Are you gay?"


"Never mind. Bad Dream."

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Q: How do you think Bella and Emmett feel right now?

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Q: Isn't Edward mad?

A: Yes, extremely. But he's also in shock. You get a taste of that in this chapter.