Update 2014: This story is in the process of being corrected for typos and parts rewritten for stylistic reasons. Hopefully this will mean a much better story in the end!

So basically one day I got inspired to write about Caranthir (my favourite son of Feanor next to Maglor!) after listening to that song 'I Must Be Emo'. Caranthir and his brothers talk like modern-day young people and their names are in Sindarin – yes, I am fully aware that they would have used Quenya in Valinor but I'm more familiar with their Sindarin names.

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Emo, Son of Feanor

Through much observation and research I think I have come to the reliable conclusion that my brothers are a bunch of idiots.

And when they call me a weirdo that is what I tell them. Unlike other people I feel comfortable dressing head to toe in black and having somewhat messy hair. This image is not consistent with the usual Elf thing.

My brother Celegorm says I have no feelings. I guess what inspired this highly intelligent remark was the fact that I don't have a perpetual grin on my face and sarcasm is an inherent part of my nature. Celegorm also says I have no redeeming qualities and I'm going to be a homeless derro by the time I come-of-age. Celegorm is stupid.

Here's the deal - Caranthir the Dark is code for emo kid. Well, that's what they call me – even though I'm not into knives and weapons of torture or trying on my cousin Aredhel's tight leggings. But I guess if wearing black and failing to spend hours of valuable time in front of a mirror means I'm weird – go ahead and call me weird.

It all started because my oldest brother Maedhros walked in late one day – actually, his disappearances recently had been more frequent and his returns at odd hours.

"Where have you been?" snapped Dad upon my oldest brother's entrance into the lounge room.


"Who were you with?"

"No one."

"What were you doing?"


Celegorm rolled his eyes. "He's been out partying with his new girlfriend."

"I have not!" protested Maedhros, although the very slight pink that coloured his cheeks at Celegorm's comment suggested quite the opposite.

"Have so. I've seen you."

"Guys," I broke in, "You wanna shut up now?"

"You shut up, emo," sneered Celegorm.

"How about no?"

"Bite me."

"Go to Helcar."

"Caranthir! Celegorm!" grumbled Dad tempestuously. "I don't understand why you boys have to fight all the time. Your mother and I have an announcement to make."

So all of us sat still in expectation. By that, I mean all seven of us brothers. And the dog.

"We've decided that we'll accept your Uncle Finarfin's invitation to spend summer in Alqualonde this year," announced Mum.

A chorus of awesomenesses and cools filled the air. The only one who looked a little downcast was Maedhros, presumably because he would have to say goodbye to his girlfriend for a while.

"Alqualonde's like, built on the beach, right?" Curufin asked Mum.

"Yes, it is."

Both the twins looked excited - neither of them had seen the sea before, and admittedly, given the last time I'd been was when I was about six, I felt something like a spark of excitement.

"When are we going?" asked Amras.

"Day after tomorrow," answered Mum.


"You're going to Alqualonde for summer? That's awesome!"

Avasarie tossed her apple core carelessly off the building where we were standing and by pure mischance someone walked by at that moment. We quickly ducked, giggling like ten-year-olds while a few curses came flying up from down below.

"Yeah – I just wish you could come with."

"Yeah, and then we could watch people passing our dark and spooky forms on the beach and wondering if there's a conspiracy afoot. Tell me something, Caranthir," Avasarie continued as yet one more guy gave us a strange look from below, "Is it just me or do people think we're weirdos?"

I shrugged. "Possibly. But I like to think that we're normal and everyone else is weird."

Mum looked pleased to see Avasarie.

"Hello, Avasarie," she beamed when we walked in through the door. "How are you?"

"Hey, pretty good," she replied. Celegorm hopped off the couch at the sight of her.

"Hey there, emo-ette!" he said with a grin on his face.

I rolled my eyes. You know, for someone who thinks his brother's a lost one and that said brother's few friends are all weird he certainly didn't seem to mind Avasarie at all. Every time he saw her the same idiotic grin lit up his face and then to top off the idiocy he says something that's completely the opposite of what he thinks, such as the above comment.

I had tried time and time again to tell him that Avasarie is not into guys with good looks who can't even boast having two brain cells with which to grunt. He told me, 'You suck.' I said that such an unoriginal comment only proves unintelligence on his part, to which he didn't have a reply. In any case he still likes my best friend.

Which does make things a little awkward for me sometimes.

"Shut up," she replied with a smile, sitting at the bench. Truth to be told, I didn't actually know what she really thought of Celegorm. Most girls think he's cute but rude. I'm not seeing the cute part.

"I don't know how you can hang out with Caranthir here," he continued.

"Because she can't stand you, that's why," I replied. "Hey, Mum, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Can Avasarie come with us to Alqualonde?"

Avasarie rounded on me and looked shocked. "You totally didn't have to do that," she reprimanded.

"Of course she can come!" exclaimed Mum.

"Who's coming where?" inquired Dad, walking in with his old and daggy work clothes on.

"Avasarie. Caranthir wants her to come with us to Alqualonde."

Dad as a rule didn't really approve of my friends – probably because they weren't all popular people who were into forging stuff like Maedhros' mates. But Avasarie had been one of my friends since we were four years old and Dad was friends with her dad, who was a smith.

So he said yes, he would be happy for her to join us and that we were leaving tomorrow.

Celegorm was also very happy and gave her a hug.


Celegorm insisted on trying a new party hairstyle on Maedhros and reluctantly the latter consented. I was present as well, not for the pleasure of my brothers' company but because it would be rather amusing to see what kind of horrible new fashion Celegorm had now come up with.

"Celegorm," I said, having ensconced myself on Maedhros' bed. "Would you mind not cracking onto Avasarie every time you see her?"

"Shut up," snapped my dear brother, at the same time yanking Maedhros' red hair.

"Yo, Celegorm?" asked Maedhros, wincing, "I agreed for you to do my hair, not separate it from my scalp. Thank you. And what's all this about you and Avasarie?"

"Nothing. Caranthir's blaming his weirdness and his lack of good looks on me."

I rolled my eyes, as was my usual reaction to Celegorm's comments. But his saying that I lacked good looks was true. Noldorin guys are supposed to be good-looking, the Sons of Feanor, or anyone from the House of Finwe especially. My brothers fulfilled the quota – Maglor was the cute musician guy everyone liked, Celegorm was the hot blond guy; and Maedhros – he had red hair and he was still attractive. One girl was staring at him so much that she rammed into a pole while she was walking down the street.

Me, however... I was always the not-so-hot son of Feanor with a weird taste in clothes and a weirder personality. Celegorm's last girlfriend had once come to our house and was busy eyeing off Maedhros but the look on her face when she was introduced to me...it would have been funny if I hadn't been hurt by it. Yes, despite the fact that Celegorm thinks I have no feelings, I do. I was hurt.

"How do I look?" asked Maedhros, getting off the floor. Obviously he hadn't seen himself yet.

"Like Grandpa's mangy cat," I replied. A projectile immediately came flying at me as I ran laughing from the room.

I didn't know it, but going to Alqualonde was going to be a real experience. At the time, though, I thought going meant just another weird family get-together and I was just glad Avasarie would be with me.

How naive I was sometimes.