Useful Gifts

Raven's gift is this: i27. photobucket albums/ c153/ amarin(underscore)rose/ LJ%20Pics/ GoAway. jpg It doesn't actually come in plaque form, but let's consider this artistic license, shall we?

Raven braced herself as she opened her final birthday present. Thankfully it had just been put into a gift bag with some tissue paper, instead of wrapped with three different papers and covered with way too much tape, as had happened with Beast Boy's gifts the last three birthdays and two Christmases.

She was yanked out of her rather stunned perusal of the gift by Gar telling her, not quite unnecessarily, "It's for you to hang on your door. But you can't leave it turned outward all the time; or even most of the time." He then added, an earsplitting grin on his smug face, "That's the price you pay for getting a 'Make Beast Boy Go Away' card for your sweet sixteen."

Considering it was a gift, and obviously thoughtfully meant, Raven didn't even glare at Gar as she said her thanks. And if the words were said with some inkling of sincerity, well, Gar would put that off to his wishful thinking.

And if Raven smiled as she hung the plaque on her door the next morning before she started meditating, well, no one but she knew.