Naruto and Tayuya

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This story takes place 8 years after the chunin exams. However Orochimaru never invaded then. He has just now sent the sound 4 to find Sasuke Sorry if certain characters seem OOC, but I don't care. There may be OC's.


Naruto 20 elite Jonin slated to become hokage when Tsunade retires

Tayuya 20

Chapter 1

Sasuke realized how stupid siding with Orochimaru would be. He told Tsunade (Sarutobi had retired to spend time with Konohamuru) about the four sound-nin who had tried to recruit him. Three of them were killed by Konoha ANBU. The fourth although injured escaped. Naruto decided to follow her back to Otogakure.

In Otogakure

Tayuya was scared. She knew Orochimaru would be pissed off when he found out she had failed to bring him Sasuke. She knew that he would probably torture her with the cursed seal.

"Tayuya, Orochimaru will see you now," said Kabuto with a sadistic voice. Tayuya was trembling with fear as she entered the snake freak's room. All of a sudden she collapsed in pain.

A creepy voice rang out: "You have failed me too many times Tayuya; you are currently experiencing the first part of your punishment. The second part is that you are going to be used as a guinea pig for my experiments and beaten." "Fuck you Orochimaru. You're a piece of shit," said Tayuya who proceeded to scream in pain. Orochimaru laughed maniacally as Tayuya was beaten.

Naruto snuck into the sound village by disguising himself as a sound Jounin. He saw Tayuya enter Orochimaru's building and decided to watch through a window. When Naruto saw what was happening to Tayuya he went into a rage.

"ENOUGH" yelled Naruto as he burst into the room intent on killing Orochimaru.

"Ah Uzumaki, I was wondering when you would make your entrance, now I can kill you too."

"I'm here to stop you from harming Tayuya," said Naruto

"Ha Ha, you think you can stop me. You have absolutely no chance of defeating me." As if to prove his power he activated the second level of Tayuya's seal causing her even more pain.

"OROCHIMARU, You disgust me. Only the lowest of the low would inflict this kind of torture on one of their most loyal servants, yet you do it without even hesitating you sick bastard."

At hearing this Orochimaru began to laugh even more "Tayuya is just a tool for me to further my goal of learning every jutsu in existence. Frankly, I don't really care if I accidentally kill her here."

Tayuya was shocked. For most of her life she had been devoted to serving Orochimaru, to hear that he thought of her as no more than a pawn, a means to an end caused her to break down crying.

This pushed Naruto over the edge his eyes began to glow red as four of the Kyubi's nine tales appeared behind him and his fingers became like claws. If Naruto had wanted to he could have killed the Snake man on the spot, but Orochimaru had to suffer before he killed him.

"YOU'RE DEAD!" screamed Naruto as he lept at Orochimaru who still seemed unconcerned. That is, until Naruto grabbed his right wrist and began to crush it.

"Argh, How can this be p-p-possible," Orochimaru stammered while enduring the immense pain of having an entire wrist crushed. (A.N. I sliced the tip of my left thumb almost all the way off in October and it hurt like shit. Having your wrist crushed must be one hundred times worse.)

"I have trained for years in order to have this precise control over the fox's chakra. I'm going to make sure you can't hurt anyone else again. Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu," 100 Narutos appeared and proceeded to beat up Orochimaru and slam him in to various objects. This went on for about fifteen minutes at which time Orochimaru was lying on the ground while bleeding profusely.

"P-please have mercy on me," begged Orochimaru

"You monster, you expect me to have mercy on you, when you don't hesitate to kill people for the smallest mistakes. Well that's not going to happen. I have watched Dragonball Z you know. I know what happened when Goku tried to help Frieza. I'm not going to make that mistake. Goodbye Orochimaru, RASENGAN!"

The room was filled with the light of 100 rasengans all aimed at Orochimaru. Needless to say the world was down one madman. After almost thirty years no one else would be tortured by him ever again.

Why didn't Kabuto help Orochimaru you ask? He had long since slipped out a secret door not to be seen again for many years.

Naruto's eyes went back to normal.

"Who the hell are you and what the fuck do you want with me?" asked Tayuya.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I want you to come back to Konoha with me. "

"Why the fuck do you care what happens to me?" asked Tayuya

"Because I know what it's like to be treated like dirt, and I don't want anyone else treated that way."

Tayuya was uneasy ; she didn't think anyone cared about her..

"I don't know if I can trust you, I mean I spent so many years serving the damn Snake Bastard just to find out I was nothing but a tool to him," she said

"I'll make sure no one uses you again," he said, "And I will ask Baa-Chan to remove your seal so no one can use it against you."

Tayuya began to cry.

"What's wrong?"

"All my life people have used me. You're the first one to just want to be friends with me. I'll go with you but I want to bring someone else too," said Tayuya in a relieved voice.

"Of course you can bring whomever you want, you can even live with me when we get to Konoha," said Naruto

Tayuya directed Naruto to a small shack right near the edge of the village.

"The only person I care about in the village lives here," said Tayuya, "Her name is Kin and she is five years old. I'm like a mother to her. She is coming with us."

"Why does she live in this shack?" asked Naruto

"Because she has the two tailed demon sealed within her," said Tayuya almost crying. "Everyone here hates her. I managed to save her from Orochimaru's experiments."

"Go get her, she's definitely coming," said Naruto as they entered the shack to get Kin

"Kin, we're going to Konoha," said Tayuya.

"R-Really, you mean we are finally getting out of this terrible place?" she asked.

"Yes Kin, this is Naruto and he is taking us back with him," Tayuya explained

"Naruto, why do you want to help us?" asked Kin.

"Because I'm just like you; I have the Kyubi (nine tailed fox) sealed in me. I know what it's like to be treated like dirt." replied Naruto.

With that Kin grabbed the few things she had and they set off for Konoha.