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Chapter 4 of Naruto and Tayuya

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Chapter 4

"You're finally up I see," said a girl who appeared to be no more than Ten years old.

"Where am I, who are you and what's with all the bandages?" asked Naruto.

"I am called Isaribi, you are at my house at the far end of the village. I must ask you to leave immediately," said Isaribi.

"W-what, I don't understand, first you save me and then you tell me to leave as soon as I come to. What's going on here? I want the truth," said Naruto.

"It's none of your buis-," Isaribi was cut off by Naruto realizing how he wound up in her house.

"Crap, my daughter, she was kidnapped by Amachi. I must go save her," said a visibly upset Naruto.

"If Amachi has her, it's too late. You were out for two days. He's had plenty of time to do sick things to her," said Isaribi. (not those things she's a five year old girl not even Orochimaru himself was that twisted.) "Now for the last time, leave, and never come back."

"Alright, I'll leave," said Naruto

He got his things and left the house. He was shocked to find the outside of the house covered with graffiti saying things like: "Sea demon", and "Amachi's whore" among others. Naruto was beginning to realize why this girl was so miserable and why she wanted him to leave.

Flashback Jutsu

A four year old Naruto was running for his life. "You're dead demon brat" "I'll kill you for what you did to me" The two jounin began pelting Naruto with rocks and kunai. "We've got you now you little snot"

Naruto would have died right then and there if it hadn't been for the timely intervention of the 3rd Hokage.

"What's going on?" asked a perturbed Sarutobi.

"We were just taking out the trash Hokage-san," said the older jounin.

"How dare you attack this defenseless boy! You two are a disgrace to all shinobi. I am herby stripping you both of your rankings. You are now and forever more civilians. I warn you that if you or anyone else is caught harming this boy again they will be banished from Konoha. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" barked Sarutobi.

"Y-yes Hokage-San, it won't happen again," said the two ex-jounin as they left.

"Now Naruto, I think it's time you move in with my son and his wife Kurenai," said Sarutobi kindly.

"You mean it, they actually want to take me in?"

"Of course they do Naruto . Unlike most people they see you as the little boy you are, not as a monster."

Flashback Jutsu Release

"That was the day my life changed forever," thought Naruto. " I bet this poor girl has never had anyone like that."

Isaribi had walked outside to make sure Naruto was really leaving.

"Why is your house covered with all this hurtful graffiti Isaribi" asked Naruto kindly.

"The people here see me as a monster because I was the only one to ever come back from the island," answered Isaribi.

"I see," said Naruto. "You know I was like you when I was a kid. Most of the people in my village hated me because I have a demon sealed inside me. However there were always people who saw me for who I was and not the monster inside me. I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for the third hokage," Naruto told Isaribi.

"No one here cares one little bit about what happens to me. They want me dead," said a sad Isaribi

She turned to enter the house when suddenly a group of four boys began pelting her with rocks.

Naruto ran in front of her and caught all the rocks. "What do you think you're doing, you little brats. You don't throw rocks at people like that," yelled a very angry Naruto.

"But mister, she's a monster," said one of the boys.

"THAT'S IT, leave now or I will personally cripple you for life," screamed Naruto. The boys ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. Naruto then turned to Isaribi,

"Are you alright Isaribi?" asked Naruto. He never expected her reply though.

"Just leave, leave and never come back here," said Isaribi.

"Don't worry, I'm leaving right now to save my daughter, but you're not a monster Isaribi, you're just an innocent girl who has been used by a terrible man. Good-bye, I hope to see you again," said Naruto as a single tear streamed down his cheek.

Naruto made his way back to Uzumaki Ramen, only to find a very upset Tayuya.

"Tayuya, it's alright. I'm still alive," said Naruto softly

"NARUTO," said an overjoyed Tayuya, "don't you ever do anything like that again dipshit. I thought I had lost you."

"I was saved by this fishgirl named Isaribi," said Naruto with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Why are you so sad Naruto?"

"Isaribi is just like you, me, and Kin. The people here treat her like a monster. I want to help her."

"Of course we should help her, but we have to save Kin first," said Tayuya.

With that they hired another boat and were able to reach the Island safely.

In Amachi's complex

"Uh Amachi?"

"What is it you imbecile?" asked Amachi

"W-well y-you s-s-see the girl's p-parents have arrived on the island and they look pretty pissed off."

"WHAT, how did this happen? Send the fish-whore after them."

"Yes Sir" said the crony.

Back to the outside of the Complex

"I think the door is that way, Naruto," said Tayuya.

"How do you know that?" asked Naruto.

Tayuya let out a sigh "Naruto, do you see that big flashing neon sign?"


"Well what does it say?"

"It says AMACHI'S SECRET BASE ENTER HERE," said Naruto as his face went red with embarrassment.

"Well let's go in," said Tayuya

"I'm afraid I can't let you go any further, Naruto," said the fish girl.

"Isaribi?" spluttered Naruto. "What are you doing here?"

"Amachi made me into this fish monster. He said if I help him he will turn me back into a normal human. I'm sorry but I have to kill you," answered Isaribi as she lept at Naruto. Naruto however refused to fight back.

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