Lucius did not usually do this. The Three Broomsticks was a bit below his usual standards. But he had been summoned to school for a meeting. Since the war ended he had been there more often. His son had started his senior year a few days before and with Narcissa gone he did not mind being at school more often. The war had ended only that past spring. Narcissa had been killed. He and his wife were never in love but they had been friends, almost like sister and brother in the last years. He mourned her loss as his son had. But for the first time in his life he was free. For the first time since he and Severus had become spies he had choices to make. Draco would finish in June and be out on his own. He knew his son was planning on law school. He had offered Draco and some of his friends his townhouse to live in. He was aware that Blaise and Harry were already considering. The governors had wanted him to take over teaching DADA. But he was busy enough with his company and wanting to have a life. Besides Remus had taken the job again to be close to Harry whom he had adopted since the war ended.

Severus kept telling him it was time to let his hair down. Draco was seventeen. Lucius needed to let loose. Lucius had definitely laughed at that. Severus was one to talk. His old friend had not even had a date since school. Severus always had some excuse. But Lucius decided if his brother was going to force him to let his hair down then it was fair game with his brother as well. They both needed to spice up their social lives that was for sure.

Lucius tipped back the last of his fire whiskey and motioned for another glass. "It is quite depressing sitting here with you on a Friday night.

Severus smirked. "Better then home alone knocking them back. Besides what am I not your type?

Lucius returned the smirk. They both knew Lucius was bi. And Severus was most definitely gay. But they were brothers. They had been through far too much. One did not suffer through days of torture to take the mark and not come out close. They had already had been best friends before. But no brothers could have been closer. The very thought of the two of them being together was enough to make them both laugh. Severus was a bit tipsy and almost fell out of his chair from it.

Lucius looked around. "How about a bet? Say a hundred galleons on which ever of us can lay the next man who walks through that door first?"

Severus smirked. "A bit rich for my blood but I guess you're always saying I should touch some of that Prince estate of mine. You're on."

They both knew Severus must be really drunk. Or planning on some potion. For Severus was a fool if he thought he would charm someone quicker then Lucius. He really had made a bad snake. He was neither a pureblood nor a charmer. But deep down Lucius knew even in his drunken haze that Severus was just trying to work on him and get him to start having fun and move on. He reminded his brother that he was mourning a sister and not the love of his life. Even Draco told his dad he should get out there and have some fun. Both Lucius and Narcissa had been faithful to their wedding vows out of respect to each other. They had not shared a bed though since Draco was conceived. They had known they had to have an heir for the family and when Draco was born there had been no need.

They both watched the door. They knew they were likely going young. Seventh years could leave campus evenings and weekends. They had agreed that of course the person had to be at least a seventh year. Severus even as a teacher could have a relationship with a student even sexual if they were of age.

Severus almost dropped his drink when Hagrid was the next male to walk through the door. "Either we go for second or this is going to be the longest bet ever.

Lucius needed a pat on the back as he was choking on his whiskey. "I agree. We did not see him enter. Not at all."

The thought of that was enough to churn stomachs for both of them. They were watching the doors intently. It seemed it was a bit early in the evening. They were about to get up and leave when a group of guys from the school came in and the first two through the door made both men both smirk and share a look. One was of course off limits as it was Draco, son to one and godson to the other. But both their eyes went to his companion, his girlfriend Pansy on his other side. Having undergone a transformation that summer, losing the glasses and growing his hair out, having become the incredibly rich little lord in his own right, they could not believe their luck. This might be more fun then either of them had been counting on from the start.

Lucius shook hands with Severus to seal the bet and smiled over his newest glass of fire whiskey. "Harry Lupin, this could be fun."

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