Harry's family and friends as well as Draco and a heavily pregnant with their first son Pansy were in the waiting room. To the surprise of no one Pansy was bringing more blue into the family as it seemed Malfoy firsts were always sons. Those gathered except for Harry's dads were trying to guess what they were having for even Draco had not been told. A few people thought it would be a boy for it seemed the year for boys with Harry's new baby brother and Draco's son on the way but others thought they were due for some pink in their lives. As much as Draco thought it would be cute for the three little boys to be friends, he hoped it was a sister for he knew his dad had his heart set on one for his mum had refused a second child and he had no doubt his dad would dote on her endlessly as his father in law did on Pansy as his only daughter. He thought his son and cousin could come in handy if it was a sister and keep all of the boys away from her.

Severus and Remus just smiled as they listened to the others, refusing to be swayed from not telling, reminding them the baby was here and they would soon know. I seemed Harry's little brother had decided since his new niece or nephew was nursing he should get fed as well. Just over three months old, little baby Jack Lucien was not only the light of his dads' lives but his big brother who helped name him.

Just as Remus was done burping his younger son they were ushered into the room and everyone scrambled to see the color of blanket. Though there were many who were hoping for a trio of boys, everyone was delighted to see a bit of pink. There were two Weasley grandchildren on the way, and so far one, Percy's, was a boy. Harry hoped Fred and Alicia would have a girl, only two months along for under he new school rules if they were born by New Years, they'd go to school.

Draco looked down at his new little sister who Harry proudly handed off. "She is so tiny and beautiful."

Lucius smiled. "I am sure she is going to need her nephew and her Uncle to keep the boys away from her at school. She is not allowed to date till she is twenty."

As the baby made her rounds Percy reminded them that Penny would have a son in September so it was a third boy to keep the boys away, and Remus heard his son groan and reminded him Alicia was still a hope for pink. Harry smiled and admitted he liked the thought of them all going to school together, and could not deny he too was enamoured with how small and beautiful his little princess was. She was a mix of her daddies and was a shocker for she was a Malfoy without blond hair, having instead inherited Harry's black locks but other then his green eyes as well, she was Draco and Lucius in all of her features.

Lucius smiled when they commented on her hair color and admitted he got his own blond hair from his mother, his dad had been dark, and Draco was blond for both his dad and Narcissa had the same pale blond hair.

Draco was touched when he was asked like Fred to be a godfather to the baby. "Are you sure? I mean I am already her big brother."

Harry nodded. "We wanted our witnesses from the wedding for our son. Besides you were practically a brother to me like Fred, before you were my stepson."

There had been no comment other then to accept, from Fred for he was gloating to the rest of the family. They had been joking he better pick one red head for a godparent o the baby. It was traditional for brothers or sisters of the first born to be named godparents. Harry considered the Weasleys his brothers so Fred had been his obvious choice. The baby was Lucius' second and the closes thing he had to a bother was Severus but he chose his son. Draco may have already been brother but Severus had two roles, step grandpa to the baby and he already was Draco's.

Remus finally asked the obvious looming question. "And what name have you chosen for our beautiful granddaughter here?"

Lucius did the honours with his long awaited daughter. "We have finally decided on the name Cassie Fausta Malfoy."

They had wanted a link to her big brother Draco and Cassie they had chosen as a shortened version of both the names Cassiopeia and Cassandra, the first of which was a constellation and the second was a Trojan princess and prophet, covering both Black traditions. Fausta meant fortunate and was chosen because of how the two dads had come together, but was also a name from Roman imperial history for Lucius as well as the two grandfathers.

Severus kissed his granddaughter on the head and handed her back to Harry. "I would leave out a certain part when you explain to Cassie her middle name."


Eleven years later Harry and Lucius could not believe they were standing on the platform watching their little girl head off for school. Luckily she had gained a female cousin to go with her, Fred and Alicia welcoming a daughter in November but she still had her Uncle, her nephew and cousin to keep an eye on her. Cassie still held the honour of the only female Malfoy, well born one as Pansy was a Malfoy, for Harry and Lucius had welcomed a son after Cassie, Marcus who was eight. Draco and Pansy had two children but both were sons, their eldest son Joshua Draco was on the train with Cassie and their younger Ash was nine.

Harry smiled when he spotted his dads coming their way and ruffled his little brother's hair. "Excited about starting school like Cassie I bet."

Jack nodded. "I can't wait to try out for the quidditch team, I am going to be the second first year to make a tem this century."

Severus groaned but good naturedly, his stepson and godson having turned both Jack and Cassie into little flying machines, though Cassie could easily out fly her Uncle any day of the week. Harry tended to think Cassie would be a little seeker like him where Jack would make a better keeper. He kissed his little sister on the head, his dads having finally after a few years of trying after Jack, been blessed by their little girl Lily who they named for a woman who was both of their best friends in school as well as Harry's mum, Lily had just turned six a few days before.

Cassie came bounding off the train to hug her grandpas and say goodbye. "Come on Jack, we have a compartment, hurry up."

Lucius looked at Jack. "You boys remember to keep all the boys away from Cassie, she is not allowed to date until she is twenty."

Pouting Cassie put her hands on her hips but Harry whispered to her that Daddy was not at school, besides she was better at the pranks Uncle Fred had taught her, then any of the boys and they were scared of her, she would have no problem keeping them in line. Cassie kissed him on the cheek and promising to send an owl and tell them which house she was in, headed for the train. Harry assumed he would likely get two for his dads were sure to tell him as well. Jack lived at school all his life but his dads brought him so he could have the train experience like other first years.

Lucius put an arm around his husband as the train pulled away. "I know I have a nearly nine year old left to send, but with a grandson on board, I feel old."

Author note: Jack Lucien Snape: Named to honour the loved ones of both dads. Jack (English) is a variation of John traditionally and means god is gracious. Though they could have chosen John, Jack is some what less commonly a nickname for James so Remus was able to honour his dad as well as his best friend. Lucien (French) is a variation of Lucius, to honour Severus' brother. The couple's daughter was named Lily as both Remus and Severus considered her to be a sister

Cassie Fausta Malfoy: Cassie (Greek) means he who entangles men, which is funny since Lucius is worried about his only daughter dating before she is twenty. It is a nickname for both Cassandra and Cassiopeia, a link to Draco for one is a constellation (mother of Andromeda) and the other was a Trojan princess. There is also a flower with the name so there is a link to Lily as well. Fausta (Latin) means fortunate and though an obvious link to Lucius and grandpas, it was chosen because of the bet which had brought Lucius and Harry together, something Severus warned them they might no want to share with Cassie when she grows up. Their son Jason was named for Jason and the Argonauts, a link like Cassie, to Draco.

Joshua Draco: Joshua (Hebrew) means god is salvation but is also a type of tree, a link to grandmother as well as Pansy whose names come from flowers, his little brother Ash is also a kind of tree. Draco (Latin) Dragon is a constellation and named for Dad

*So though there were other kids mentioned I decided to explain the three babies they were expecting last chapter

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