She laughed in the back of her throat, her fingers tangling in her counterpart's blonde curls as she pulled the ballerina's mouth harder against her own. One of her hands left the blonde's tresses, running down her smooth back before gripping the other woman's rear and pulling her closer.

"Are you horny, Rose?" Tessie purred, breaking their kiss. She leaned close again, kissing the redhead's neck teasingly.

"Ye-yes! God, yes!" she whispered in response, pushing the blonde against the door as her right hand left Tessie's rear to playfully snap the elastic of her costume thong. "God, I want you so much." She leaned in to kiss the blonde again.

Tessie, however, seemed to have other plans. She continued leaving hot kisses on Rose's neck, trailing from below her ear to the first button of her blouse. She slid her knee between the shorter woman's thighs before un-doing several of the top buttons of her blouse.

Rose whimpered, her breath catching as she stopped her fight. "Oh, God, Tessie… Mmnmmnm. Yeah. Like- Fuck." Her hands fell to the blonde's pale shoulders, her nails digging as she let out another whimper.

She guided the movement's of the redhead's hips, her own eyes alight as pleasure danced across Rose's features in response to the escalating pleasure on her clit. "You like that, Rose? You like riding me? Oh, the things I'm gonna show you…" she laughed naughtily.

The redhead nodded, "Mmm-Mmhmm. I-I like it, Tessie. I like the way you make me feel!" She squealed the last word as the blonde bit her breast playfully.

Tessie locked the door before guiding Rose back several steps so she could lean against the vanity. Taking both the redhead's hands in her own, she guided them to the corner of the desk Rose was pinned against. "All I want you to do is stay standing, okay, baby? I'll do the rest," she winked.

Rose nodded, her eyes closed and her blouse hanging open.

Tessie sank to her knees and raised the hem of Rose's skirt so she could duck under before she curled her fingers around the elastic of the redhead's panties, playfully scratching her thighs until a soft groan escaped Rose's full lips.

"Please," she whimpered, one of her hands leaving the corner of the vanity so her fingers could curl in the fabric of her skirt where Tessie's head was. "Oh, God, Tessie. I can't take it anymore. Just-just take me."

The blonde's fingers curled around the elastic of Rose's panties again and she pulled them over her hips before nuzzling against the auburn curls between her thighs. She ran her tongue lightly along the redhead's slit and Rose groaned in anticipation.

"Yes! Pl-please, Tessie."


"Shit! It's Herbie!" the blonde swore, pulling away from Rose and burying the woman's panties in her nearby purse. Rose's eyes went wide with panic and she started looking around.

"Have you seen Rose?" he called, knocking. "I haven't seen her since we got here and I'm worried she tried to go home on her own again."

"Just a minute, Herbie!" Tessie called, watching Rose hurriedly do up the buttons of her blouse. When the redhead was sufficiently covered, she pulled open the door. "She's right here, Herbie."

"Honey!" he sighed in relief, wrapping his arms around Rose's waist and spinning in a circle. "I was so worried!"

"I-I'm fine, Herbie. I was just-just talking to Tessie," she muttered, allowing herself to be hugged tightly.

"Oh! Right! I completely forgot to thank you!" Herbie broke the embrace, leaving one arm around her waist, before extending his right hand for the blonde's. "We appreciate what you did so much. Rose owes you her life. And… I owe you mine cause I don't know what my life would be without my Rose."

He clutched her tighter and she grimaced in pain. Tessie pointedly made a face. "Herbie, I'm not feeling well," she lied, glancing up at him. "I'd really rather be at the hotel. I can't even believe I let you drag me out today."

"Well, honey, I really didn't want to leave you alone."

"Can you walk me home and stay with me?" Rose asked, pouting up at him.

"I would, but if you're not gonna be here, shouldn't I be here with the girls?"

She nodded as though she hadn't though of that. "What about Louise?"

"Rosie, she's the star, she can't."

"Well, I don't mind walking her home!" Tessie interjected, as though that hadn't been their plan the whole time.

"Well… If you're sure," Herbie started, looking back to his wife. "Would that be okay?"

Rose nodded noncommittally.

He bit his lower lip, looking back at the blonde, "And, I'm sorry to ask, but would you mind terribly staying with her till me and the girls get back? I just don't wanna leave her alone after yesterday."

"Yeah, sure," she shrugged. "I don't see why not."

"Thanks, Tessie. You're an angel. I don't know how we can possibly repay you!" he gushed. He turned to Rose, smiling down at her before he leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.

Tessie waited till Herbie had disappeared before leaning against the redhead. "He doesn't know how to repay me. You got any ideas, Rose?" she purred, wrapping her arms around the shorter woman's waist.

"Oh, I got a few," Rose breathed suggestively before planting a light kiss to her lips. "Let's get outta here. I feel like he's gonna catch us."

"You worry too much," the blonde whispered, disentangling herself anyway. She pulled her coat on before helping Rose into hers. "Ready?"

"Just lemme say goodbye to Louise," she nodded, scooping up her purse and heading out of the room. "Baby?" she called. "Louise?"

"Coming, Mama!" she answered before hurrying down from Mazeppa's dressing room. "Oh! Herbie? Ag- I mean Amanda needs help with her costume."

"Send her out here? I can't go in there while they're all gettin' changed," he answered, almost blushing. He was hovering outside the room, too much of a gentleman to invade the girls' privacy by entering.

Rose snorted, shaking her head, "Honey, just go in. It'll be okay." Herbie paled before nodding obediently and starting into the room. Her full lips spread into a smile and she turned to Louise. "Baby, I'm gonna go back to the room. I can't be around people today."

She nodded understandably before hugging her mother, "Be careful, Mama."

The redhead bit her lower lip, hugging her daughter tightly and nodding. "I will. Tessie's gonna walk me home and stay with me. I'll be okay. Tell Herbie I'm going now and I'll see him when he gets back to the room?"

"Yes, Mama," she smiled brightly before rushing back up the stairs. "HERBIE! Mama's leaving now!"

Tessie nudged the shorter woman gently, "You ready?"

"Hmm? Oh. Sorry, yeah," she nodded, feeling terribly guilty for letting her child believe this lie. "Yeah, let's go."

"Rosie, are you okay?" the blonde asked when they reached the alley.

"I-" Rose sighed. "I just hate lying to Herbie."

She nodded sympathetically, wrapping her arms around the redhead's waist. "I know, Rose… Anything I can do to make it better?" She traced the redhead's earlobe with the tip of her tongue meaningfully.

The redhead chuckled naughtily, moving her head and pressing their lips together. "Well, you could show me a few of those things you mentioned earlier," she purred.

"Rose! I just heard what happened!" Mazeppa yelled, pushing open the door to the alley. She stopped short when she saw Rose tangled in Tessie's arms and kissing her hungrily.

The women turned at the noise, Rose's eyes going wide before she pushed the blonde away.

"Heh," the brunette laughed, leaning against the door as it closed.

"This isn't what it looks like," Rose breathed.

"Nothing happened yesterday, did it," Mazeppa stated more than asked. "Y-You weren't raped at all. It was all a lie."

"No," she shook her head, wildly. "No-"

"Don't bother, Rose," the brunette interrupted. "Though… I can think of one way you can convince me not to tell Herbie about all these dirty little lies."

"Stop, Mazeppa," Tessie demanded, stepping between the women.

"Stay outta this, Tessie," Mazeppa ordered.

"Mazeppa, are you trying to blackmail me?" Rose laughed, moving around the blonde.

"I don't see what's so funny, Rose. I mean, if you don't do as I say, I'm telling your precious fiancé all about your lesbian tendencies, and the sex you had with Tessie, and the lie you told about where you were yesterday," the brunette smiled wickedly.

"Do you honestly think he'd believe you over me? You think he'd believe some trash bad-mouthing his beloved fiancée over the woman he's spent the last eight years proposing to?"

"I wouldn't be so certain, Rose. He's brighter than you give him credit for. So, if I were you, I'd start offering to be the perfect quickie and relieve my tension," Mazeppa said pointedly.

Her eyes narrowed dangerously as she stepped closer. "You really don't want to be threatening me," the redhead whispered, her voice deathly quiet and cold.

"Oh, no?"

"No," she answered, teasingly pressing her body against Mazeppa's. "You remember how I never went back to the theater after that brute raped me back when I played in burlesque?" She waited for the brunette to nod breathlessly. "Well, I wasn't afraid to go back because I was afraid he'd do it again." She brushed her full lips against Mazeppa's ear, "I didn't go back because I was wanted. For. Murder."


"That's right," Rose cooed, backing up several steps and smiling widely. "After he finished forcing himself on me and he pulled his pants back on, I dug in my purse for my husband's gun. And I blew the bastard's brains out."

"But- you-" the brunette stuttered.

She laughed, her head lolling back, "Yup! That's why I dropped Thompson and took next husband's name. And it's why I'm taking Herbie's. So before you threaten me, Mayzie, dear, maybe you'd better realize who the hell you're dealing with."

"I'll go to the police," Mazeppa threatened defiantly, gathering her courage.

"Which ones?" Rose asked, her eyes alight.

"… Seattle!"

"Good. Tell them Little Rosie Thompson says hello," she grinned. "… Thompson was my maiden name. That's my hometown. The police there love me. My girls used to perform at their banquets. And they're all members of the same lodge hall as my Papa."


"Exactly," Rose interrupted, hissing. Her voice was cold again. "You don't know enough to report me. So don't play these games where you try to threaten me. You don't scare me one bit." She stepped closer and reached in her purse before pulling out a handgun and waving it in front of Mazeppa's face. "So, lemme ask ya, Mayzie: Ya still intend to tell Herbie?"

The brunette shook her head, her eyes wide.

"Good girl," she smiled, tucking the gun back into her purse and turning away. "Ready, Tessie?" She hooked her arm around the blonde's and led her away, leaving Mazeppa alone in the alley.

"W-Was all that really true?" Tessie finally asked. "You were bluffing, right? That was a bluff? You didn't really shoot that guy."

Rose didn't answer at first, just kept walking.


She sighed, stopping and turning to face the blonde. "Look, maybe it's true and maybe it isn't. But I don't see why it matters. Mazeppa isn't gonna rat us out to Herbie and I have a whole afternoon alone with you. So why are we stalling when there are so many things you're supposed to be showing me?"

Tessie stared back at her, appearing mildly confused even as the redhead fixed her with a minx-like smile and pressed their bodies together. "R-Rose, did you-"

Rose bit back a growl, pulling herself away. "Yes. I did, alright? I knew that reporting it wouldn't get me anywhere. The police would've sooner arrested me for working at fifteen and working there than arresting that-" She faltered over words before taking a deep breath, "Man. So I punished him on my own. I don't see why it matters, Tessie."

"You don't see- Rose! You shot a man!"

"Keep. Your voice. Down," she hissed, stepping close again. "You act like I didn't have a reason. Tessie, I was fifteen. I'd gotten married to escape that damn convent Mama and Papa had sent me to only to have my husband get laid off. I went into show business- burlesque is the only thing that would hire me at my age, though, they told me to lie to police if asked." She paused, as though uncertain as whether or not to continue on. "Tess… I hadn't even made love to my husband yet when that monster…"She trailed off, her eyes strangely unfocused, before shaking her head and forcing herself back to the present, "I won't apologize for what I did. And I won't apologize for using the gun to scare Mazeppa or having the gun. After… I always carry it with me."


"I don't see what this changes, Tessie. That was a long time ago. I just have it for protection, for me and my baby. … And now you."

Tessie took a deep breath before running her tongue over her lips, "Does Herbie know?"

"About the gun? Yes but he doesn't know I keep it loaded," she nodded. "He thinks it's fake. And that Papa insists I carry it. He'd be so hurt if he thought I thought I needed more protection than he can give me. But the truth is I do. I won't let the same thing happen to my baby. And if that means… Well, I'll do whatever it takes."

The blonde sighed, shaking her head, before tentatively reaching out and taking Rose's hand before starting forward again. Rose's full lips spread in a smile in response and she gently squeezed Tessie's hand.

"So," Rose started, biting her lower lip as she giggled naughtily, "didn't you have something you wanted to show me, Tessie?"