Author's Note:

Hello! This is my first time here, and I hope you like!

Disclaimer: I don't own the beginning plot, its from FRIENDS, or the characters. But don't worry, Sasuke will not turn into a incestual freak like how the guy in FRIENDS does.

"Oh god, this storage room is giving me the creeps," Sakura groaned. "Can we hurry up? Please?"

"Sakura, if you want your little pink shirt, then you have to wait until we find your little pink shirt." Ino muttered, rummaging through the junk in the attic.

"Fine, I want my little pink shirt."

"Oh look! Here it is!" Ino grinned, yanking out the shirt triumphantly. "Right underneath the… Bug Bomb."

They stared at the shirt for awhile.

"Huh. Because you know, the things we wear are always doused in poison," Ino grinned.

At least it wasn't her shirt.

Suddenly the lights flickered. Then they went out.

"You know, Ino, I think I can do without my shirt." Sakura mumbled as she huddled closer to Ino.

Suddenly, a large shadow appeared, and raised a giant knife, ready to kill, along with long, terrifying hair and facepaint that screamed, "vengeful ghost."

Ino and Sakura did what most girls would have done. They screamed. Sakura did the first thing that came to her mind. Bug Bomb the thing.

And so she did.

Then they ran away as fast as they could.

Gathered in a semi-circle at Sakura's apartment, Sakura and Ino decided to re-tell their heroic tale.

"Okay, so we were in the storage area right? And then suddenly, the lights went out, and this really creepy man appeared." Ino started.

"It wasn't a normal man, it was this, crazy eyed, hairy beast man! Like, a ghost, or a yeti, or bigfoot or something! So then, I whipped out my bug bomb and fogged his yeti ass." Sakura added, not willing to lose the spotlight.

Naruto interrupted. "Like this guy with long dark hair, facepaint and red eyes?" He asked.


"You just fogged Sasuke," He concluded.

"We did not fog Sasuke," Sakura denied. "Who's Sasuke?"

"This guy that just came back from learning about the demons in feudal Japan for four years. Yeah, and he just moved in downstairs."

Naruto paused, thinking for a moment.

"Nice guy."

Sakura and Ino gulped, looking at each other for support.

"Nice guy," Ino said, "Nice guy? You always stick up for the people we…fog."

"Either way, you should go apologize. I mean, you did fog his ass."

"He's right," Sakura sighed. "Might as well get this over with."