Kyle sat alone in his tub, wallowing as Amanda called it, going over this past evening's events.

(Inner Monologue) Tonight's events seemed to provide more questions than answers. The psychic had told me my soul mate would be in danger. Interestingly I ended up saving Jessie even though I felt Amanda would be the one who would be in jeopardy. Everyone I talked to told me that the psychic words held no truth, even Amanda had told me that I shouldn't the psychic's words as truth. The question that bothered me most was why Amanda was so upset over me saving Jessie when she had said not to be trusting of the psychic (End of Monologue)

Kyle's thought broke when noticed a presence in his doorway. Much to his disappointment it was not Amanda but Nicole. Nicole stared down at Kyle's disappointed face and stepped into room and sat down in the chair next to her son's tub.

"A lot has happened tonight want to talk about it" Nicole said giving off one of her reassuring motherly smiles that almost always gave Kyle the courage to confide in her.

"It's just that today I was so worried about the psychic's warning about my soul mate being in danger that I spent the whole day making choices trying to protect Amanda that made her predictions come true. The only thing is I ended up saving Jessie instead."

"Kyle you shouldn't believe what the psychic said" Nicole reassuringly tried to tell Kyle

"I don't its just that Amanda seemed upset that Jessie was the one that I ended up saving, even though she told me not to believe in the psychic" Kyle said sounding even more defeated with each passing word.

"Kyle Amanda may not have believed in the psychic but it probably still shocked her that the event did come to pass and she was one that didn't need saving. I also talked to Josh and he told me about the story you gave Amanda about after prom and how upset she was over it. I think between what Amanda thinks happened after prom and tonight's rescue it was just too much for her to handle." Nicole said trying to draw advice from both the mother and psychiatrist side of her.

"It is she just seemed so upset over it." Kyle said not persuaded by Nicole analysis. "I just never have seen her so upset with me"

"Kyle Amanda just needs so time sort things out. You didn't think that you two would ever have a fight did you?" Nicole said with a sympathetic tone to her voice.

"Maybe a little" Kyle said with a sort of embarrassed tone and sheepishly ashamed look in his eyes.

"Just give her a little time and try to talk to her tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime you and Josh need to move your tub to Josh's room" Nicole said.

"Why?" Kyle questioned

"I think it would be best if Jessie slept on a cot in here until we can get my office situated into a bedroom for her, it will only be a few days. I just think for now Jessie needs to be somewhere she feels comfortable and I thought the best place would be in your room" Nicole explained to Kyle.

"You are going to give up your office?" Kyle asked taken aback by the new realization.

This was one of the times she marveled at her son, always putting everybody else before himself. "It is no problem Jessie needs the space more than I do, are sure okay with this Kyle" Nicole said.

"As you said Jessie needs this… and thank you Nicole" Kyle said with an appreciative smile.

"For what" Nicole asked puzzled.

"Everything" Kyle said and went to find Josh to move his tub.