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As Kyle and Amanda entered the garden, that had become a cornerstone of their relationship, Amanda feelings of bliss were dampened. Amanda looked around at the now the dark area, "I guess they shut off the lights early tonight… I guess we can go to The Rack instead." Amanda said glumly and sadly turned around to leave".

"Amanda wait" Kyle said softly catching Amanda by the hand before she left.

"What is it Kyle…" Amanda fell silent as she looked at her boyfriend who for a moment had a look of intense concentration on his face. Amanda watched in wonder as the lights around the garden turn on one by one.

Amanda did not know why what Kyle did surprised her, in fact he done it for her before. Amanda let her mouth fall slightly open as she thought about that night.

"I didn't know the lights out here twinkled"

"Only for you"

Amanda did not know why but that was her favorite memory of Kyle. To her that evening displayed all the things she loved about him; selfless, romantic, resourceful, thoughtful, and most of all inspiring. Kyle would always do anything for her no matter the cost to him, Amanda thought.

Kyle opened his eyes to find Amanda's mouth partially open. Kyle just simply smiled at her astonishment "Lets sit down"; Kyle said gently and led Amanda to the bench that sat in front of the fountain.

Kyle couldn't help but let his mind wonder back to the moment of the first time Amanda and him were in the park together.

"What's that look?"

"You're the mind reader… you tell me"

Kyle and Amanda sat on the bench just looking at the fountain, water floating through the cool night air. The combination of the moonlight and light from around the fountain gave water a breathtaking effect.

Amanda sat there contently just taking in the natural beauty around her and the wonderful feeing of witnessing it with Kyle. She made herself a promise not to rush him tonight, she knew he would tell her everything but thought it best to let him do this at his own pace, she knew whatever it was he was going to tell her must be tough for him.

(Kyle's Inner Monologue) "It seemed Amanda and I were going to take another step forward in our relationship… complete honesty. Even though I knew Amanda would probably be able to handle anything I told her. It scared me to think that our relationship could change after tonight, that she may not seem me as the same person. I would have been perfectly content to watch the effects of the light on the water in the fountain, and most of all the way the it all seemed to have the same effect on Amanda" (Kyle's Inner Monologue)

Kyle decided if he were ever going to have enough courage to continue now would be the time. Kyle took a deep breath that broke Amanda's fixation on the fountain, "Amanda before I start I want to tell you that no matter what I say tonight effects the way I feel about you. Amanda I have loved you from the first moment I saw you and I want you to know that will never change".

Amanda looked at Kyle and saw the underlying fear that he tried to keep hidden from her in his eyes. "Kyle there is nothing that you can say that is going to make me feel any different about you", Amanda said honestly trying to get rid of the fear Kyle had.

Kyle gave a weak smile at her comforting words but nothing now could appease the way he felt right now, his stomach was in knots. "Amanda I want to start from the beginning and tell you everything from there. Most of what I say may not make sense until you have heard everything…" Kyle paused to see Amanda's reaction.

Amanda nodded her head that she understood and squeezed his hand that she hadn't let go of since they arrived, and squeezed it a little harder trying to give Kyle the courage to continue.

(Kyle's Inner Monologue) "Like I did with the Tragers I started to tell Amanda everything about my life, but telling Amanda my secrets was different. Instead of only explaining the major points like I did with the Tragers, I wanted Amanda to truly know everything and give her every detail. For the most part Amanda sat next me to me never taking her focus off of me or my words but at some of the more critical events she let out a gasp or allowed a few tears to fall against her beautiful face. I knew everything I told her was hard to handle but as I went on she seemed to be getting closer to me as if captivated by every word, like every new piece of the puzzle answered another question. It was over an hour before I finally got through, Amanda needed to know everything." (End of Monologue)

When Kyle was finished he took both of Amanda's hands and held them in between his, "Amanda I know this is a lot to handle and you may be unsure about me, about us. I want to make sure that after tonight you have no doubts of who I am. Amanda if there are any questions you have about me or anything that your unsure about, I want you to know you can tell me", Kyle's voice was strong and comforting.

At Kyle's words a flood of questions were on the tip of her tongue but for some reason one question bothered her the most, "Kyle I understand why this was so hard for you to tell me the truth, actually you may be the first guy ever to have a good excuse for keeping secrets from his girlfriend. I mean did you honestly think this would change how I felt about you?" Amanda's voice tender and supportive not a hint of accusation.

Kyle looked at her with his wonderig look, "It wasn't that I didn't think you would understand or that you would reject me. What worried me the most was you wouldn't look at me the same", Kyle's voice unsure but sincere.

"Look at you the same", Amanda was a little confused.

"Amanda the first day I came to live with the Tragers and you and your mom came over", Kyle said slowly.

"Yes", Amanda's reply simple still unsure of where this was going.

"Well in that moment when you looked at me I didn't feel out of place, like I belonged. When you look at me it is the only time I feel normal and I was afraid when you knew the truth about me I would lose that, you wouldn't see me the same way", Kyle's voice a little deflated.

"Is this the look you're talking about", Amanda said as she looked at Kyle with the expression she always gave him when he said something right.

Kyle looked at Amanda happily and gave a small smile, knowing she was trying to put all his doubts to rest.

"Kyle I could never look at you differently because no matter where you come from your still the same person I love. My religion has taught me a person's past is not what is important. What is important is that you're here now, with me", Amanda said lovingly. "Living in a pod for sixteen years isn't so different, my mom tries to keep me living inside a bubble", Amanda giggled at her own analogy.

Kyle got a confused look, "But you don't live…"

"It is just an expression", Amanda's face formed a small "O", "at least it is clear now why you don't understand expressions now", Amanda laughed at this realization. "You know that may be something I will have to teach you, … among other things"; Amanda got a sly smile and a flirty look she used rarely.

Kyle wanted to ponder what she meant by that last statement but Amanda had a different topic to discuss.

Amanda eyes and expression turned a little solemn at this next subject, "So I know understand why you are drawn to Jessie now, your connection makes you two unique…" Amanda becoming sadder with each passing word.

Kyle gave Amanda a loving stare that stopped her in the middle of her rant, "Amanda you don't have to worry about Jessie's and my relationship like that. I think we both came to an understanding this week", Kyle explained calmly thinking that was all he had to say.

Amanda's eyes got bigger wanting to know more about this topic, "What do you mean? Jessie wants to be with you and she is the…" Amanda was getting carried away again.

Without warning Kyle moved his lips passionately to meet Amanda's in the middle of her sentence and continued to kiss her until he knew her worries were put to rest. Kyle finally moved away from Amanda, who had her eyes closed enjoying the reassurance. Amanda finally realized he had started to move away and her eyes open with a dazed look, "wow" was all she could whisper.

"Jessie saw this week through our training that you are what

inspires me and makes me want to be better person. It may be hard for her at first but she has accepted that all we are is close friends", Kyle said to Amanda softly.

At these words it was Amanda's turn to kiss Kyle fiercely, to her this was the best piece news she ever got. Amanda only moved her head away from his when she was getting dizzy from the lack of breath.

Kyle smiled and decided to tease Amanda, "Is it just me or are you most excited to hear about Jessie and I only being friends?"

Amanda got a little embarrassed, "Well when you hear your boyfriend tell you he has a psychic connection to another girl it is a troubling", Amanda retorted playfully.

Kyle looked at Amanda seriously, "Actually I think you and I may share a bond also".

Amanda wondered what Kyle meant, "We do?"

Kyle's voice was still serious, "Amanda when I tried to enter your mind today I would have failed if it weren't for you. This whole week I spent training trying to enter your mind would have been not enough. When I concentrated on entering your mind nothing happened and I panicked and horrible thoughts of losing you surrounded me. I thought I had lost to you but then an overpowering calmness came over me. It felt as if you were calling me and I started to think about you and the love that I had for you. The stronger my thoughts got the more I felt you were connecting with me".

Amanda's had a look of surprise, "What do you think it was?"

Kyle gave Amanda a sincere stare a little panic in voice, "I don't know how to explain it but I think our souls connected in a bond that was stronger than anything else I ever felt."

Kyle received another one of his favorite Amanda smiles that told him he said something right but all he did was tell the truth. Amanda decided she had heard enough to be happy and laid her head on his shoulder to resume to look out into the night air.

Kyle was happy about Amanda's reaction to everything but it concerned him that she hadn't questioned him about Latnock. "Amanda", he said softly.

"Hmm", Amanda said peacefully.

"Amanda are you not upset about what Latnock did to you or the fact that I couldn't save you sooner?" Kyle's voice was a little shaky.

Amanda removed her head from Kyle's shoulder and looked at him. "Kyle I don't blame you for anything Latnock did to me, you couldn't have known they were going to kidnap me to get to you…" Amanda's voice supportive.

"But I should have known from the first moment I saw you when you got home there was something wrong. When you left you were so mad at me over everything that I started to doubt myself and…" Kyle got more upset as he went on.

"Kyle!" Amanda said a little louder than she wanted to, "It wasn't your fault… when I left I lashed out of you more than I should have". Amanda's eyes started to form a few tears, "You didn't deserve what I said to you and when I was in the airport I tried to call and apologize but they got me before I could tell you I was sorry".

Kyle moved closer and hugged Amanda to console her.

"If I didn't act so childish over prom and the psychic none of this would have happened", Amanda confessed and wiped the remaining tears from her eyes.

Once Amanda gained full composure of herself Kyle felt it was time to ask her the question that bothered him the most, "Amanda I know you okay with everything I told you but Latnock probably won't stop. Are you okay with this, to constantly look over your shoulder having to worry about if somebody is after you to get to me?" Kyle said exasperated.

Amanda already had answer to this, "Kyle from what you told me you did everything you could to protect. Do I like that people are going to be constantly after us? No but if that is what it takes to be with you I wouldn't have it any other way", Amanda said adamantly and gave Kyle another soft kiss to make her words final.

Kyle had gotten the answer he hoped for and knew it was time for what he had planned to do. "Amanda" Kyle said as he pulled something out of his pocket.

Amanda looked at Kyle's hand there was a ring that looked exactly like the one he wore around his neck except it had a green stone. Amanda face turned into surprised a horror, "Kyle is that a…" Amanda didn't dare finish her own sentence.

"It is a promise ring," Kyle said in a matter of fact manner, wondering why Amanda suddenly got surprised.

"Oh", Amanda said in a relieved but slightly muffled voice. Internally though a feeling of disappointment came over her sort of hoping it was an engagement ring.

"After prom I was trying to think of someway to show you how much you meant to me. I asked Lori and Hilary and Hilary said something about a promise ring and when I asked what that was she said she wasn't serious. When I persisted asking what it was Hilary she finally to me nobody did that anymore because it was too old-fashioned. After I researched I found out that a promise ring is a ring 'that is indicative of a serious promise made to oneself or another. In most cases, it's given to a romantic partner to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship', I realized that is how I feel about you. Even though nobody else shows their feelings for each other this way our love isn't like everybody else's it is different, special", Kyle's voice was sweet but a little unsure if she felt the same way.

Amanda's heart melted at Kyle's explanation of why he wanted to give her a ring and to make sure Kyle knew once again he did the right thing gave him another kiss, "I love it Kyle and your right our love is different, better", Amanda said innocently. Amanda couldn't help herself, "You know I am glad you're learning not to take Hilary's advice", Amanda quipped.

Kyle knew that she was referring to him confessing, along with everything else tonight, Hilary was one of the reasons he didn't tell her about Charlie.

Kyle handed the ring to Amanda and she looked happily at it.

"I love it Kyle it looks just like yours but why is there a green stone instead of a blue?" Amanda asked.

"I was told when I was making this that it should mean something special and unique. The ring symbolizes my past and the green stone represents what is most important to me now, you", Kyle said.

Amanda wanted to make sure Kyle understood what this meant; also she wanted to know for herself. "Kyle do you really see us together forever?" Amanda asked wanting to get another one of Kyle's answers that were always exactly right.

"Amanda every time I think about the future you are the only one I picture it with", Kyle said passionately and honestly.

Kyle reached for the ring from Amanda's hand and slipped it on her finger.

Amanda leaned into Kyle and put her hands on his back and gave a kiss that communicated all her feelings towards him. After what seemed to be forever Amanda once again moved her head to rest on Kyle's shoulders and looked forward into the fountain wondering how life could be any more perfect.

Kyle knew everything had worked out and all that was left was to enjoy sitting there with Amanda next to him thinking about nothing but the present, everything else seemed unimportant at the moment.

It seemed like forever to Kyle when he stopped thinking about how perfect everything was that night and realized Amanda and him should head home. Kyle glanced over at Amanda and saw she had fallen asleep. Kyle watched her for a few minutes thinking how beautiful and at peace she looked, her blond hair seemed to be catching some of the effects of the lights and the water from the fountain. Kyle didn't want to wake her so as gently as he could lifted Amanda up in his arms.

Amanda gently stirred at the movement, "Kyle" she said sleepily.

"Shhh", Kyle said gently, "I got you".

With that being all the assurance she needed buried her head as close to his chest as possible and fell back into a deep sleep.

It was a long distance from the park back to their houses but Kyle could carry Amanda forever, there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. Twenty minutes later Kyle carried Amanda to her front porch and carefully opened the front door without waking her.

As Kyle entered the house he barely caught Mrs. Bloom's attention before she had started to yell at Amanda for staying out too late. Kyle motioned with his eyes to Mrs. Bloom that he was going to carry Amanda up to her room and Mrs. Bloom reluctantly nodded, seeing no harm in it.

Kyle laid Amanda gently on her bed and softly kissed her on the cheek, "I love you". He then stood up and was about to move away from her when he felt the warmness of Amanda's touch embrace his hand.

"Don't leave me", she pleaded not wanting the evening to be over.

Without answering Kyle looked up at Mrs. Bloom standing in the doorway, he knew Amanda would not have asked if she knew her mom was standing there. Kyle was about to tell her he would see her in the morning when he was shocked to see Mrs. Bloom smile and slowly closed the door.

Amanda heard the door shut and looked over her shoulder and back at Kyle, "Oh my god, was my mom just there… and did she just?" Amanda's voice anxious.

Kyle didn't answer Amanda but went around to the other side of Amanda and laid down right next to her, wrapping his arms around her.

Amanda turned around looked straight at Kyle, a flirty smile spread across her lips, "Maybe everything that happened to me is going to have its benefits", Amanda said coyly.

"Maybe" Kyle said and smiled back.

Amanda turned back around and moved as close to Kyle as possible and fell asleep.

(Kyle's inner Monologue) "As I laid there looking at Amanda sleeping in front of me I couldn't help but think maybe everything that had happened was for the best. Amanda and I were closer than ever, having no more barriers between us. I fell asleep knowing fully well that Amanda and I would face more challenges in the future but laying beside her wrapped in my arms nothing else mattered." (End of Monologue)

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