The floors of the hospital room rang with the shrill sound of the beeping of a failing heart. Doctors and nurses began scrambling into the room, readjusting the hospital bed and pushing the six saddened family members away.

"We need a crash cart in here!" One of the people, who looked to be the doctor, yelled.

Two nurses ran out of the room, only to come back seconds later with a monitor.

"Charge at 300." The doctor rubbed the two pallets in his hands together before pressing them firmly on the body.

"Clear" All working nurses moved away. They all waited to hear the hopeful sound of a regular heartbeat. Nothing. The nurses began pressing oxygen back into the body.

"Again." They charged the pallets once more.

"Clear." Seconds passed. The doctor looked questionably at the nurse getting ready to call. He placed the pallets down and looked up at the clock hanging across the room.

"Time of death.." His sentence was interrupted by the loud sobs of a woman, followed by the whimper of a little girl.

"Wait." A man stepped forward. He walked to the bed, pushing by the doctor.

"C'mon Casey, you have to get through this. You can't leave me, us. Its not time yet.

"I'm sorry Derek; we can't do anything for her." He looked at the hopeless boy sympathetically.

"Time of death." The sound of the flat heart rate disappeared, being replaced by a beep. The sound began to quicken.

"Vitals are stable Dr. Burgins." One of the nurses readjusted the bed. Derek's face lit up. The Doctor looked at Casey, and then back at the family.

"She was dead for more than 2 minutes. Her brain was deprived from oxygen for too long. We don't know how much long term damage it has actually caused. We will run a few more tests. All you can do is hope that she can wake up from this coma." He smiled and left the room.

"You're going to get through this Casey, you are." Thoughts that came from the Derek Venturi.